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Heaven Company

Heaven Company (Manga)

HEAVENカンパニー (Synonyms), HEAVEN事务所 (Synonyms)

Marika Fujisawa is a crazy plant lady who is deeply passionate about anything green and growing. While training to become a plant coordinator, Marika is hired by "HEAVEN", a prestigious plant rental service dedicated to high quality decorative vegetation for special events. There, she meets stern Tetsuya. At first he seems dull, but then Marika comes across his rose arrangements and wonders how such a blunt man can create such heavenly decorations... On top of that, Marika has to stay on top of work! How will a wedding turn out under her expertise?

Age Gap Company Gardening Genius/es Older Male Younger Female Part-Time Job Plant/s Talented Protagonist

Hello Again!

Hello Again! (Manhwa)

HELLO AGAIN!(헬로 어게인!) (Synonyms), 헬로 어게인! (Synonyms)

Ever since he was young, HeeMin has always liked his neighbour, SeonWoo hyung. HeeMin had given up on SeonWoo after he had moved away. However, coincidentally, SeonWoo is searching for a roommate and HeeMin is able to meet him once again. But, the love rival that has appeared in front of HeeMin now is none other than his older brother, YooMin!

Age Gap Childhood Love Cohabitation College Immature Protagonist Misunderstanding/s Mutual Pining Reunion/s Tutor/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited


Help!! (Manga)

Help!! (FUJIWARA Kiyo) (Synonyms), Помогите! (Synonyms), النجدة (Synonyms), ヘルプ!! (Synonyms)

Kousaka Shin always dreamed of becoming a doctor. Although she's a cry baby, a scaredy cat, a baby-face, and only an A-Cup, she is dedicated and passionate about pursuing her goals. When her teacher, Abe-sensei, tells her that she's unsuited for becoming a doctor, she tries her best to work harder. Then Shin finds out that her sensei lives right next door?! Will Shin ever become a doctor?

Age Gap Appearance Different from Actual Age Crybaby Protagonist Dead Family Member/s Doctor/s Neighbor/s Older Male Younger Female Post-Secondary School Short Female Lead Student-Teacher Relationship


Her (Manga)

هي (Synonyms)

HER is a series of character portraits, loosely strung together by everyday circumstances.The story begins with a woman who wants to be loveable - and loved - and who has a fixation on shoes. Her hairdresser's fear of the future is the subject of the second chapter. A schoolgirl whose hair she cuts sees her older female neighbor kissing her female lover goodbye. In the past, the neighbor had a difficult relationship with her mother. The neighbor's lover was rejected by her first love. The couple sitting next to them at the cafe have their own issues.

Age Gap Career Woman Cheating/Infidelity Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Hairstylist/s LGBT Themes Nudity Older Female Younger Female Searching for Love Variations on a Theme

Hey, Go Get Married! ~ Cosplay JK's Secret Love

Hey, Go Get Married! ~ Cosplay JK's Secret Love (Manga)

Ora, Yomekko sa ikuda! ~Cosplay JK no Himitsu no Aijou~ (Synonyms), おら、嫁っこさ行くだ!~コスプレJKの秘密の愛情~ (Synonyms), 我、要结婚了!~与cosplay女高中生的秘密恋爱~ (Synonyms)

A high school teacher who only loved 2D girls, suddenly falls for one of his students who is also an anime enthusiast! Somehow, they end up living together and get engaged in a secret JK relationship!

Age Gap Big Breasts Cohabitation Cosplay Country Bumpkin Moves to City Half-Japanese Older Male Younger Female Otaku Student-Teacher Relationship Virgin/s

Hey, Wanna Do Me Too?

Hey, Wanna Do Me Too? (Manga)

Hey, Wanna Do Me Too? -The Loving Beast And The Rival- (Synonyms), Nee, Ore to mo Shichau? (Synonyms), Nee, Ore to mo Shichau? - Koi Suru Yajuu to Koigataki (Synonyms), ねぇ、俺ともシちゃう?~恋する野獣と恋敵 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Coworker Relationships Love Polygon Love Square Love Triangle/s Office Love Unrequited Love

HG ni Koi suru Futari

HG ni Koi suru Futari (Manga)

HG ni Koisuru Futari (Synonyms), HGに恋するふたり (Synonyms), High Grade ni Koisuru Futari (Synonyms), Two Girls in Love with High Grade Model Kits (Synonyms), Two People in Love with HG (Synonyms)

Adult Female Lead Adult Protagonist Advertising Age Gap Androgynous Female Lead Brother-Sister Relationship Childish Female Lead Crossover Cute Female Lead Cute Protagonist

Hi-fi Life

Hi-fi Life (Manga)

ハイファイライフ (Synonyms)


Age Gap Glasses-Wearing Male Lead

Hibari Chou 1 Choume no Jijou

Hibari Chou 1 Choume no Jijou (Manga)

雲雀町1丁目の事情 (Synonyms), 雲雀町1丁目の事情 (Synonyms), 히바리 1번가의사정 (Synonyms)

From vnsharring:Cheena is a bright girl who works for a living at Hibari Chou, one of the richest towns in Japan. Her mother passed away from an illness and now she lives alone with her father with a huge debt from his business failure. Cheena is worried about the expensive school fees, but when she talks to her teacher about it, she is reassured that an anonymous supporter has been paying all her fees! Who could it be?

