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Futari no Roku Shuukan

Futari no Roku Shuukan (Manga)

Futari no Rokushuukan (Synonyms), The Apartment (Synonyms), ふたりの六週間 (Synonyms)

When Hilary got a place on the San Francisco Symphony as a flute player, she decides to move into her own place to escape her restricted life with her over-protective mother. Although excited at her new found freedom, it doesn't last for long. The next morning, the quiche she left in the fridge for breakfast was gone, her milk had been used and an unfamiliar bag was in the living room! As she stood confused, a handsome man she had never seen before appeared in front of her and says to her angrily "what are you doing in my house?"

America Apartment Life Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Cohabitation Flute Harlequin Live-in Lover Opposites Attract Overprotective Parent/s

Futaribocchi Sensou

Futaribocchi Sensou (Manga)

Arcanum (French) (Synonyms), Cuộc chiến chỉ của riêng hai ta (Synonyms), Futari Bocchi Sensou (Synonyms), Our Lonely War (Synonyms), Наша одинокая война (Synonyms), ふたりぼっち戦争 (Synonyms), 孤独两人的战争 (Synonyms)

Ten years ago an attack by giant monsters called Idola floating in the sky leveled Washington D.C. and awakened humanity to the existence of other life forms. It took years to develop a measure to counter them, via humanoid Idola-derived robots that are controlled by pilots via brain waves.Ilya Kravitz is a young wheelchair-bound kid and prospective pilot taking the pilot examination who lives alone with his sister Anna Kravitz in New York City. Will he manage to fulfill his dream of becoming a Pilot? How will he fare against the Idola?

America American Ambient Brother and Sister Disability/ies Forced Transformation Humanoid/s Hybrid/s Monster/s Scientific Transformation/s Transformation/s

Nihonkoku Daitouryou Sakurasaka Mantarou

Nihonkoku Daitouryou Sakurasaka Mantarou (Manga)

Nipponkoku Daitouryou Sakurasaka Mantarou (Synonyms), The First President of Japan (Synonyms), The President of Japan Sakurasaka Mantarou (Synonyms), 日本国大統領 桜坂満太郎 (Synonyms)

America English Company Closed Before Completing Politician/s Politics President

Sayonara Nippon

Sayonara Nippon (Manga)

Sayonara Japan (Synonyms), Farewell Japan (Synonyms), さよならにっぽん (Synonyms)

The experiences of two Japanese people who move to the US; one a judo teacher, the other a guitarist.

America Jazz Judo Karate Lifestyle Change Money Problems Murder/s Music Music Band/s Music Business

Fugo Ga Nokoshita Ano Yoru No Akashi

Fugo Ga Nokoshita Ano Yoru No Akashi (Manga)

His Pregnant Princess Bride (Synonyms), 富豪が残したあの夜の証 (Synonyms)

Erika, a princess of a small country in Northern Europe, is traveling to America. She needs to tell billionaire Gervais that she’s pregnant with his child. Three months ago, Erika met him in England and they spent a night together. She never intended to see him again but feels obligated to inform him of the baby. She’s shocked when Gervais is delighted by the news and proposes to her. But as the fifth sibling in her family, she has no claim to the throne! What could Gervais possibly want with her?

America American Football Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Cohabitation Grandfather/s Independent Female Lead Marriage Proposal Military One-Night Stand

Chiaki Mukai

Chiaki Mukai (Manga)

Edu-manga: Chiaki Mukai (Synonyms), 向井千秋 (Synonyms), 向井千秋 日本人初の女性宇宙飛行士 (Synonyms)

America Astronaut/s Based on a Classic Biography / Autobiography Determined Protagonist Edutainment Historical Persons Iconic Character Japanese Society Outer Space


Eagle (Manga)

Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President (Synonyms), イーグル (Synonyms), 이글 (Synonyms), 이글 (Eagle) (Synonyms)

20th Century Adapted to Kdrama Adapted to Live Action America Attempted Murder Award-Nominated Work Corruption Dead Parent/s Death of Loved One/s Family


Eastcoast (Manhwa)

Soul to Seoul (Synonyms), 이스트 코스트 (Synonyms)

Kai and Spike are best of friends. They have a common background, the fact that they are both half Koreans. They both feel alone and mistreated, angry towards the world, and uncomfortable in their own house. One day in the middle of black Harlem, they accidentally encounter a Korean foreign student, Sunil, and both become interested in her...

Adoption America Assassin/s Best Friends Dead Family Member/s Family Gang/s Living Abroad New York Unrequited Love

Eidron Shadow

Eidron Shadow (Manga)

Eidolon Shadow (Synonyms), Eternal Apocalypse Eidolon Shadow (Synonyms), Yuukyuu Mokushiroku Eidoron Shadou (Synonyms), Yuukyuu Mokushiroku Eidron Shadow (Synonyms), エイドロンシャドー (Synonyms), 悠久默示录 (Synonyms), 悠久黙示録エイドロンシャド (Synonyms)

In the near future, after a comet-strike has devastated the Earth, the Eidrons and their Shadows appeared. When one of these Shadows - giant human-like robots - attacks a passenger plane, young and unsuspecting Leefa gets pulled into a secret war. Accused of summoning the Shadow, Leefa must prove her innocence - only to discover that she really is an Eidron! The Eidrons want to assert their supremacy over the human race, and Leefa must choose sides quickly. Which path will she follow?

