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Fuuma no Kojirou

Fuuma no Kojirou (Manga)

風魔の小次郎 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Adapted to OVA / OAV Battle/s High School Ninja/s School Boy/s Student/s

Otogi Jushi Akazukin

Otogi Jushi Akazukin (Manga)

Fairy Musketeers (Synonyms), おとぎ銃士赤ずきん (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Based on a Fairytale Fairy/ies Magic Wolf/Wolves

Ruin Explorer Fam & Irhlie

Ruin Explorer Fam & Irhlie (Manga)

Fam et Ihrlie Exploratrices (French) (Synonyms), Hikyou Tanken Fam & Ihrlie (Synonyms), Ruin Explorers (Synonyms), 秘境探検ファム&イーリー (Synonyms)


Adapted to OVA / OAV Fantasy World Female Fighter/s Hot-Blooded Female Lead Magic Male Demographic with Female Lead Tomboyish Female Lead

Soremo Mata Kare no Senjou

Soremo Mata Kare no Senjou (Manga)

Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden: His Battlefield Once More (Synonyms), Fullmetal Alchemist Gaiden: Sore mo Mata Kare no Senjou (Synonyms), Sore mo Mata Kare no Senjou (Synonyms), 鋼の錬金術師 それもまた彼の戦場 (Synonyms)


Adapted to OVA / OAV

Yukikaze (Novel)

Yukikaze (Novel) (Novel)

Battle Fairy Yukikaze (Novel) (Synonyms), Fairy Airforce Yukikaze (Novel) (Synonyms), Good Luck, Yukikaze (Novel) (Synonyms), Sentou Yousei Yukikaze (Novel) (Synonyms), Unbroken Arrow (Novel) (Synonyms), 戦闘妖精・雪風 (Novel) (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Manga Adapted to OVA / OAV Award-Winning Work

Elite Jack!!

Elite Jack!! (Manga)

エリートジャック!! (Synonyms)


Adapted to OVA / OAV Competitive Atmosphere Elite/s Genius Protagonist Genius/es Genki Girl Ranked by Test Scores Smart Couple Smart Female Lead Smart Male Lead


Gyo (Manga)

Gyo - Odore di morte (Italian) (Synonyms), Gyo - The Eerie Wriggle (Synonyms), Gyo Odór Śmierci (Synonyms), Gyo: Kıpırdanan Dehşet (Synonyms), Gyo: Tokyo Fish Attack (Synonyms), Gyo: Ugomeku Buki (Synonyms), The Enigma of Amigara Fault (Synonyms), The Enigma of the Amigara Fault (Synonyms), The Sad History of the Principal Post (Synonyms), ปลามรณะ (Synonyms), ギョ (Synonyms), ギョ~うごめく不気~ (Synonyms), 鱼 (Synonyms)

From Viz:Something is rotten in Okinawa...the floating stench of death hangs over the island..What is it? A strange, legged fish appears on the begins Tadashi and Kaori's spiral into the horror (and stench) of the sea.---*Includes two bonus stories called • in vol 1.• in vol 2.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Corpses Death Fish Out of Water Fish/es Infectious Disease Island/s Mad Science Shark/s

Kouryuu no Mimi

Kouryuu no Mimi (Manga)

Ear of the Golden Dragon (Synonyms), Kouryu no Mimi (Synonyms), 黄竜の耳 (Synonyms), 黄龍の耳 (Synonyms)

20th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to Game Adapted to OVA / OAV America Animal Cruelty Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Biker Gang

Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi (TAKADA Yuuzou)

Mainichi ga Nichiyoubi (TAKADA Yuuzou) (Manga)

Everyday Is Sunday (Synonyms), Siempre es Domingo (Spanish) (Synonyms), 毎日が日曜日 (Synonyms)

It all begins when a girl, Yumi, narrowly avoids a car accident thanks to the intervention of a magician named Tohru, who had a very promising career ahead of him. As a result of this event, Tohru suffers from a severe hand injury, cutting short his dreams of making it big in Hollywood. After 8 years they run into one another again, but Tohru's become a common criminal, and Yumi a rookie police officer.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Hot-Blooded Female Lead Police Police Officer/s

