Makyou Gaiden Le Deus (Anime)

Makyou Gaiden Le Deus
Ladius (English), 魔境外伝レ・ディウス (Japanese), Makyo Gaiden Le Deus (Synonyms), Demon Frontier Legend Le Deus (Synonyms), Demon Legend Le Deus (Synonyms), Radius (Synonyms), Makyou Gaiden LeDeus (Synonyms)
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『Makyou Gaiden Le Deus』


In a post-apocalyptic world, the treasure hunter Riot and his pretty sidekicks are searching for Eyes of Zalem, which they hope will guide them to Rido, the treasure of a long-lost Quall civilization. A limitless energy source, the Rido has the power to even restore life; but unfortunately for Riot, the evil Demsters are after it too.