America Big Breasts Borderline H Group Intercourse Japan LGBT Scenes Murder/s Nudity Rushed Ending / Axed Sex Addict/s

Eien o Sagashite

Eien o Sagashite (Manga)

Eien wo Sagashite (Synonyms), Honor's Promise (Synonyms), 永遠をさがして (Synonyms), 永遠を探して (Synonyms)

America Attempted Murder Based on a Novel Emotionally Strong Female Lead Family Drama Harlequin Inheritance Kidnapping/s Kind Male Lead Lost Child/ren

Eikyuu no Kikan

Eikyuu no Kikan (Manga)

Return of a Hero (Synonyms), 英雄の帰還 (Synonyms)

America Based on a Novel Harlequin

El Alamein no Shinden

El Alamein no Shinden (Manga)

El Alamein e Outras Batalhas (Brazilian Portuguese) (Synonyms), Temple of El Alamein (Synonyms), The Sanctuary at El Alamein (Synonyms), The Temple of El Alamein (Synonyms), エル・アラメインの神殿 (Synonyms)

The Temple of El Alamein is a compilation of short stories.• Seelöwe• Temple of El Alamein• Where Eagles Dare• Ardennes Forest• National Shame Manga

America Archeology Battleship Collection of Stories Death German/s Japan Mythology Soldier/s Tanks


Endevi (Manga)

Divines (Synonyms), Eniale & Dewiel (Synonyms), Eniale & Dewiela (Synonyms), Enidewi (Synonyms), エニデヴィ (Synonyms), 艾妮与迪薇 (Synonyms)

When Eniale the coy angel and Dewiela the serious devil get into frivolous spats, the whole world gets caught up in their antics! Whether it’s wrecking New York in a bid to nab some famous cosmetics, getting into a car chase in Paris over a clothing quarrel, or sinking Tokyo thanks to a zombie outbreak, it’s the advent of an otherworldly duo who are both beautiful and obnoxious!

America Angel/s Demon/s Fighter/s New York


Enemigo (Manga)

エネミーゴ (Synonyms)

From MAL:After dictatorship and civil war the South Amercian country, Nascencio, has an ambitious project to make jungle into farming land, which is commissioned to the Japanese company Seshimo.The company's chief, Yuji Seshimo, gets kidnapped while on an inspection tour into the land. Kenichi, a New York noir-style private detective, goes to find his brother...

20th Century Alcohol America Antihero / Antiheroine Betrayal Blood and Gore Brother/s Conspiracy/ies Dark Ambience Death of Loved One/s

Et Cetera

Et Cetera (Manga)

Etosetora (Synonyms), えとせとら (Synonyms)

Mingchao, Chinese youth and orphan, travels through the "Old West" with the hope of gaining glory and fame. She rapidly joins up with a suspicious priest, Baskerville, and together they head for Hollywood.Throughout their journey, they are harassed by tricksters and bandits. Mingchao's only memory of her late grandfather, one "Eto gun," appears to be on the minds of the troublemakers and supposedly gives significant power to the one that controls it.

America Chinese Girl Gun/s Gunfighter/s Western Zodiac

Kouryuu no Mimi

Kouryuu no Mimi (Manga)

Ear of the Golden Dragon (Synonyms), Kouryu no Mimi (Synonyms), 黄竜の耳 (Synonyms), 黄龍の耳 (Synonyms)

20th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to Game Adapted to OVA / OAV America Animal Cruelty Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Biker Gang

Rikiya Asai

Rikiya Asai (Manga)

Edu-manga: Rikiya Asai (Synonyms), 浅井力也 (Synonyms)

America Art Artist/s Based on a Classic Creative Male lead Determined Protagonist Disability/ies Edutainment Iconic Character Illness

Toudo no Tabibito

Toudo no Tabibito (Manga)

Der Wanderer im Eis (Synonyms), L'Homme de la toundra (French) (Synonyms), L'uomo della tundra (Synonyms), Taniguchi Jiro Kessakushu (Synonyms), The Ice Wanderer and Other Stories (Synonyms), Tōdo no Tabibito (Synonyms), Wędrowiec z tundry (Synonyms), 冻土的旅人 (Synonyms), 凍土の旅人 谷口ジロー傑作集 (Synonyms)

America Based on a Classic Based on a Novel Bear/s Collection of Stories Hiking Man versus Nature Nature Realistic Art Style Wolf/Wolves

Daauin Jihen

Daauin Jihen (Manga)

Darwin Jihen (Synonyms), Darwin's Incident (Synonyms), ダーウィン事変 (Synonyms)

The terrorist organization known as the Animal Liberation Alliance (ALA) attacked a biological research institute and rescued a pregnant chimpanzee. That chimpanzee gave birth to a "humanzee" (half-human, half-chimpanzee) who was named Charlie. After being raised by human parents for fifteen years, Charlie enters his first year of high school. There, he meets the intelligent but socially misunderstood Lucy.

America Animal Boy/s Animal Characteristics Half-Human High School High School Student/s Terrorist Attack Terrorist/s

Ikoku no Bara

Ikoku no Bara (Manga)

Craving Beauty (Synonyms), 異国の薔薇 (Synonyms)

Hira, a daughter of nobility in the desert kingdom of Zulheil, on the cusp of being forced into an unwanted marriage by her strict father, plans her escape. She asks Marc, the president of an American trading company, for help. “I’ll do anything for you… Just take me away from this country!” Marc is handsome and mysterious…and covered in scars. Hira falls for him at first sight—and then accepts his marriage proposal, even though she knows he wants her only for her beauty and lineage!

America American/s Arranged Marriage Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin Marriage of Convenience Married Couple Married Female Lead Married Male Lead