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Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochiwarui

Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochiwarui (Anime)

恋と呼ぶには気持ち悪い (Japanese), It's Too Sick to Call this Love (Synonyms)

Once you fall for someone, you can't stop the love. A strange encounter spurs the meeting of Amakusa Ryou, a high spec businessman who is loose with women, and his high school sister's best friend, Arima Ichika. From there, he falls madly in love.

Age gap Adult Protagonist Highschool Spring 2021

Haru to Ao no Obentoubako

Haru to Ao no Obentoubako (Manga)

Chacun ses goûts (French) (Synonyms), Haru and Ao's Lunch Box (Synonyms), Haru to Ao no Obento Bako (Synonyms), The Lunch Box of Haru and Ao (Synonyms), ハルとアオのお弁当箱 (Synonyms)

Haru is an otaku girl who has no interest in food or clothes—she'd rather spend her money on her own hobbies. This changes when she encounters an effiminate boy, Aoi. Their story begins with them creating delicious bento boxes together...

Adapted to JDrama Adult Protagonist Awkward Female Lead Bento Bespectacled Protagonist Cooking Food Glasses-Wearing Female Lead LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Plain-Looking Female Lead

Heya ni Oide yo

Heya ni Oide yo (Manga)

Come Home with Me (Synonyms), Heya (Uchi) ni Oide yo (Synonyms), Uchi ni Oide yo (HARA Hidenori) (Synonyms), 部屋においでよ (Synonyms)

A story about two people who share the same room right from the day they first meet.

Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Taiwanese drama Adult Couple Adult Female Lead Adult Male Lead Adult Protagonist Bar/s Nudity One-Night Stand

It's Not an Angel

It's Not an Angel (Manhwa)

Cheonsaga Aniya (Synonyms), She's Not an Angel (Synonyms), 천사가 아니야 (Synonyms)

Father Daniel is the new teacher at the Keobiji Muncipality High school, a dump where all the local troublemakers gather. All is well until one night, while on patrol, he sees a woman... beating a man. Sensing something is wrong, he immediately goes to report it the next day. Except that, this woman is not who she seems to be. A strange relationship between a dedicated priest and a hot-blooded troublemaker is about to begin?!

Abused Female Lead Abused Protagonist Abusive Authority Figure Abusive Character/s Abusive Family Member/s Abusive Father Adult Couple Adult Male Lead Adult Protagonist Arranged Marriage

Ji Xiong

Ji Xiong (Manhua)

Culprit Hunt (Synonyms), Hunt Down (Synonyms), Manhunt (Synonyms), 缉凶 (Synonyms)

21st Century Adult Protagonist Based on a Web Novel China Crime/s Detective/s Investigation Murder/s Non-BL with Two Male Leads Odd Situation/s

Josou Offline Meeting

Josou Offline Meeting (Manga)

Crossdressing Offline Gathering (Synonyms), Josou Ofu Kai (Synonyms), 女装オフ会 (Synonyms)

Creator-approved translations by Links:

21st Century Adult Male Lead Adult Protagonist Cross-dressing Feminine Male Lead Japan Mistaken Gender Short Chapter/s Shy Protagonist Transgender Character/s

Kagaku Tantei Mr. Curie

Kagaku Tantei Mr. Curie (Manga)

Chemical Detective Mr. CURIE (Synonyms), 化学探偵Mr.キュリー (Synonyms)


Adult Protagonist Based on a Novel Older Male Lead Smart Male Lead

Neko to Jii-chan

Neko to Jii-chan (Manga)

Cat and Grandpa (Synonyms), Le Vieil Homme et Son Chat (Synonyms), ねことじいちゃん (Synonyms), ねことじいちゃん 番外編 (Synonyms)

The story follows the everyday lives of Daikichi, an elderly man, and his pet cat, Tama. Daikichi has lived his entire life in a small island town, and although young people have begun moving there and the landscape and scenery have begun to change, the one thing that remains constant is Daikichi.

Adapted to Live Action Adult Protagonist Award-Nominated Work Bespectacled Protagonist Cat/s Master-Pet Relationship Old Man Older Male Lead Web Comic

Noise no Sora ni Canaria

Noise no Sora ni Canaria (Manga)

Canary in the Sky of Noise (Synonyms), Noise no Sora ni Canary (Synonyms), ノイズの空にカナリア (Synonyms)

The feeling of “sadness” of creatures can be heard as sound. Inose Kaoru, a popular composer has such a unique constitution. One day, he hears a beautiful sound that he has never heard before. Following the source of the sound, he found lawyer Sagawara Masumi. He wants to hear more of that sound to motivate his creativity. He wanted to know the root of the sadness and was attracted more and more. However, he realized that Masumi’s brother was the reason for that sound …!?

Adult Couple Adult Protagonist Composer Dog/s Finding Love Again Flashbacks Glasses-Wearing Male Lead In Love with Family Member Long-Haired Seme Supernatural Elements

Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki.

Ojisan wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. (Manga)

A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave. (Synonyms), Oji-san wa Kawaii Mono ga Osuki. (Synonyms), OjiKawa (Synonyms), Ojisan ha kawaiimono ga osuki. (Synonyms), This Uncle Likes Cute Things (Synonyms), おじさんはカワイイものがお好き。 (Synonyms), 大叔喜欢可爱小玩意 (Synonyms)

Usuma Mitsutaka, 40 years old, an attractive office worker, admired by his colleagues. Of course, he has a secret he is trying to hide from everyone: he loves cute things. But with his nephew going to his apartment, Mitsutaka's secret is now in danger!

