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Fuuma no Kojirou

Fuuma no Kojirou (Manga)

風魔の小次郎 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Adapted to OVA / OAV Battle/s High School Ninja/s School Boy/s Student/s

Gisou Furin

Gisou Furin (Manga)

Disguised Adultery (Synonyms), Fake Affair (Synonyms), Wijang Bullyun (Synonyms), 偽装不倫 (Synonyms), 위장불륜 (Synonyms)

21st Century Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Full Color Japan Korea Older Female Younger Male South Korea Vacation Web Comic

Hana ni Kedamono

Hana ni Kedamono (Manga)

Flower and The Beast (Synonyms), La Rosa y la Bestia (Spanish) (Synonyms), La Rose et le Démon (French) (Synonyms), زهرة وَ الوحش (Synonyms), หวานใจนายวายร้าย (Synonyms), 花にけだもの (Synonyms), 花予野兽 (Synonyms), 護花野獸 (Synonyms)

From :That was the first time I fell in love. The first time I met "Leopard-kun", time stopped and I could not breathe. My heartbeat became louder and I could not take my eyes off of him. Although Leopard-kun told me "he wants to be with me", he is a guy who has kissed many girls. This love has many difficulties... it's tender yet painful, but even so I can't stop my feelings for him. I'm sorry...I fell in love with a "beast". This is my first love.

Adapted to JDrama Bear/s Dumb Female Lead Emotionally Weak Female Lead Love Triangle/s Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Stuffed Animal Transfer Student/s


Nogarebana (Manga)

Fleeing Flower (Synonyms), Nogare Bana (Synonyms), のがればな (Synonyms), 逃亡花 (Synonyms)


Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Male Demographic with Female Lead On the Run

Reikan Shouhou Kabushikigaisha

Reikan Shouhou Kabushikigaisha (Manga)

Fraudulent Way of Business, Incorporated (Synonyms), Other-Worldly Worries Taken Advantage of for Money, The Public Company (Synonyms), Reikanshouhou Kabushikigaisha (Synonyms), Spiritual Scams Company, Incorporated (Synonyms), Supernatural Trade Corporation (Synonyms), The Psychic Business Corporation (Synonyms), 霊感商法株式会社 (Synonyms), 驱灵少年[灵感商法公司] (Synonyms)

Tokiwa Kanenari likes to masquerade as a substitute science teacher, but he's actually in the business of dealing with the spirit world. And there are spirits in all sorts of things around him, from amber necklaces to unfinished paintings and even abandoned satellites.

Adapted to JDrama Animal Characteristics Cat/s Debt-Motivated Protagonist Debt/s Egypt Ghost/s Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Workers for Hire

Toubou Bengoshi Narita Makoto

Toubou Bengoshi Narita Makoto (Manga)

The Fugitive Lawyer, Makoto Narita (Synonyms), Toubou Bengoshi - Narita Makoto (Synonyms), Tōbō Bengoshi Narita Makoto (Synonyms), 绝命律师 (Synonyms), 逃亡弁護士 成田誠 (Synonyms)

The human suspense story follows a lawyer named Makoto Narita who is wanted for crimes he did not commit. Narita now helps people in trouble, even as he searches for the person who committed the crimes for which he was framed.

Adapted to JDrama Crime Fighter/s Crime/s Framed Fugitive/s Lawyer/s Murder/s

Ace o Nerae!

Ace o Nerae! (Manga)

Ace wo Nerae! (Synonyms), Aim for the Ace! (Synonyms), Eesu wo Nerae! (Synonyms), Jenny la Tennista (italian) (Synonyms), Raqueta de Oro (spanish) (Synonyms), エースをねらえ! (Synonyms)

A story of an ordinary high school girl who gradually discovers her hidden talent of tennis through severe trainings designed by her strict coach. Can she become an "Ace" tennis player?

Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Bullying Classic Manga Melodrama Mentor/s Strong Female Lead Tennis

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Manga)

Don't Mess with the Motion Picture Club! (Synonyms), Don't Mess with the Video Society! (Synonyms), Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! (Synonyms), Hands off the Motion Pictures Club! (Synonyms), Keep your hands off Eizouken! (Synonyms), 別對映像研出手! (Synonyms), 别对映像研出手! (Synonyms), 映像研には手を出すな! (Synonyms)

Asakusa Midori wants to create anime, but she's too awkward to take that first step by herself. By pure chance, she meets Mizusaki Tsubame, an up-and-coming actress secretly dreaming of becoming an animator. Together with Midori's money-loving best friend Kanamori Sayaka, the energetic trio slowly work towards making their ultimate world a reality!Note: Placed 9th at the Annual Manga Taishou Awards (2018).

Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Movie Animator/s Atypical Art Style Award-Nominated Work Club/s Female Protagonist Male Demographic with Female Lead

Elite Yankee Saburou

Elite Yankee Saburou (Manga)

Elite Yankee Saburow (Synonyms), エリートヤンキー三郎 (Synonyms), 史上最不幸大佬三郎 (Synonyms)

"Elite Yankee Saburo" is set in Tokumaru Academy, a private high school known for its delinquents. In particular, two former students, the brothers Ichiro and Jiro Okouchi, became legends throughout the prefecture for their fierceness. Naturally, when the third Okouchi brother Saburo entered the school, everyone feared for the worst.However, Saburo happens to be an ordinary high school student. He's typically shy and is a bit of an otaku. But through misunderstandings and bad luck, he begins to develop a reputation as an "elite yankee."

Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Movie Brother/s Delinquent/s High School High School Student/s Siblings Yankee/s

Guuguu Datte Neko de Aru

Guuguu Datte Neko de Aru (Manga)

Cher Gou-Gou...mon petit chat, mon petit ami. (Synonyms), Even Gou-gou Is a Cat (Synonyms), Gou-gou Datte Neko de Aru (Synonyms), Gou-Gou, the Cat (Synonyms), Gu-Gu Datte Neko de Aru (Synonyms), GūGū Datte Neko de Aru (Cher Gou-Gou...mon petit chat, mon petit ami.) (Synonyms), グーグーだって猫である (Synonyms)

After Ooshima's cat named Sava suddenly dies, she finds it difficult to continue creating manga. However, with the help of a new kitten named Gou-Gou who shows up, she’s able to get over the loss of Sava and eventually feels inspired to continue her work. When she gets the horrible news that she’s been diagnosed with cancer, she’s devastated at first, but soon finds some new perspective on life and death.Note: Won the Tezuka Osamu Short story Award in 2008.

Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Award-Winning Work Biography / Autobiography Cancer Cat/s Comic Artist/s Terminal Illness

Hidarikiki no Eren

Hidarikiki no Eren (Manga)

Eren the Southpaw (Synonyms), 左ききのエレン (Synonyms)

Asakura Kouichi is a young designer working for an advertising agency. Lost and confused after being dropped from a project he worked hard to secure, he travels to the Yokohama Museum of Art. This is the place where, many years ago, he first encountered the talented "Eren"... Featuring an ensemble cast, this story is sure to touch any reader's heart.

21st Century Adapted to JDrama Art Based on a Webcomic Cold Female Lead Dead Family Member/s Designer/s Graffiti Japan Sketchy Art Style

Kodoku no Gourmet

Kodoku no Gourmet (Manga)

Der Gourmet – Von der Kunst allein zu genießen (Synonyms), El Gourmet Solitario (Synonyms), Gourmet (Synonyms), Kodoku no Gurume (Synonyms), Le Gourmet Solitaire (Synonyms), O Gourmet Solitário (Synonyms), Samotny Smakosz (Synonyms), Solitary Gourmet (Synonyms), The Solitary Gourmand (Synonyms), The Solitary Gourmet (Synonyms), 孤独のグルメ (Synonyms), 孤独的美食家 (Synonyms)

20th Century Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Alcohol Bar/s Baseball Breakup/s Cooking Food Vacation

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni (Manga)

En este rincón del mundo (Synonyms), In This Corner of the World (Synonyms), To All the Corners of the World (Synonyms), Ở Một Góc Nhân Gian (Synonyms), この世界の片隅に (Synonyms), 在这个世界的角落 (Synonyms)

This successor of the long selling Heisei classic "Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms" is a family drama set in Hiroshima's military city Kure during the war. Protagonist Suzu marries and moves from Hiroshima City to Kure, where she encounters uncertainty in her new family, her new city, and her new world. However, she manages to live each day healthily and happily.Note: Was a Jury Recommended Work in the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival and won the Excellence Prize in 2009.

