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Futari no Ochi

Futari no Ochi (Manga)

Futari no Ouchi (Synonyms), Secret sweet home (Synonyms), ふたりのおうち (Synonyms)


21st Century Abusive Parent/s Alcohol Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Child Abuse Cohabitation Construction Worker/s Cunnilingus

Futari Solo Camp

Futari Solo Camp (Manga)

Solo Camping for Two (Synonyms), Соло кемпинг на двоих (Synonyms), ふたりソロキャンプ (Synonyms)

Kinokura Gen loves camping solo. He enjoys the quiet solitude away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and being able to appreciate nature all by himself. But on one camping trip, his solitude is broken by the appearance of Kusano Shizuku, a young woman who wanted to camp solo herself, but is ill-prepared and completely out of her league. While he tries to to get her to go home so he can camp in peace, she refuses, and stubbornly insists on accompanying him on future camping trips until she's ready to camp solo. Thus Gen and Shizuku's days of solo camping together begin.

21st Century Alcohol Bearded Protagonist Camping Cooking Japan Loner Protagonist Nature Older Male Younger Female Quirky Characters

Fuyou Kareshi

Fuyou Kareshi (Manga)

Sei mein Gigolo (Synonyms), 「フヨウ彼氏」 (Synonyms), 抚养男友 (Synonyms)

From Exiled Rebels Scanlations:Suzuki, who works at a retail store for interior goods, is ordered to change stores. Suzuki was not successful at getting along with his boss at the new workplace, but he became familiar with the transport company's employee, Irie, who was always entering and leaving Suzuki's workplace. Often, after work, the two went drinking together.One day, when Suzuki was drinking with Irie, suddenly he was pushed down and told: "Be my sugar baby"...!?

Affectionate Seme Alcohol Bathroom/s Collection of Stories Fever Hard-Working Protagonist High School High School Student/s Office Worker/s Rich Seme

Chichi no Koyomi

Chichi no Koyomi (Manga)

A Journal Of My Father (Synonyms), Al tempo di papà (Synonyms), Die Sicht der Dinge (Synonyms), El almanaque de mi padre (Synonyms), Le Journal de mon père (Synonyms), My Father's Almanac (Synonyms), My Father's Journal (Synonyms), O Diário do meu Pai (Synonyms), 父の暦 (Synonyms), 父之曆 (Synonyms)

20th Century Alcohol Brother and Sister Death of Loved One/s Divorced Parent/s Dog/s Elaborate Art Style Family Family Drama Single Father


Enemigo (Manga)

エネミーゴ (Synonyms)

From MAL:After dictatorship and civil war the South Amercian country, Nascencio, has an ambitious project to make jungle into farming land, which is commissioned to the Japanese company Seshimo.The company's chief, Yuji Seshimo, gets kidnapped while on an inspection tour into the land. Kenichi, a New York noir-style private detective, goes to find his brother...

20th Century Alcohol America Antihero / Antiheroine Betrayal Blood and Gore Brother/s Conspiracy/ies Dark Ambience Death of Loved One/s

Evangelion dj - Sono Ato no Evangelion

Evangelion dj - Sono Ato no Evangelion (Doujinshi)

Evangelion dj - Epilogue of Evangelion (Synonyms), Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - The Epilogue of Evangelion (Synonyms), Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - The Epilogue of Evangelion: Love (Synonyms), Sonogo no EVANGELION: Ai (Synonyms), その後のEVANGELION (Synonyms), その後のEVANGELION:愛 (Synonyms)

The epilogue of EvangelionEpilogue of Evangelion: Love is a compilation of the previous 23 volumes, which is 703 pages long.

Alcohol Alice in Wonderland Apocalypse Character Growth Christmas Friends Become Lovers Journey Slow Romance Tsundere Wedding

Kodoku no Gourmet

Kodoku no Gourmet (Manga)

Der Gourmet – Von der Kunst allein zu genießen (Synonyms), El Gourmet Solitario (Synonyms), Gourmet (Synonyms), Kodoku no Gurume (Synonyms), Le Gourmet Solitaire (Synonyms), O Gourmet Solitário (Synonyms), Samotny Smakosz (Synonyms), Solitary Gourmet (Synonyms), The Solitary Gourmand (Synonyms), The Solitary Gourmet (Synonyms), 孤独のグルメ (Synonyms), 孤独的美食家 (Synonyms)

20th Century Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Alcohol Bar/s Baseball Breakup/s Cooking Food Vacation

Minna Kyou mo Genki

Minna Kyou mo Genki (Doujinshi)

Everyone is Good Today (Synonyms), Everyone's Good Today (Synonyms), みんな今日も元気 (Synonyms)

Includes shorts from Chintsubu, Mukuchi na Koi no Tsutaekata, Saa Koi ni Ochitamae, and Benriya-san.


Toubou Kinshi!