Adapted to JDrama Adult Protagonist Appearance Different from Personality Charismatic Male Lead Mature Male Lead Nephew/s Older Male Lead Oyaji

Sensei, Mou Dame desu

Sensei, Mou Dame desu (Manga)

Can't Stand Any Longer! (Synonyms), Sensei, moudame desu (Synonyms), 先生、もうダメですっ (Synonyms), 老師,這樣不行啦! (Synonyms)

It's only natural for editors to help their authors. So when editor Shishio Masumi is transferred into the BL department, it's up to him to help his author better understand a real, live BL experience with dating, kissing, and even... sex!?

Adult Protagonist Artist/s Author/s Bearded Seme Dense When It Comes To Love Editor-Author Relationship Editor/s Glasses-Wearing Uke Inexperienced in Love Seme Falling in Love First

Comic Party Wonder Love

Comic Party Wonder Love (Manga)

Comic Parrt Wander Love (Synonyms), コミックパーティ ワンダーラブ (Synonyms)

Raizou is a man, but he’s drawing BL manga. In an unexpected turn of event, he got acquainted with TOS, who is also a man and drawing BL manga. Raizou is down to earth and good-looking, but his BL manga style is dark, and he sells very well. In contrast, TOS’s BL style is fluffy but his works are not as popular due to his negative personality and communication difficulty. The two are the exact opposite of each other, and yet thanks to the influence of alcohol, somehow it turned out they’ll be dating each other…?!

Adult Protagonist Artist/s Famous Male Lead Fan/s Mangaka in a Manga Mask/s Masked Character/s

Jaka kahuruan

Jaka kahuruan (Indonesian)

Bodor the Powerful Batagor (Synonyms), Kembalinya si tinju api (Synonyms), Tukang Batagor (Synonyms)

Adult Protagonist Bearded Protagonist Comedic Violence Easygoing Male Lead Easygoing Protagonist Male Protagonist Protagonist Strong from the Start Strong Male Lead

Just You and I

Just You and I (Manga)

Baby Don't Cry (Canno) (Synonyms), Girl Talk (Nega) (Synonyms), The Meaning of Us (Synonyms)

Baby Don't Cry (Canno): That feeling when you're 30 years old and just had your first hangover… But what happened the night before?Girl Talk (Nega): The love woes of a woman who likes women, and also hates them…The Meaning of Us (Kawauchi): Hitomi and Mai celebrate the end of the Heisei era with their two friends, while pondering if they should come out as a couple to the outside world.Common themes: the end of the Heisei era and gay women talking with het women.

Adult Couple Adult Protagonist Friendship Heisei era Homophobia Japan Japanese Society Lesbians Marriage Unrequited Love

Kuroi Fubuki

Kuroi Fubuki (Manga)

Black Blizzard (Synonyms), 黒い吹雪 (Synonyms)

Adult Protagonist Chains Circus Criminal/s Extended Flashbacks Fugitive/s Gekiga Hunted Protagonist Japan Murder/s

Meisouou Border

Meisouou Border (Manga)

A Strayed King's Border (Synonyms), Border (TANAKA Akio) (Synonyms), Meisou Ou Border (Synonyms), Meisouou Boodaa (Synonyms), ボーダー (TANAKA Akio) (Synonyms), 城市边缘人 (Synonyms), 迷走王 ボーダー (Synonyms)

Featuring a modern-day odd couple, the naive and sexually inexperienced Kubota and the handsome charmer Hachisuka, who meet up by accident in a Middle Eastern desert and return to Japan to hustle their way through life. They start by getting involved in shady TV dealings, where they get jobs making fake documentaries.

Adapted to OVA / OAV Adult Protagonist Antihero / Antiheroine Non-BL with Two Male Leads Old-Style Drawings

Metamorphose no Engawa

Metamorphose no Engawa (Manga)

BL Metamorphosen (German) (Synonyms), BL Metamorphosis (Synonyms), BL Métamorphose (French) (Synonyms), Metamorfosis BL (Spanish) (Synonyms), Metamorphosis Veranda (Synonyms), メタモルフォーゼの縁側 (Synonyms), 萍水相腐檐廊下 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Live Action Adult Protagonist Award-Winning Work Friendship Fujoshi Manga in a Manga Old Woman Older Female Lead Web Comic Widow / Widower

Mugi no Mahoutsukai

Mugi no Mahoutsukai (Manga)

Mugi no Mahou Tsukai (Synonyms), The Barley Witch (Synonyms), The Wheat Witch (Synonyms), 麦の魔法使い (Synonyms)

From :In a certain country, drinking fresh water can be dangerous, and beer is brewed as a result. Freia, a young girl who hopes to become a master brewmeister, travels with her beer-loving companion Kater in search of a sparkling, golden beer.

Adult Protagonist Alcohol Beer Brewing Journey Strong Female Lead Subtle Romance Travelling Female and Male Pair Unusual Hobby/Interest

My Lovely Cat, Matilda

My Lovely Cat, Matilda (Manga)

Boku no Matilda (Synonyms), 僕のマチルダ (Synonyms)

The humorous daily interactions between Matilda the cat and her doting owner Shibata.

Adult Protagonist Cat/s Doting Family Member/s Master-Pet Relationship Office Worker/s

Ookini! Cafe Memories

Ookini! Cafe Memories (Manga)

Big! Cafe Memories (Synonyms), Ookini! Kissa Memories (Synonyms), おおきに!喫茶メモリーズ (Synonyms)


Adult Protagonist Cafe Food Japan Male Protagonist Osaka Salaryman Work Transfer