Ganbare! Kakure Ase Project (Anime)

Ganbare! Kakure Ase Project
がんばれ!隠れ汗 プロジェクト (Japanese), Ganbare! Kakurease Project (Synonyms), Do Your Best! Hidden Sweat Project (Synonyms), Kao Biore (Synonyms)
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『Ganbare! Kakure Ase Project』

📖 Synopsis

An animated commercial for Kao Biore Sarasara Powder Sheets focuses less on a personal hygiene routine, instead opting to tug at viewers' heartstrings. The ad stars three high school friends, one a flutist named Mina and the other a burgeoning photographer named Akane. Mina finds herself getting wistful as the school year is drawing to a close but through the encouragement of her friends (and some well-timed product placement) she's reinvigorated to make the year the best it can be.

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