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Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Investigation/s Crime/s Genius/es Age Transformation Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s

Obaachan wa Idol

Obaachan wa Idol (Manga)

Grandma's an Idol (Synonyms), Granny Idol (Synonyms), Granny's an Idol (Synonyms), Obaa-chan ha Idol (Synonyms), Obaa-chan wa Idol (Synonyms), おばあちゃんはアイドル (Synonyms), 奶奶十六歲 (Synonyms)

Age Transformation Grandmother/s Idol/s Old to Young Showbiz

Otona ni Nuts

Otona ni Nuts (Manga)

Growing Up Nuts (Synonyms), Instant Teen - Just Add Nuts (Synonyms), Nuts to Make You Grow (Synonyms), Pika-aikuinen (Synonyms), Zaubernüsse für Natsumi (Synonyms), おとなにナッツ (Synonyms), 豆蔻丫头 (Synonyms)

Age Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Elementary School Male Lead Falls in Love First Model/s Out of Print in English Scientific Transformation/s Student/s

Hana to Shokutaku

Hana to Shokutaku (Manga)

A Flower and a Table (Synonyms), 花と食卓 (Synonyms)

At a house with blooming Japanese Stewartia, the one Natsumi meets is…?

Age Gap Age Transformation Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Divorced Parent/s Flower/s Loneliness Older Male Younger Female Transfer Student/s Vampire/s

31 Ai Dream

31 Ai Dream (Manga)

31 I Dream (Synonyms), 31☆idream ย้อนวัยคืนฝัน (Synonyms), 31☆ย้อนวัยคืนฝัน (Synonyms), 31☆アイドリーム (Synonyms), 31☆아이드림 (Synonyms), 31岁☆I dream (Synonyms), 31歲☆I dream (Synonyms), El sueño a los 31 (Synonyms), Idol Dreams (TANEMURA Arina) (Synonyms), Thirty one I dream (Synonyms), thirty one idream (Synonyms), Мечты в 31 (Synonyms)

A 31-year-old woman dreams of returning to her high-school days. She was the class president and the idol of the school. However, she did not have the courage to reply to the boy she loved back in high school. After a high-school reunion, she decides to commit suicide upon finding out that the boy she loved back then is with another woman now. She was saved by her classmate and given a medicine that can revert her back to how she was when she was 15..., but as a 15-year-old idol?

Office Worker/s Potion/s Second Chances Showbiz Age Transformation Attempted Suicide Female Author First Love Idol/s Love Triangle/s

Emiri ni Omakase

Emiri ni Omakase (Manga)

Leave It to Emily (Synonyms), Leave It to Emiri (Synonyms), えみりにおまかせ (Synonyms)

From ShoujoMagic:Story 1: Leave It to EmiriMiyasaka Emiri is in the third grade, and she's in love with the school doctor, Dr. Kawata. Can the power of love help her bridge a 14-year age difference - physically!?Story 2: The Lord and the Lamb

Age Gap Age Transformation Brother and Sister Brother-Sister Relationship Elementary School Elementary-school student/s Student-Adult Relationship Student-School Doctor Relationship

Ero Meruhen - Goin ni Amaku... Futari no Kare Kara Semerarete

Ero Meruhen - Goin ni Amaku... Futari no Kare Kara Semerarete (Manga)

Erotic Fairy Tales: Sweet Going... Torn Between Two Lovers (Synonyms), えろ◆めるへん ゴーインに甘く…ふたりの愛人から責められて (Synonyms)

From :Lady Grey and Lize have known each other since childhood. Lately, Lady Grey has started to feel things have gone stale between them. Wishing to feel excited and extravagant in a relationship she wakes up to a blessing ... or is it a curse?

Age Transformation Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Married Couple Old to Young Sex Addict/s Young to Old

Eroge no Sao Ojisan ni Tensei shiteshimatta

Eroge no Sao Ojisan ni Tensei shiteshimatta (Manga)

エロゲの竿おじさんに転生してしまった (Synonyms)

MC dies from masturbating too hard and reincarnates into the VR eroge he was playing. He is Sao Jisansuke, an old man sao character whose purpose is to NTR the protagonist. Whenever lewd things are about to happen, he will always turn into an old man. To fix this bug, he must collect the magic rings that the heroines (perverts) possess.Sao: a role that serves little purpose outside of erotic events.

