Kingdom 2nd Season (Anime)

Kingdom 2nd Season
Kingdom: Season 2 (English), キングダム 第2シリーズ (Japanese), Kingdom Hisho Hen (Synonyms), Kingdom: Dai 2 Series (Synonyms)
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『Kingdom 2nd Season』

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A year after the devastating battle against the formidable Zhao, the State of Qin has returned its focus to pursuing King Ying Zheng's ambition of conquering the other six states and unifying China. Their next target is Wei, a smaller state which stands as a geographic stepping stone for the sake of conquest. Li Xin, now a three hundred man commander of the swiftly rising Fei Xin Unit, continues to seek out lofty achievements in order to garner recognition for himself and his soldiers, motivated by those previously lost in battle.

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