Toubou Kinshi! (Manga)

Don't Escape! (Synonyms), Fleeing is Forbidden! (Synonyms), No Running Away! (Synonyms), 逃亡禁止! (Synonyms)

Alcohol Animal Characteristics Collection of Stories Coworker/s Dense When It Comes To Love Dubious Consent Fetish/es Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Vampire/s

Tsui no Sumika

Tsui no Sumika (Manga)

Death's Den (Synonyms), 終のすみか (Synonyms)


21st Century Adultery Alcohol Attempted Rape Bathroom Intercourse Big Breasts Blackmail Borderline H Breastfeeding Caught in the Act

Utsuutsu Hideo Nikki

Utsuutsu Hideo Nikki (Manga)

Journal d'une dépression (Synonyms), Melancholy Hideo Diary (Synonyms), The Diary of Gloomy Hideo (Synonyms), Utsuutsu Hide Onikki (Synonyms), UtsuUtsu Hideo Diary (Synonyms), Utsuutsuhi de Onikki (Synonyms), うつうつひでお日記 (Synonyms), うつうつひでお日記 その後 (Synonyms)


Alcohol Alcoholic Bad Habits Biography / Autobiography Comic Artist/s Comic Industry Depression Lifestyle Change Mid-Life Crisis Poverty

Hataraku Saibou BLACK

Hataraku Saibou BLACK (Manga)

Cells at Work! CODE BLACK (Synonyms), Клетки за работой BLACK (Synonyms), เซลล์ขยันพันธุ์เดือด BLACK (Synonyms), はたらく細胞BLACK (Synonyms), 工作细胞BLACK (Synonyms)

In this new spinoff of the hit manga, a newbie Red Blood Cell is one of 37 trillion working to keep this body running. But something’s wrong! Stress hormones keep yelling at him to go faster. The blood vessels are crusted over with cholesterol. Ulcers, fatty liver, trouble (ahem) downstairs… It’s hard for a cell to keep working when every day is a CODE BLACK!Supervised by .

Alcohol Anthropomorphism Biology Disease Drug/s Educational Edutainment Male Protagonist Real Life Facts Violence

Kurando (OZE Akira)

Kurando (OZE Akira) (Manga)

Claude (Synonyms), クロード (Synonyms), 蔵人 (Synonyms)



Saigo no Door wo Shimero!

Saigo no Door wo Shimero! (Manga)

Close the Last Door (Synonyms), Close your last door (Synonyms), Saigo no Doa wo Shimero! (Synonyms), 停驻你心门 (Synonyms), 最後のドアを閉めろ! (Synonyms), 최후의 문을 닫아라! (Synonyms)

From DMP:What would you do if your crush of many years suddenly got married?After attending his beloved Saitoh's wedding, broken-hearted Nagai gets a little too drunk for his own good and lands himself in a hotel room with the bride's guest, Honda. To top things off, just when he thought he was getting over things he finds out that newlywed Saitoh's bride has run away. What will become of this developing love-triangle?

Adapted to Anime Alcohol Bickering Love Bisexual Character/s Drunken Intercourse Ex-Girlfriend Love Triangle/s Partially Adapted to Anime Salaryman Unexpressed Feeling/s

Secret Area

Secret Area (Manga)

Carry the Day (Synonyms), Daring Signal (Synonyms), Feel so Good (TAKAKURA Row) (Synonyms), Our Practical Love Guide (Synonyms), Our Practical Romance Guide (Synonyms), Red Angel (TAKAKURA Row) (Synonyms), Secret area―禁猟区 (Synonyms), Slow Step (TAKAKURA Row) (Synonyms)

Collection of oneshots:1) Feel so Good2) Carry the Day3) Daring Signal4) Red Angel5) Our Practical Romance GuideA company worker is dragged by his drunk collegue into a host club where he meets the pretty #1 host.6) Slow Step

Age Gap Alcohol Businessman / Businesswoman Collection of Stories Cute Uke Half-Japanese Host Club Host/Hostess Housekeeper Salaryman

Tsumi to Batsu

Tsumi to Batsu (Manga)

Crime and Punishment (MAN F Gatarou) (Synonyms), Преступление и наказание (Synonyms), 罪と罰 (漫☆画太郎) (Synonyms)

Follow Ebizou, a self-proclaimed genius, in his attempts to murder the old pawn-broker lady who called him a retard.This manga is a parody of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel of the same name.

21st Century Alcohol Atypical Art Style Borderline H Child Prostitute/s Murder/s Old Woman Prostitute/s Prostitution Russia


Cocktail (Manga)

カクテル (Synonyms)



Kegare no uta

Kegare no uta (Manga)

Ballad of Taint (Synonyms), Poetry of Ran (Synonyms), ケガレノウタ (Synonyms)

In order to deal with karma demons, monsters which devour people and become corrupted by "taint," villages call Taintspawn, humans who choose to kill karma demons, although it means absorbing the "taint" of their prey. Torie, a young bard struggling to compose songs comes across an awkward taintspawn named Ran during her travels and decides to travel with him in order to write a song.

Alcohol Awkward Male Lead Bard/s Curse/s Demon Hunter/s Demon/s Loner Protagonist Monster Hunter/s Strong Male Lead Travelling Female and Male Pair

Meitei Sumire-san.

Meitei Sumire-san. (Manga)

Badly-Drunk-Sumire-san (Synonyms), Meitei Sumire-san (Synonyms), 酩酊すみれさん。 (Synonyms), 만취 스미레 (Synonyms)


Alcohol Big Breasts Borderline H Drunk Nudity Office Lady Personality Change/s Shameless Female Lead

Mugi no Mahoutsukai

Mugi no Mahoutsukai (Manga)

Mugi no Mahou Tsukai (Synonyms), The Barley Witch (Synonyms), The Wheat Witch (Synonyms), 麦の魔法使い (Synonyms)

From :In a certain country, drinking fresh water can be dangerous, and beer is brewed as a result. Freia, a young girl who hopes to become a master brewmeister, travels with her beer-loving companion Kater in search of a sparkling, golden beer.

Adult Protagonist Alcohol Beer Brewing Journey Strong Female Lead Subtle Romance Travelling Female and Male Pair Unusual Hobby/Interest