Age Transformation Old to Young Reincarnated in a Game World

Kage ni Saku Hana

Kage ni Saku Hana (Manga)

A Flower Blooming in Shadows (Synonyms), Children Dream Adult Dreams (Synonyms), 影に咲く花 (Synonyms)

From :In the peaceful period of the early Edo period, people lived in fear of Shadow Beasts that consumed the heart of the people. Exorcists and hunters use their abilities to rid of the beasts, and when a young exorcist named Hibana, puts herself in a reckless battle against the Shadow Beasts, she is rescued by lone Hunter, Tsugumi, causing the beginning of a romantic adventure.

Age Transformation Dead Family Member/s Edo Period Exorcism Hunter/s Mononoke Strong Male Lead Subtle Romance Swordsman Troubled Protagonist

Kiss ni Juuzoku

Kiss ni Juuzoku (Manga)

Connected with a Kiss (Synonyms), Depend on a Kiss (Synonyms), Kisu ni Jyuuzoku (Synonyms), Nil no Koi Mahoujin (Synonyms), キスに従属 (Synonyms), 溫暖的親吻 (Synonyms)

In the middle of an escape, Lilith, the head of a group of thieves, is injured. She is rescued by the young aristocrat Jean Rhode, but in exchange for being nursed back to health, he demands that she pay him with kisses!Includes the short story (Nil's Magic Circle of Love):Nil, a 5th grader in an academy of magic falls in love with Kowloon, her scary-looking upperclassman. Will she be able to pluck up the courage to ask him to the academy’s dance party? She might need magic to give her a helping hand…

Age Gap Age Transformation Aristocrat/s Delinquent/s Handsome Male Lead Imprisonment Independent Female Lead Possessive Lover/s Strong Female Lead Thief/ves

Neko ga Nishi Mukya

Neko ga Nishi Mukya (Manga)

Cats are facing West (Synonyms), Face West, Young Cats! (Synonyms), If the Cat Faces West (Synonyms), Neko ga Nishimukya (Synonyms), West-Facing Cats (Synonyms), 猫が西向きゃ (Synonyms)

The story, set in a world with a mysterious phenomenon known as "flow," centers around two people--and one cat--who make a living dealing with it.

Age Regression Age Transformation Atypical Art Style Calm Female Lead Cat/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Laid-back Male Lead Male Demographic with Female Author Mysterious Elements Old to Young

Norowareta Yoru no Soleil

Norowareta Yoru no Soleil (Manga)

Cursed Night Sun (Synonyms), 呪われた夜の太陽 (Synonyms)

Age Regression Age Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Curse/s Magician/s Old to Young Short Haircut Special Lineage Wizard/s

Super Express Hiyokko

Super Express Hiyokko (Manga)

Cho Tokkyu Hiyokko (Synonyms), Chou Tokkyuu Hiyokko (Synonyms), 超特急☆雏 (Synonyms)

Sakura is a child who appears simple, but has a crush on her friend's big brother. A tragedy suddenly occurs, drastically changing her life, but to a good turn! A magical item appears to give our heroine the chance of her lifetime by turning her into an adult. But alas, how long can her fantasy last and how will it proceed on from there...?

Accident/s Age Gap Age Transformation Dead Family Member/s Heaven Magic Magic Item/s Older Male Younger Female Wish/es

Tora-san to Ookami-san

Tora-san to Ookami-san (Manga)

--トラさんと狼さんシリーズ-- (Synonyms), Chibi Tora-san no Daibouken (Synonyms), Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf (Synonyms), Owari Tora-san to Ookami-san (Synonyms), Scarf and Fox (Synonyms), Scarf to Kitsune (Synonyms), Tiger and Wolf (Synonyms), Tiger and Wolf Series (Synonyms), Tora Onii-san to Wanko-san (Synonyms), Tora san to Ookami san (Synonyms), V.1 -トラさんと狼さん (Synonyms), V.2 -トラ兄さんとワンコさん (Synonyms), V.3 - 続トラさんと狼さん (Synonyms), V.4 - 終 トラさんと狼さん (Synonyms), V.5 - ちびトラさんの大冒険 (Synonyms), V.6 - スカーフとキツネ (Synonyms), Zoku Tora-san to Ookami-san (Synonyms), 小虎與小狼 (Synonyms)

