Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja (Anime)

Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja
失格紋の最強賢者 (Japanese), The Strongest Sage of Disqualified Crest (Synonyms), Shikkakumon no Saikyokenja (Synonyms)
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『Shikkakumon no Saikyou Kenja』

📖 Synopsis

In a world of magic, the powers and future of a mage are predetermined at birth through so-called "Marks"—four symbols that categorize a human's aptitude for magic. Lamenting the fact that his mark was considered ill-suited for combat and only useful for magic augmentation, an incredibly skilled sage decided to reincarnate thousands years in the future. Reborn as Mathias Hildesheimr—a six-year-old boy and the third son of a duke's family—he attains the mark of close combat he always desired.

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