Major 2nd: 2nd Season (Anime)

Major 2nd: 2nd Season
パジャーセカンド (Japanese)
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γ€ŽMajor 2nd: 2nd Season』

πŸ“– Synopsis

The second season of Major 2nd.

"One day, we're going to make the strongest battery ever!" Based on the promise to reunite with Hikaru again, Daigo has moved on to Fuurin Academy Middle School. Daigo is the captain for the baseball club, but with all the older students gone, the team is all girls, including Mutsuko. With a group of peculiar newcomers, the new Fuurin Academy baseball club is off to a new start!

How strong are these baseball girls?! It's the beginning of the "middle school chapter" of the endlessly passionate baseball tale!

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