20th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Amputee/s Anti-War Arranged Marriage Atypical Art Style Award-Winning Work

Mainichi Kaasan

Mainichi Kaasan (Manga)

Everyday Mom (Synonyms), Mainichi Kāsan (Synonyms), 毎日かあさん (Synonyms), 毎日かあさん カニ母編 (Synonyms)

Volume 1: Kani Haha-hen (カニ母編)Volume 2: Onyuugaku-hen (お入学編)Volume 3: (背脂編)Volume 4: Demodori-hen (出戻り編)Note: Won the Tezuka Osamu Short story Award in 2005 together with her´s Jōkyō Monogatari.

Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Manga Award-Winning Work Biography / Autobiography Episodic Female Author Japan

Motokare Mania

Motokare Mania (Manga)

Ex-Enthusiasts: MotoKare Mania (Synonyms), Moto Kare Mania (Synonyms), Moto-kare Mania (Synonyms), Where is my Moto-Kare? (Synonyms), モトカレマニア (Synonyms)

Yurika Nanba doesn’t need hobbies … not when she spends all of her free time thinking about her ex-boyfriend! Notwithstanding that they’ve been broken up for 5 years (and she hasn’t heard from him at all), Yurika proudly describes herself as a “Motokare Mania”—an Ex-Boyfriend Enthusiast. But just when a new love seems on the horizon, the company she works at makes a new hire … her ex!

Adapted to JDrama Ex-Boyfriend Office Worker/s Real Estate Agent/s Stalkerish Female Lead

Minna! Esper da yo!

Minna! Esper da yo! (Manga)

All Esper Dayo! (Synonyms), Everyone's an ESPer! (Synonyms), Planet Waves - Minna! Esper da yo! (Synonyms), みんな! エスパーだよ! (Synonyms), プラネットウェイヴズ (Synonyms), プラネットウェイヴズ - みんな! エスパーだよ! (Synonyms), 我们都是超能者 (Synonyms)

The psychic comedy follows an ordinary (virgin) high school boy named Yoshirō "Yocchan" Kamogawa. His life changes overnight when he wakes up with the ability to read other people's minds. Yoshirō is not the only one to gain powers in his town. Teru-oichan, an (apparently virgin) worker at a café near Yoshirō's school, gains telekinesis but he uses it for sex toys.Yōsuke Enomoto, a (probably virgin) senior and former basketball player at Yoshirō's high school, gains teleportation but only while naked.

21st Century Adapted to JDrama ESP High School Japan Pervert/s Popular Female Lead Quirky Characters Serious/Studious Character/s Young Male Lead


Edomoiselle (Manga)

Edo Moazeru (Synonyms), Edomoazeru (Synonyms), 江戸モアゼル (Synonyms)

Hanatsubaki is a famous woman of the Yoshiwari pleasure district, Osen. Somehow, alongside ToShino, a trainee courtesan, and Hirayoshi, a young male servant, she travels forward in time from the Edo period to the Heisei era.

21st Century Adapted to JDrama Convenience Store/s Courtesan/s Cultural Differences Edo Period Fish Out of Water Gag Hard-Working Protagonist Japan

Cherry Nights

Cherry Nights (Manga)

チェリーナイツ (Synonyms)


Adapted to JDrama

Haru to Ao no Obentoubako

Haru to Ao no Obentoubako (Manga)

Chacun ses goûts (French) (Synonyms), Haru and Ao's Lunch Box (Synonyms), Haru to Ao no Obento Bako (Synonyms), The Lunch Box of Haru and Ao (Synonyms), ハルとアオのお弁当箱 (Synonyms)

Haru is an otaku girl who has no interest in food or clothes—she'd rather spend her money on her own hobbies. This changes when she encounters an effiminate boy, Aoi. Their story begins with them creating delicious bento boxes together...

Adapted to JDrama Adult Protagonist Awkward Female Lead Bento Bespectacled Protagonist Cooking Food Glasses-Wearing Female Lead LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Plain-Looking Female Lead

Heya ni Oide yo

Heya ni Oide yo (Manga)

Come Home with Me (Synonyms), Heya (Uchi) ni Oide yo (Synonyms), Uchi ni Oide yo (HARA Hidenori) (Synonyms), 部屋においでよ (Synonyms)

A story about two people who share the same room right from the day they first meet.

Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Taiwanese drama Adult Couple Adult Female Lead Adult Male Lead Adult Protagonist Bar/s Nudity One-Night Stand