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Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Manga)

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex (Synonyms), 双子の男女がわからない (Synonyms)

Takushi Hatsujou had played with a twin brother and sister when they were all kids, and he fell in love with the sister, culminating in his asking for her hand in marriage when they grew up, to which she agreed. However, they were torn apart for 10 years until Takushi is finally able to get his grandfather's permission to marry her. When they finally reunite, he is surprised to find they both look like girls. Although he knows one of them is cross-dressing, he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl.

21st Century Childhood Friend/s Cohabitation Cross-dressing High School Student/s Japan Marriage Proposal Trap Twin/s

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Pre-serialization)

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Pre-serialization) (Manga)

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex (Pre-serialization) (Synonyms), 双子の♂♀がわからない (Synonyms)

An 18 year old guy comes to live with his aunt and twin cousins while he tries looking for work. Although he remembers that they were twin brother and sister, he is surprised too find that they both appear to be girls when he meets them again after several years, so now he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl.

21st Century Cousin/s Cross-dressing Incest Japan Trap Twin/s

Futari no Ochi

Futari no Ochi (Manga)

Futari no Ouchi (Synonyms), Secret sweet home (Synonyms), ふたりのおうち (Synonyms)


21st Century Abusive Parent/s Alcohol Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Child Abuse Cohabitation Construction Worker/s Cunnilingus

Futari Solo Camp

Futari Solo Camp (Manga)

Solo Camping for Two (Synonyms), Соло кемпинг на двоих (Synonyms), ふたりソロキャンプ (Synonyms)

Kinokura Gen loves camping solo. He enjoys the quiet solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and being able to appreciate nature all by himself. But on one camping trip, his solitude is broken by the appearance of Kusano Shizuku, a young woman who wanted to camp solo herself, but is ill-prepared and completely out of her league. While he tries to to get her to go home so he can camp in peace, she refuses, and stubbornly insists on accompanying him on future camping trips until she's ready to camp solo. Thus Gen and Shizuku's days of solo camping together begin.

21st Century Alcohol Bearded Protagonist Camping Cooking Japan Loner Protagonist Nature Older Male Younger Female Quirky Characters

Fuuka Special Edition

Fuuka Special Edition (Manga)

风夏 与女主角的妄想初体验 (Synonyms)

Released in April 2018 as a standalone project. Featuring main female characters from Seo Kouji's popular series Fuuka in alternative timelines with the Main Character of the series Yuu Haruna!

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Cunnilingus Episodic Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Full Color Japan Nudity

Garden Club Detective Squad

Garden Club Detective Squad (Manhwa)

Farming Club Case Diary (Synonyms), Teotbatbu Sageonilji (Synonyms), บันทึกฆาตกรรมของชมรมทำสวน (Synonyms), 种植部神秘日志 (Synonyms), 菜園部の事件日誌 (Synonyms), 農田殺人事件簿 (Synonyms), 텃밭부 사건일지 (Synonyms)

Gardening and solving crime aren’t what straight-A student Yeon Han thought she would be focusing on at her new school. But when she discovers a notebook that contains clues to a 15-year-old murder mystery, she and the other members of her new gardening club realize the murderer not only has access to the school -- they probably work for the school. Can the gardening club squad figure out who committed the murder even though the principal and their teachers seem desperate to cover it up? Official Translations: ,

21st Century Full Color Garden Gardening Middle School Middle School Student/s Murder Victim/s School Girl/s South Korea Web Comic

Gedou no Uta

Gedou no Uta (Manga)

Fiend's Song (Synonyms), Gedo no uta (Synonyms), La canción malvada (Synonyms), The Villain's Song (Synonyms), 外道の歌 (Synonyms)

Centers on Kamo and his partner Tora, who work in the underworld as "avengers for hire," taking on jobs from the victims of violent crimes and families seeking vengeance for wrongs done to them. [ANN]

21st Century Antihero / Antiheroine Cat/s Crime/s Dark Ambience Episodic Murder/s Partners Strong Male Lead Violence

Gisou Furin

Gisou Furin (Manga)

Disguised Adultery (Synonyms), Fake Affair (Synonyms), Wijang Bullyun (Synonyms), 偽装不倫 (Synonyms), 위장불륜 (Synonyms)

21st Century Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Full Color Japan Korea Older Female Younger Male South Korea Vacation Web Comic

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa (Manga)

First Time That Day, We Will (Synonyms), 初めてのあの日、ぼくらは (Synonyms), 在初次的那天 (Synonyms)


21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Club/s Collection of Stories Cross-dressing First-Time Intercourse High School Japan

Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei

Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei (Manga)

Agensi Detektif Mistik (Synonyms), Fräulein of the Little Garden (Synonyms), Hakoniwa Detective Agency (Synonyms), Hakoniwa no Fraulein (Synonyms), Hakoniwa no Fräulein (Synonyms), Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei (Fraulein) (Synonyms), Hakoniwa no Reijou Tantei (Furoirain) (Synonyms), 箱庭の令嬢探偵 (Synonyms)

From :While looking for a ghost that helped him as a child, Satou Akira has run into a fair amount of spirits that he doesn't even see. One day, he goes to a supernatural detective agency for help, and he meets the adorable Yui and her devoted butler Kujou. Using her power, Yui ends up helping him with a number of the dangerous supernatural troubles he gets himself into. Akira starts to feel attached to the detective agency, and wants to learn more about the supernatural.

