Jashin-chan Dropkick Episode 12 (Anime)

Jashin-chan Dropkick Episode 12
Dropkick On My Devil! Episode 12 (English), 邪神ちゃんドロップキック 第12話 (Japanese), False God My Dropkick Episode 12 (Synonyms)
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『Jashin-chan Dropkick Episode 12』

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"It" was believed to be traveling in space, but, "I'm back, guys!" Due to popular demand, we decided to bring Jashin-chan back for an extra episode! What will she face when she returns to Earth? Yurine, Medusa, Pekola, Minos, Yusa, Koji and Peru-chan are all in for the "swimsuit edition"! Then appears Kraken for what seemed like the last battle of the season, but the real battle continues... Amazon Prime Video)

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