Hataraku Saibou Specials (Anime)

Hataraku Saibou Specials
はたらく細胞 (Japanese), Hataraku Petit Quiz (Synonyms), Macrophage no Oheya (Synonyms), Killer T Saibou no Kunren (Synonyms), Shireikan no Yuuutsu (Synonyms), Hataraku Oshigoto (Synonyms), Cells at Work! Specials (Synonyms)
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『Hataraku Saibou Specials』

📖 Synopsis

DVD/BD specials of Hataraku Saibou included on disc volume 3-7. All episodes feature super deformed chibi versions of the characters. There is also some 4th wall breaking with them speaking to you the viewer (such as the quiz game show in ep 1 or the parody of the long running Japanese talk show Tetsuko's Room in ep 2).

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