Dorei-ku The Animation (Anime)

Dorei-ku The Animation
奴隷区 The Animation (Japanese), Doreiku: Boku to Nijuusannin no Dorei (Synonyms), Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei (Synonyms), 23 Slaves and Me (Synonyms)
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『Dorei-ku The Animation』


Eager to know why her best friend’s boyfriend dumped her for a man, the headstrong Eiya Arakawa suggests a meeting with them. Gathered together at a café, Yuuga Oota agrees to answer Eiya’s questions only if she can correctly ascertain the relationship of a couple sitting across from them, which she does on her first attempt. Amazed by her astounding intellect and intuition, he invites her to a private meeting where he introduces her to the concept of Slave Control Method, or SCM, a retainer-like device that has the ability to turn people into slaves.