Seikimatsu Darling

Seikimatsu Darling (Manga)

End of the Century, Darling! (Synonyms), Seikimatsu (Synonyms), Seikimatsu★Darling (Synonyms), 世紀末★ダーリン (Synonyms), 世紀末☆ダーリン (Synonyms), 世纪末的Darling (Synonyms), 世纪末达令 (Synonyms)

Ogata and Takatsuki are very much in love with each other, but neither has any intention of pursuing an intimate relationship. Why, you ask? No, it's not because they're both men, nor is it because of interfering family members or obligations to girlfriends / wives. It's because they're both seme!

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Drama CD Adapted to OVA / OAV Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Hot Spring Trip/s Hot Spring/s Seme Turned Uke Seme x Seme Student-Teacher Relationship

Shiritsu Araiso Koutou Gakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu

Shiritsu Araiso Koutou Gakkou Seitokai Shikkoubu (Manga)

Araiso Private High School Student Council Executive Committee (Synonyms), Executive Committee (Synonyms), Исполнительный комитет высшей школы Арайсо (Synonyms), 男男罪游记 (Synonyms), 男男罪遊記 (Synonyms), 私立荒磯高等学校生徒会執行部 (Synonyms)

Meet the Executive Committee of Araiso Private High School: a group of five students whose motto is "Ridiculing the weak and bullying the strong." At the heart of the committee are Kubota Makoto and Tokito Minoru, two bad boys who take care of any trouble at the school in unique (and often violent) ways. Though this is considered an alternate story to , with which it shares both protagonists' names and basic personality traits, there are little to no similarities in plot and has a far more upbeat tone.

Adapted to OVA / OAV All-Boys School Becomes Integrated Arrogant Male Lead Best Friends Calm Protagonist Episodic Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hot-Blooded Male Lead Strong Male Lead Student/s

Yakumo Tatsu

Yakumo Tatsu (Manga)

Eight Clouds Rising (Synonyms), Giữa muôn trùng mây (Synonyms), 八雲立つ (Synonyms), 出雲傳奇 (Synonyms)

Adapted to OVA / OAV Arrogant Male Lead Award-Winning Work Bespectacled Protagonist Bromance Demon/s ESP Ghost/s Shaman/s Spirit/s


Justy (Manga)

Cosmo Police Justy (Synonyms), Cosmo Police ジャスティ (Synonyms), Kosumo Porīsu Jasuti (Synonyms), ジャスティ (Synonyms)

Taken From Wikipedia:The story follows Justy Kaizard, a police officer who chases down criminal espers; his tactics might be similar to those of a bounty hunter but he is a salary-drawing officer. The lead character is also an esper, gifted with remarkable powers. He is able to moderate his psychic forces by the use of the headband that he wears. With this device, which acts only as a psychic damper, he can finely attenuate his powers to prevent collateral damage

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Adopted Protagonist Adoptive Siblings ESP Police Officer/s

Kanojo no Inbou

Kanojo no Inbou (Manga)

Conspiracy (Synonyms), 彼女の陰謀 (Synonyms)


20th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Anal Intercourse Bathroom Intercourse Bestiality Big Breasts Blindfold Borderline H Breastfeeding

Nekojiru Udon

Nekojiru Udon (Manga)

Cat Soup (Synonyms), ねこぢるうどん (Synonyms)

Short stories about two white cats who have no respect for others and are just plain cruel. Dark humor warning.

Abuse Adapted to Anime Adapted to Movie Adapted to OVA / OAV Anthropomorphism Black Humor Cat/s Death Episodic Family

Ningyo no Mori

Ningyo no Mori (Manga)

Cuentos de sirenas (Spanish) (Synonyms), Mermaid Forest (Synonyms), Mermaid Saga (Synonyms), Mermaid's Gaze (Synonyms), Mermaid's Scar (Synonyms), Ningyo no Kizu (Synonyms), Ningyo Series (Synonyms), Лес русалок (Synonyms), 人魚の森 (Synonyms), 人魚傷痕 (Synonyms), 夜叉の瞳 (Synonyms), 인어의 숲 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Award-Winning Work Curse/s Episodic Female Author Immortality Mermaid/s Rushed Ending / Axed Transformation/s

Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan

Oshiete! Gyaruko-chan (Manga)

Cuéntame, Galko-chan (Synonyms), Oshiete! Galko-chan (Synonyms), Please Tell Me! Galko-chan (Synonyms), Please Tell me! Gyaruko-chan (Synonyms), おしえて! ギャル子ちゃん (Synonyms), 告诉我吧!辣妹子酱 (Synonyms), 百无禁忌! 女高中生私房话 (Synonyms)

Follow the daily school life of Galko-chan, Otako, and Ojyo in this series of comedic short stories. Galko-chan has a tendency to speak rudely, but she's basically friends with everyone. Otako is the quiet loner of the class, but she is good friends with Galko-chan. Ojyo speaks her mind freely and naturally.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Appearance Different from Personality Big Breasts Dirty Jokes Fashionable Female Lead Friendship Full Color Gyaru Male Demographic with Female Lead

Toriyama Akira Marusaku Gekijou

Toriyama Akira Marusaku Gekijou (Manga)

Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater (Synonyms), Cashman (Synonyms), Dragonboy (Synonyms), Dub & Peter (Synonyms), Go! Go! Ackman (Synonyms), Kennosuke-sama (Synonyms), Mamejirou (Synonyms), Marusaku (Synonyms), Mr. Ho (Synonyms), Oneshots (Synonyms), Phim Trường Akira Toriyama (Synonyms), Pola & Roid (Synonyms), Sonchoh (Synonyms), The Adventures of Tongpoo (Synonyms), Tomato, Girl Detective (Synonyms), Toriyama Short Stories (German) Band 1-3 (Synonyms), Wonder Island (Synonyms), 鳥山明○作劇場 (Synonyms)

A series of three manga tankoubon released between 1983 and 1997 that collect several one-shots written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama. The stories were originally published in various Shueisha magazines between 1978 and 1994.

Adapted to OVA / OAV Collection of Stories Old-Style Drawings

What's Michael?

What's Michael? (Manga)

Cześć, Michael! (Polish) (Synonyms), Hello Michael! (Synonyms), Hello Michael! (Complete) (Synonyms), Si Cerdik Michael (Synonyms), What's Michael (Synonyms), What's Michael? - Fighting-Spirit Production (Synonyms), What's Michael? - Toukon Production (Synonyms), What’s Michael?―闘魂プロダクション (Synonyms), ホワッツマイケル? (Synonyms), 我为猫狂 (Synonyms), 我為貓狂 (Synonyms), 猫咪也疯狂 (Synonyms), 猫怪麦克 (Synonyms), 貓咪也瘋狂 (Synonyms), 貓怪麥克 (Synonyms)

What's Michael follows the adventures of a ginger tabby called Michael. The stories often change setting: in one, Michael may be owned by a young Japanese couple; in the next, Michael may be owned by an older couple with children, and in a third, Michael might be owned by a yakuza.Won the 10th Kodansha Manga Award for general manga in 1986 (shared with ).

Adapted to Anime Adapted to OVA / OAV Award-Winning Work Cat/s Episodic Family Japanese Society Mafia Pet/s Slapstick Comedy

Kekkai Sensen - Back 2 Back

Kekkai Sensen - Back 2 Back (Manga)

Blood Blockade Battlefront - Back 2 Back (Synonyms), Kekkai Sensen Back2Back (Synonyms), Kekkai Sensen: Back 2 Back (Synonyms), 血界戦線 Back 2 Back (Synonyms)

Three years ago, a gateway between Earth and the Beyond opened over the city of New York. In one terrible night, New York was destroyed, rebuilt, and rechristened Jerusalem's Lot, a paranormal melting pot where magic and madness dwell alongside the mundane.The mysterious super-agents of Libra fight the impossible to prevent the unthinkable.

Adapted to OVA / OAV Alchemy America Black Humor Blood and Gore Blood as a Theme Blood as a Weapon Gothic Ambience Invisibility Werewolf/ves