Webtoon Spotlight: The Second Coming of Gluttony

Can you change your fate with only your past life’s emotions?


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This week, we’ll be featuring another must-read webtoon!

Most of us love Solo Leveling and we’ve tackled that a few blogs back. If you like that genre, you will certainly get hooked on The Second Coming of Gluttony. Now, I’m talking about it being a webtoon now, but it is actually an adaptation of a webnovel with the same name. Its alternate title is The Second Coming of Avarice.

The alternate title is a little confusing because they are two different sins, but translators went with Gluttony since the entity that watches over our MC is named Gula – the Latin word for Gluttony.

What’s all the hoohah?

The story is a case of rebirth and reshaping destiny. Our MC, Seol Jihu was a warrior in his past life. After a gruesome war, he dies filled with regret over how his life could have gone differently. The entity Gula makes her appearance to Seol as he was dying on the battlefield. He expresses his wish for reincarnation, but his feats aren’t enough to send his body back. Gula can only send his feelings of regret and despair.

Tough way to go, right?

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Gula meets a dying Seol on the battlefield.

The princess vouches for his honor in his stead, so Gula sends Seol’s emotions back in time.

Unlike the usual rebirth fare we’re all used to, this guy restarts as a blank slate.

Seol was born with the Nine Eyes ability but eventually loses it and ends up in debt, thanks to gambling. It was almost a repeat of his former life. He recovers his ability while lamenting over how he had lived his life so far.

Unlike his past life, Seol’s past emotions come to him through his dreams, compelling him to choose a different path from the past.

This saves him from getting signing a slave contract for Lost Paradise with Kim Hannah.

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Kim Hannah

The whole mess starts the moment he enters Paradise. Contrary to its name, it’s far from Heaven – and Seol has to make sure he survives through it all. It doesn’t get any easier, and there will be a lot of close brushes with death.

Currently, the webtoon takes place a little after the Tutorial arc. Expect a little more fun to happen in the next arcs!

Webtoon or webnovel?

The Second Coming of Gluttony currently has 350 chapters on its webnovel! We ‘re not promising a non-harem route, since there seems to be quite a few interested parties in our MC. Here for the fate-defying action!

Here’s the big question: Which should I read? The webnovel or webtoon?

The webtoon tends to skip over a few interesting details. If you guys have a bit of patience and don’t mind sitting and reading a lot of chapters, we suggest you go for the webnovel first! You won’t regret it!

What do you think of this series? Let us know in the comments below or write us!

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TK-Seki February 16, 2021 Webtoon