Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Anime)

Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo
Children Who Chase Lost Voices (English), 星を追う子ども (Japanese), Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below (Synonyms), Journey to Agartha (Synonyms)
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『Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo』


If you could turn all your memories into a song, what would it resemble? Between being an exceptional student and taking care of the house alone during her mother's absence, Asuna Watase's only distraction is listening to her old crystal radio in her secret mountain hideout. One day, she accidentally tunes to a mysterious and melancholic melody, different from anything she has ever heard before. Soon after, an enigmatic boy named Shun saves her from a dangerous creature, unknowingly dragging Asuna on a long journey to a long lost land bound to surpass her very imagination, turning her once melodic life into an intricate requiem.