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Futago no Teikoku

Futago no Teikoku (Manga)

The Twin Empires (Synonyms), Империи-близнецы (Synonyms), 双子の帝國 (Synonyms), 双子之帝国 (Synonyms)

The story takes place during the 2595th year of the Ko (Light) Era. Ko, the country of the rising sun, invaded several countries and war rages. Its territory does not stop growing and in heaven, the battleships are a legion. Gaw, a young immigrant boy, and Fa, a mysterious young girl, will find themselves embarking on this "war."

Airplane/s Alternate Reality Alternative Future Antihero / Antiheroine Curse/s Genocide Magic Military Swordsman War/s

Evangelion dj - Happy End of Evangelion

Evangelion dj - Happy End of Evangelion (Doujinshi)

Happy End Of Evangelion Soushuuhen (Synonyms), Happy End Of Evangelion 総集編 (Synonyms), Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - Happy End of Evangelion (Synonyms)

Happy End of EvangelionIt's Compilation of the story Evangelion if the Ending is Happy

Alternative Future


Examurai (Manga)

Eguzamurai (Synonyms), Examurai Joshou (Synonyms), エグザムライ (Synonyms), 被流放的武士 (Synonyms)

Alternative Future Appearance Different from Actual Age Hot-Blooded Male Lead Monster Hunter/s Monster/s Optimistic Protagonist Rings Strong Male Lead Super Powers Team

Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven: New Order

Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven: New Order (Manga)

Eureka Seven - New Order (Synonyms), Eureka Seven: New Order (Synonyms), Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven- New Order (Synonyms), 交響詩篇エウレカセブン ニュー・オーダー (Synonyms)

An alternate retelling of the end of Eureka seveN, in which Eureka attempts to give her memories to the Scub Coral, to prevent the breaching of the Limit of Questions.

Alternative Future Based on an Anime

Mori Xingguang

Mori Xingguang (Manhua)

Doomsday Starlight (Synonyms), The End Days of Light (Synonyms), 末日星光 (Synonyms)

Aliens? Magicians? These beings appear in front superpower users who trust science? What is the Goddess of Death that fell from the sky? I only know she's cute!

Alien/s Alternative Future ESP Shinigami

Kapsel Jodtinktur

Kapsel Jodtinktur (Manga)

Capsule Jodtinktur (Synonyms), Capsule Tincture of Iodine (Synonyms), カプセル・ヨードチンキ (Synonyms)

The 2011 Libre edition is a revised version of the original story serialized in Biblos' Magazine Zero.

Alternative Future Cyberpunk Hacker/s Power Struggle Strong Male Lead

Kapsel Jodtinktur X

Kapsel Jodtinktur X (Manga)

Capsule Jodtinktur X (Synonyms), Capsule Tincture of Iodine X (Synonyms), カプセル・ヨードチンキX (Synonyms)


Alternative Future Cyberpunk Strong Male Lead

Nana Toshi Monogatari

Nana Toshi Monogatari (Manga)

Nana-toshi Mono-gatari (Synonyms), Seven Cities Story (Synonyms), The Chronicle of Seven Cities (Synonyms), История семи городов (Synonyms), ななとしものがたり (Synonyms), 七都市物語 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Alternative Future Based on a Novel Battle/s Future Military Naval Warfare Navy Politics Post-Apocalyptic

Concrete Revolutio - Choujin Gensou

Concrete Revolutio - Choujin Gensou (Manga)

Concrete Revolutio (Synonyms), Concrete Revolutio - Superhero Fantasy (Synonyms), コンクリート・レボルティオ~超人幻想~ (Synonyms)

Alien/s Alternate Reality Alternative Future Based on an Anime Cyborg/s Detective/s Ghost/s Mad Scientist/s Magical Girl/s Piloted Robots

Ashita, Kimi ni Aetara

Ashita, Kimi ni Aetara (Manga)

If We Can Meet Tomorrow (Synonyms), Tomorrow, I will tell you, "I love you" (Synonyms), Завтра, я скажу тебе: "Я люблю тебя" (Synonyms), 如果,明天遇見你 (Synonyms), 如果,明天遇见你 (Synonyms), 明日、きみに会えたら (Synonyms), 晴朗的早晨 (Synonyms)

A 14-year-old is going to confess to her senpai who is graduating. The next morning, she wakes up as a 29-year-old single woman, living with 3 sisters: a high schooler, a middle schooler and an elementary schooler.

Alternative Future Childhood Friend/s Older Female Younger Female Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Time Traveler/s

Asuka @ Miraikei

Asuka @ Miraikei (Manga)

Asuka @ Future (Synonyms), Asuka @ future system (Synonyms), Asuka at Miraikei (Synonyms), Asuka@Future.Come (Synonyms), Asuka@Miraikei (Synonyms), アスカ@未来系 (Synonyms), アスカ@未来系 (Synonyms), 轉校生@未來系 (Synonyms), 转校生@未来系 (Synonyms)

A boy from the future meets a girl from the present. Together they are destined to save the world.

Alternative Future Middle School Student/s Old-Style Drawings Saving the World Special Ability/ies Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead Subtle Romance Time Traveler/s Transfer Student/s