IDOLiSH7 2 (Anime)

をむドγƒͺッシγƒ₯セブン 2期 (Japanese), Idolish Seven 2 (Synonyms), IDOLiSH7: Second BEAT! (Synonyms)
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γ€ŽIDOLiSH7 2』

πŸ“– Synopsis

A group of aspiring idols gather at Takanashi Productions and are entrusted with the company's future. The seven men who have just met represent a variety of totally different personalities. However, they each have their own charm and possess unknown potential as idols. Forming a group, they take their first step together as "IDOLiSH7." Their brilliantly shining dancing forms onstage eventually begin captivating the hearts of the people. In the glorious but sometimes harsh world of idols, they aim for the top with dreams in their hearts!

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