From DMP:When a tsundere wolf finds an adorable kitten, he thinks he has found the perfect wife candidate to bring up. But when it reaches adulthood, it is not only male, but rather unexpectedly is a huge Bengal tiger...In the (Tiger and Wolf) series:V.1 - V.2 - V.3 - (published in English as Mr. Tiger and Mr. Wolf 2)V.4 - V.5 - V.6 - (Scarf and Fox)

Adapted to Drama CD Age Transformation Alternating POV Animal Characteristics Anthropomorphism Bad Experiences Older Uke Younger Seme Outdoor Intercourse Tiger/s Wolf/Wolves

Urashima Ryuuguu Emaki

Urashima Ryuuguu Emaki (Manga)

Chàng trai đến từ quá khứ (Synonyms), Urashima Ryugu Emaki (Synonyms), Urashima Ryukyuu Emaki (Synonyms), Urashima Ryuuguuemaki (Synonyms), 浦岛龙宫绘卷 (Synonyms), 浦島龍宮絵巻 (Synonyms)

Shiono was swimming in the sea one day, when a strange man grabbed her ankle. This is no ordinary man. He changes into a boy and then into a teenager. Just what she needs when she is trying to win the love of her school mate...

Age Transformation Childhood Friend/s Crush/es High School Student/s Japanese Folklore Long-Haired Male Character/s Perverted Male Lead Small Town Tomboy/s Unorthodox Male Love Interest

Kami-sama Damono

Kami-sama Damono (Manga)

Because I am the Goddess (Synonyms), Because I'm the Goddess (Synonyms), Kamisama Damono (Synonyms), Ведь я богиня (Synonyms), 神様だもの (Synonyms), 迷糊女神 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Goddess Pandora was sent to Earth to collect "gifts" that were spread among humans. She has a nice body that can tempt anyone who looks at her, but when she uses her powers, she shrinks to a young girl's body. The only way to gain her power back is to kiss her reluctant peon, Aoi.Loosely based on Greek myth.

Age Transformation Androgynous Protagonist God-Human Relationship Goddess/es Godly Powers Mythology Naive Female Lead Strong Male Lead Transformation/s Unorthodox Female Love Interest

Kenketsu Rush

Kenketsu Rush (Manga)

Blood Rush (Synonyms), 吸血小情人 (Synonyms), 献血ラッシュ (Synonyms)

From :High school student Asahi is forced to provide blood to a childlike vampire Hikato, and becomes his "temporary" mother, until he reverts to his original self. When Asahi finds out that Hikato stayed behind to protect the human world, how will her thoughts towards him change….!?

Age Transformation Animal Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Bat/s Human Becomes Demon/Monster Human-Nonhuman Relationship Promise/s Sudden Appearance Transformation/s Vampire/s

My Cursed Prince Charming

My Cursed Prince Charming (Manhua)

Bian Shen Zu Shou (Synonyms), 变身诅咒 (Synonyms)

My Prince Charming can shift?! Actually, even if he transformed into the Ultraman who beats monsters, I’d accept him still as long as he’s my prince. But I never thought that my prince would actually shift into that kind of creature!Source: MangaToon

Accident/s Age Transformation Caring Female Lead Curse/s Full Color Helpful Female Lead Secret Relationship Special Body Special Lineage Unlucky Protagonist

Akuma no You na Hanamuko

Akuma no You na Hanamuko (Manga)

Akuma no You na Anata (KAGAMI Eri) (Synonyms), Akuma no You na Hanamuko (Anata) (Synonyms), Mein verfluchter Bräutigam (German) (Synonyms), รักร้ายนายปีศาจ (Thai) (Synonyms), 恶魔般的新郎 (Synonyms), 悪魔のような花婿 (Synonyms), 惡魔般的花婿 (Synonyms)

From :Baron Spring's only daughter Juliet gave up on marrying because of a certain reason, but an unforeseen suitor shows up! The partner is the noble Earl Basil family's head, William Basil. But there's a certain scary rumor about the Basil family and...?!

Age Transformation Aristocrat/s Arranged Marriage Based on a Novel European Ambiance Handsome Male Lead Nobility Old to Young Older Female Lead Tall Female Lead