Taka no Tsume-dan x Uchicomi! (Anime)

Taka no Tsume-dan x Uchicomi!
鷹の爪団×ウチコミ! (Japanese), Eagle Talon (Synonyms), Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume (Synonyms), The Frogman Show (Synonyms)
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『Taka no Tsume-dan x Uchicomi!』

📖 Synopsis

A collaboration between Eagle Talon and Uchicomi the real estate company. Eagle Talon informs various people about Uchicomi's app and easy ways for them to find housing meeting their specific requirements. Episodes were streamed on Uchicomi's official YouTube channel and later, a compilation of all of them, were posted to DLE's official YouTube channel.

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