Manga Corner: Isekai Yakkyoku

English Title: Parallel World Pharmacy


We’re back and we’re kickstarting this month with the Manga Corner!

Isekai has been dominating a large part of anime and manga lists in the past years – and it still does. People who like their dose of escapism welcome this with open arms, not minding the seemingly repetitive plots that they shared.

It does get a little monotonous, which propels more critical readers (me included) to snoop around for more refreshing concepts. I have always been drawn towards MCs who had professions in their past lives, and part of my curiosity towards isekai stemmed from wondering how they will use their past skills in their new lives.

Isekai Yakkyoku was one of the first series I came across while searching for something new, a little after I stumbled across Knights and Magic (I might talk about this in one of my future blogs too).

Our MC’s cause of death here is – rejoice – actually not truck-kun’s fault! He is a doctor who died of overwork.. a fellow who is pretty dedicated to his work.

Thank you, Japanese work culture.

But of course, things don’t end for him there. He is reborn as Falma, the young son of the esteemed Medici family. At this point, I wondered – hey, the Medici were pretty famous in history, aren’t they?

But this isn’t a historical manga. Isekai Yakkyoku is a mix of historical and fantastical elements.

TK-Seki February 16, 2021 Manga