Age Gap Economics Past Plays a Big Role Rich Kid/s

Hibi Koikoi

Hibi Koikoi (Manga)

Hibi Renren (Synonyms), Ни дня без любви (Russian) (Synonyms), 日々恋々 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Bishounen Childhood Love Collection of Stories Love Confession/s Pottery Student-Student Relationship Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher/s Twin/s

Hidamari to Bentou Danshi to

Hidamari to Bentou Danshi to (Manga)

Under the Sunlight with Bentou Boy (Synonyms), 和煦阳光和便当男孩 (Synonyms), 陽だまりとべんとう男子と (Synonyms)

Nonomura Heita, a high-schooler, takes care of the last boarder left at his grandfather's house after his grandmother passed away. The boarder is a translator named Miharu, who insists that Heita make a bentou for him every day. Should such a wifely duty be given to a high school boy? Or will the duties someday go beyond just making bentou?

Absent Parent/s Age Gap Bento Caring Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Seme Housekeeping Landlord/Landlady Older Seme Younger Uke Tenant/s Time Skip

Hidoi Otoko.

Hidoi Otoko. (Manga)

Hidoi Otoko (AOI Akira) (Synonyms), Unchanging Man (Synonyms), 酷い男。 (Synonyms)

Tsubasa and Eiji have been dating for over 2 years, but their bedroom action hasn't progressed very much. Eiji, a man in his thirties with unmet sexual needs, has been using a substitute, waiting for the day when Tsubasa wants to go all the way. Tsubasa, being younger, fears that his inexperience will turn Eiji away. Can these two come to an agreement in the bedroom? And why is Tsubasa in the living room naked with cat ears?

Affectionate Seme Age Gap Attempted Rape Businessman / Businesswoman Cheating/Infidelity Older Seme Younger Uke Possessive Lover/s Rich Lover/s Short-Tempered Protagonist Student/s

Hidoi Otoko (SUMOTO Amu)

Hidoi Otoko (SUMOTO Amu) (Manga)

ヒドイ男 (すもと亜夢) (Synonyms)


4-koma/Yonkoma Age Gap Apartment Life Cheating/Infidelity Childhood Friend/s Christmas Collection of Stories Country Bumpkin Moves to City Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Government Agency


Higasa-chan (Manga)

An jenem sonnigen Tag (German) (Synonyms), 日傘ちゃん (Synonyms)

During a particularly hot day, Seth casually helps Minato, who got into trouble at the park. Seth, a local foreigner, is famous for walking around with a woman’s parasol and he is dubbed as The Parasol King. From then on, Minato calls Seth "Parasol".Gradually, the two drift closer together…

Age Gap Blushing Male Lead Dead Lover/s Death of Loved One/s Summer Umbrella/s

Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshikousei o Hirou. (Novel)

Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshikousei o Hirou. (Novel) (Novel)

HigeHiro (Novel) (Synonyms), I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home. (Novel) (Synonyms), حلقت فجلبت فتاة مدرسة ثانوية إلى المنزل. (رواية) (Synonyms), ひげひろ (小説) (Synonyms), ひげを剃る。そして女子高生を拾う。 (小説) (Synonyms)

21st Century Adapted to Anime Age Gap Cohabitation High School Student/s Japan Salaryman School Girl/s

Hige to Haihiiru: 42 Otoko to 23 Onna no Koi Monogatari

Hige to Haihiiru: 42 Otoko to 23 Onna no Koi Monogatari (Manga)

Beard and High Heels (Synonyms), 髭とハイヒール~42男と23女の恋物語~ (Synonyms)


Age Gap Female Demographic with Male Author Older Male Younger Female

Highway, Yoru ga Aketa nara

Highway, Yoru ga Aketa nara (Manga)

Highway, When the Dawn Comes (Synonyms), Highway, Yoru ga Aketanara (Synonyms), ハイウェイ、夜が明けたなら (Synonyms)

Chizuru likes one of the regular customers at her convenience store job. He's a truck driver. She doesn't know his name, but wonders what places he's seen... In addition to the title story Highway, When the Dawn Comes, which tells the sensitive tale of Chizuru's one-sided love, there are three more stories in this collection that will move any young girl's heart.

Age Gap Bus Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Height Difference Neighbor/s Older Female Younger Male Short Female Lead Tall Male Lead Trucker/s

Hime no Tame nara Shineru

Hime no Tame nara Shineru (Manga)

I would die for the princess (Synonyms), Kimi no Tame nara Shineru (Synonyms), Kimino Tamenara Shineru (Synonyms), 妾愿为君亡 (Synonyms), 姫のためなら死ねる (Synonyms)

The 27-year-old Shonagon, depicted here as a sort of medieval NEET, manages to land a job as the private tutor of a beautiful and refined 13-year-old, Princess Teishi. There are also a number of other quirky court ladies, some of whom have their eyes on Shonagon.

4-koma/Yonkoma Age Gap Courtesan/s Heian Era Love at First Sight NEET Quirky Characters Student-Tutor Relationship Tsundere Writer/s

Himegoto ~The Adult Virgin and the Experienced High Schooler~

Himegoto ~The Adult Virgin and the Experienced High Schooler~ (Manga)

ヒメゴト~処女社会人と非処女JK~ (Synonyms)

A small collection of yuri manga by Shimizu Hikarino.

Age Gap Coming Out of the Closet


Himikoi (Manga)

Himi Koi (Synonyms), Secret Love (Robiko) (Synonyms), ひみこい (Synonyms), 秘恋 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Collection of Stories Ex-Girlfriend First Kiss Forbidden Love High School In Love with Family Member Older Male Younger Female Stepsibling Love Unrequited Love