Webtoon Spotlight: Solo Leveling

Manga and anime have been on almost every anime fan’s reading list for ages. Until now, Japan keeps giving us a hefty load of amazing series – some updates of which, we painstakingly wait for. In the recent years, there’s no denying there’s another titan in the market – webtoons! We’ve seen these rise majestically in the recent years, following the wake of Noblesse, one of the first who gained widespread popularity.

While I’ve certainly a lot on my list to talk about, I’ll start with one that is currently HOT (and I daresay on top of) on everyone’s library: Solo Leveling.


Solo Leveling was released in April of 2018. Ah, glorious, glorious 2018. The internet was already flooding with thousands of webtoons – good and bad. Being both somewhat of a gamer and shounen buff, I was immediately drawn to this series and had been on hooked on it since.

The storyline is pretty much an underdog-turned-OP main character. I know we get a lot of those these days, but – stay with me here – this one takes the cake, both in art and plot.

Gates had begun to appear in all parts of the world; in gamespeak, these would be dungeons waiting to be cleared. Hunters are the people who went through the Awakening, giving them superhuman abilities. It’s a job that can either earn you a fortune… or kill you while you’re trying.

Sung Jin-Woo happens to be one of them, but while he was after the money, it was to support his sister and find the cure to wake his mother, who had been in a coma. Since the whole Gate-Awakening phenomenon started. Sadly, life’s pretty tough on the guy, I mean look at him–


… yep, he was a cinnamon bun. Was.

In an unexpected turn of events, an incident at one of the dungeons ends up wiping almost all of the party members he was teamed up with. Jin-Woo, poor guy, was almost killed.

When he’d woken up, he soon discovered something different going on: he can see what looks like a game interface – and as far as the webtoon goes up to the current episode, he’s the only one who can do so. How cool is that?



TK-Seki February 16, 2021 Webtoon