Bumblebee Hajimete no Chikyuu Seikatsu (Anime)

Bumblebee Hajimete no Chikyuu Seikatsu
バンブルビー初めての地球生活 (Japanese)
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『Bumblebee Hajimete no Chikyuu Seikatsu』

📖 Synopsis

Transformers' Bumblebee continues his tour in Japan with new chibi-fied versions of the robot by Pop Team Epic's Bkub Okawa and animator Yuzo Yamamoto promoting the Japanese release of the Bumblebee film. The Transformers film franchise prequel stars Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie Watson, a girl who comes into possession of the Bumblebee autobot in 1987. The alien robot has lost his voice and has his memory bank damaged before taking the form of an old Volkswagen Beetle and going into hiding.

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