Let’s Watch: Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun (Episode 1 Review!)

Are the rumors true? Does Hanako-san really grant wishes?

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Hanako-kun is here to grant your wishes!

You gotta love Square Enix for pushing out another great piece. Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun has finally hit airtime!

The much-awaited first episode started airing just this January 2020. There’s always the tension in every fan’s nerves whenever a well-loved manga is about to air – will it be good or bad? Has the studio done it justice?

The worries were for naught – I was glad to see the positive comments that followed its release. Toilet Bound Hanako-kun was well-received by its fans. The anime faithfully followed its manga’s signature art style. What I loved about the series was the use of vivid colors and the thick outlines that screamed “shounen!” all the way.

Though, to be frank, they weren’t as thicc as Yashiro’s legs.

To be frank, this was a case where I first watched the anime before turning to the manga. I was immediately hooked after watching this episode – Hanako’s personality was sassy, shrewd, refreshing. His character hovered between childish and mature, especially around his newfound acquaintance, Yashiro. Although he was quite the incorrigible tease, Hanako does have a bit of a soft side, as he hinted a little concern while he and Yashiro were talking about her wish.

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Yashiro has a personality that is both cute and naive. Not easily something that some would easily take to – it could be just a tiny bit annoying. However, this strikes a good contrast with Hanako’s own personality. This makes them a well-balanced pair. I did love the moment when Hanako- oh, should I spoil this, should I spoil this?– decided to split the burden of the mermaid’s curse with her.

But not before getting rid of the mermaid who’s about to take her away, of course.

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Hanako versus the mermaid.

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Hanako eats the other mermaid scale to split Yashiro’s curse.

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Yashiro recovers her human form after being turned into a fish, thanks to Hanako.

There were some awesome scenes in this episode, too – the showdown between the mermaid and Hanako towards the end left me holding my breath. Right off the bat, the first episode gave us a nice battle scene. Although the action part was pretty brief, it certainly didn’t disappoint: I got to see a glimpse of Hanako’s abilities.

All in all, Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun’s off to a great start! I’ll be wrapping this up by giving it a little rating.


I’m certainly looking forward to the next episodes!

TK-Seki February 16, 2021 Anime