Bobunemimimmi Specials (Anime)

Bobunemimimmi Specials
Bobunemimimmi Collection (English), ボブネミミッミ (Japanese), Pop Team Epic (Synonyms), Bob Team Epic (Synonyms), Poputepipikku (Synonyms), Bobunemimimmi Collection (Synonyms)
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『Bobunemimimmi Specials』

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The official website for the Pop Team Epic anime announced on Monday that the series' Bobunemimimmi (Bob Epic Team) segments will be compiled into a standalone Blu-ray Disc release. The release will include all 22 previously released segments by the production team AC-bu, plus two new segments, a "high speed kamishibai (paper theater) collection" of the "Hellshake Yano" segment, and original stickers. ANN)

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