21st Century Based on a Novel Butler/s Detective/s Determined Protagonist Food Lure High School Student/s Insomnia Japan Overprotective Friend/s

Hana to Wrestler

Hana to Wrestler (Manga)

The Flower and the Wrestler (Synonyms), 花とレスラー (Synonyms)

21st Century Aggressive Lover Cheerful Female Lead Coffee Shop Flower Shop Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Hidden Identity Japan Martial Artist/s

Hanayashiki no Juunintachi

Hanayashiki no Juunintachi (Manga)

Flower Mansion's Residents (Synonyms), Hanayashiki no Juunin-tachi (Synonyms), Hanayashiki no Jyunin-tachi (Synonyms), Постояльцы цветочного особняка (Synonyms), 聖花女子宿舍青春物語 (Synonyms), 花やしきの住人たち (Synonyms)

21st Century All-Girls School Dormitory/ies Friendship Hidden Past Japan Love Triangle/s Rushed Ending / Axed Self-Harm Unresolved Romance

Harebare Biyori

Harebare Biyori (Manga)

A Fine and Bright Day (Synonyms), Прекрасный и светлый день (Synonyms), 晴れ晴れ日和 (Synonyms), 晴天的女孩 (Synonyms)

One day at a funeral, after Chiharu's mother remarried, Chiharu met the child from her new stepfather's previous marriage, Rui. Rui decided to live on her own after the death of the grandfather who raised her, and Chiharu decided to live with her. A tale of togetherness of two stepsisters.

21st Century Family Japan Stepsister/s

Hatsukoi Maze

Hatsukoi Maze (Manga)

First Love Maze (Synonyms), ハツコイメイズ (Synonyms)

From :A stranger suddenly confesses to Kokoro in public, and having no experience in love, she ends up accepting. But who is this guy? Someone serious about sports couldn't be someone strange, right? A love at first sight relationship is about to begin!

21st Century Blushing Female Lead Blushing Male Lead First Love High School High School Student/s Inexperienced in Love Innocent Love Japan Love at First Sight

Hentai + Kareshi

Hentai + Kareshi (Manga)

Fetish + Kareshi (Synonyms), Hentai Plus Kareshi (Synonyms), Pervert + Boyfriend (Synonyms), ヘンタイ+カレシ (Synonyms), ヘンタイ+カレシⅡ (Synonyms), ヘンタイ+カレシ2 (Synonyms)

The "Hentai" in question is meant in the sense of the original meaning: "perverse sexual desire". Enjoy a diverse collection of fetishes enacted on you as illustrated by some of Comic Be's regulars!

21st Century Anthology Episodic Fetish/es First-Person Perspective Pervert/s

Hokuhokusei ni Kumo to Ike

Hokuhokusei ni Kumo to Ike (Manga)

Dans le sens du vent - Nord, Nord-Ouest (Synonyms), Farðu áfram norð-norðvestur þegar að það er skýjað (Synonyms), Folge den Wolken nach Nord-Nordwest (Synonyms), Follow the Clouds to the North-Northwest (Synonyms), Go with the clouds, North-by-Northwest (Synonyms), Sigue las nubes al nornoroeste (Synonyms), Szlakiem chmur na północny zachód (Polish) (Synonyms), Theo Dấu Mây Ngàn (Synonyms), На северо-северо-запад вслед за облаками (Synonyms), 北北西に曇と往け (Synonyms), 西北偏北,随云而去 (Synonyms)

17-year-old Kei Miyama is a freelance detective working in Iceland. With the disappearance of his brother, aunt, and uncle, he is plunged into a mystery that he must solve at all costs.

21st Century Car/s Detective/s Elaborate Art Style Iceland Male Demographic with Female Author Searching for Someone Special Ability/ies Travel Young Male Lead


Honoiro (Manga)

Faintly Colored. (Synonyms), ほのいろ。 (Synonyms), 微〝色〞生活。 (Synonyms)

There's the slender and big breasted Touka, and then there's the short, flat-chested Ume. Here we will follow the semi-erotic daily life of two sisters and their good friends.

21st Century Appearance Different from Actual Age Borderline H Elementary School Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Naive Female Lead Nudity Older Male Younger Female Pervert/s

Hoshi Furu Makiba!

Hoshi Furu Makiba! (Manga)

Falling Star Ranch (Synonyms), Tähdet laitumen yllä (Finnish) (Synonyms), ดาวดิ่ง ปิ๊งฟา(ร์)มรัก (Thai) (Synonyms), 星星降落的牧场 (Synonyms), 星空牧場 (Synonyms), 星降るまきば! (Synonyms)

Mozu Sousuke is fired from his job as an model and half-forced to move to a farm in Hokkaido. As someone who's always lived in the city, the shift in schedules, the heavy labour, the lack of contact with the outside world, the cold, the temperamental livestock, and the rather fierce little sister are quite the ordeal.

21st Century Bishounen City Slicker Moves to Countryside Farmer/s Farming Female Demographic with Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Hokkaido Horse/s Japan

Irrational Us

Irrational Us (Manga)

An Absurd Relationship (Synonyms), Fujouri na Atashitachi (Synonyms), Иррациональные мы (Synonyms), 不合理的我们 (Synonyms), 不合理的我們 (Synonyms), 不条理なあたし達 (Synonyms)

Emi Yamanaka is an office lady working in Tokyo. She's brash, opinionated, smokes, and likes girls. Having gone through various failed relationships with other girls, she resigns herself to cynicism. Her equilibrium is shattered by the appearance of a new worker at her office, Taneda-san.

21st Century Abortion Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Extended Flashbacks Flashbacks Japan Office Lady Partial Nudity Unfazed Protagonist

Itsutsuboshi Prince

Itsutsuboshi Prince (Manga)

Five Star Prince (Synonyms), 五ツ星プリンス (Synonyms)


21st Century Classmate/s Female Protagonist High School Student/s Hotel/Inn Japan