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Fushigi no Kuni de Aimashou

Fushigi no Kuni de Aimashou (Manga)

Let's Meet In Wonderland (Synonyms), Wonderland Date (Synonyms), 不思議の国で会いましょう (Synonyms), 在不可思議之國與你相會 (Synonyms)

Description by LuffyNoTomo:A boy named Alice falls down a well by running away from a bully, he chooses to fall instead of being saved and ended up back in wonderland. There he meets the hatter who tells him they are lovers! Alice has no memory of this but he regains it as time passes on. The white rabbit is in love with the hatter but the Cheshire Cat wants him to look at him instead.

Alice in Wonderland Amnesia Based on a Classic Jealousy King/s Multiple Romances Rival/s Royalty

Futari no Joanna

Futari no Joanna (Manga)

The Second Mrs Adams (Synonyms), The Second Mrs. Adams (Synonyms), ふたりのジョアンナ (Synonyms)

Amnesia Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin Married Couple

Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute

Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute (Manga)

Forcibly but Sweetly (Synonyms), Forcibly but Sweety (Synonyms), Forcibly but Sweety... (Synonyms), Spicy But Sweet (Synonyms), 強引だけど優しくて (Synonyms)

Age Gap Amnesia Blackmail Class Representative Dead Family Member/s Family Business Live-in Lover Possessive Lover/s Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher/s

Iiki no Ki

Iiki no Ki (Manga)

Demon from a Foreign Land (Synonyms), Demon from Afar (Synonyms), Devil from a Foreign Land (Synonyms), Devil of a Foreign Land (Synonyms), Devil's Lost Soul (French) (Synonyms), Foreign Land of Ogres (Synonyms), Iiki no Oni (Synonyms), Iiki Noki (Synonyms), 異域之鬼 (Synonyms)

From :This time travel period fantasy steeped in black magic is one of the newest works to come from the pen of Kaori Yuki, master of Gothic suspense. When Sorath is miraculously saved following a great earthquake and taken in by a sinister baron, he becomes ensnared in not only a romantic triangle, but also the dark secrets of the estate that becomes his new home.

Amnesia Contract/s Demon Child Demon/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Orphan/s Promise/s Time Skip Time Travel Tragic Past

Kimi no Kakera

Kimi no Kakera (Manga)

Fragment (French) (Synonyms), Fragments of You (Synonyms), LOOK FOR ONE PIECE. TO THE FUTURE OF YOURS. (Synonyms), Mảnh vỡ cuộc đời (Synonyms), Un frammento di te (Synonyms), Your Pieces (Synonyms), きみのカケラ (Synonyms), 失落的碎片 (Synonyms), 雪國的碎片 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Ancient Technology Ancient Weapons Coup d'etat Fallen Nobility Politics Involving Royalty Princess/es Royalty Sketchy Art Style Travel

Kingyo no Ubugoe

Kingyo no Ubugoe (Manga)

First Cry of the Goldfish (Synonyms), Первый крик Золотой Рыбки (Synonyms), 金魚の産声 (Synonyms)

"If your memory returns, I can no longer be with you"Tomohisa and Yuta live on a small island called Sato. In the past, Yuta lost his memory and returned to a state similar to that of an infant. He was helpless.While Tomohisa, for some reason, does not want his memory to return. What is he trying to hide?

Accident/s Amnesia Bad Parent/s Crime/s Dark Ambience Island/s Mental Regression Murderer/s Runaway/s Split Personality

Kioku o Kaeshite

Kioku o Kaeshite (Manga)

Forgotten Husband (Synonyms), Kioku wo Kaeshite (Synonyms), 記憶を返して (Synonyms)


Amnesia Based on a Novel Husband Married Couple Pregnancy

Kiseki no Romance

Kiseki no Romance (Manga)

Forgotten Fiancee (Synonyms), Forgotten Fiancée (Synonyms), 奇跡のロマンス (Synonyms)

Amnesia Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Harlequin

Koi Furu Colorful - Zenbu Kimi to Hajimete

Koi Furu Colorful - Zenbu Kimi to Hajimete (Manga)

Falling Love Colorful ~Everything with You for the First Time~ (Synonyms), 恋爱来临时是全彩 (Synonyms), 恋爱来临时是全彩 (~一切和你開始~) (Synonyms), 恋降るカラフル ~ぜんぶキミとはじめて~ (Synonyms)

From Mashiro lives on an island surrounded by sea. One day, A glittering young boy come from Tokyo and the love has begins...?

Amnesia First Love

Lover Discovery

Lover Discovery (Manhwa)

Aein Balgyeon (Synonyms), Forget About Love (Synonyms), Get Love (Synonyms), Got Love (Synonyms), Truy tìm "người ấy" (Synonyms), 恋人未满 (Synonyms), 戀人未滿 (Synonyms), 애인발견 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Appearance Different from Personality Bishounen Cold Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Hated Protagonist Identity Crisis Personality Change/s Rich Male Lead Strong Female Lead

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom (Manhua)

Fantasy Kingdom (Synonyms), Huan Zhi Guo Du (Synonyms), 幻之国度 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Full Color Game/s Magic Mercenary/ies Virtual Reality

Mangetsu Monogatari

Mangetsu Monogatari (Manga)

The Full Moon's Tale (Synonyms), 満月物語 (Synonyms)

From :After a scandal got him kicked out of his position at court, Takaaki's been idling the days away at his manor, impulsive and bored. Then one day his friend Naruhito stops by and tells him an insane story about the most beautiful woman alive -- and drags him off in his attempt to win her heart. Tagging along, Takaaki soon realizes that the "Princess" isn't exactly who she (he!?) seems to be. Who exactly is Princess Kaguya, and what is the dark secret behind her (his!?) past?

Amnesia Androgynous Male Lead Appearance Different from Personality BL Subtext Con-man Cross-dressing Female Author Heian Era Secret Identity Twin/s

Mie Shi?

Mie Shi? (Manhua)

Destroy the World? (Synonyms), Flowers Whispering (Synonyms), Petals Fade into a Dream (Synonyms), 灭世? (Synonyms), 花落一梦 (Synonyms)

Wu Yun is a Taoist exorcist trying to overcome his extreme prejudice against the Sprite race & hibitual hesitations, & develops an unwanted crush on a male sprite named Bi Wen he had intended to kill, then things complicate when a third love interest decides to tag along; Zuoshi, an oppertunistic man who does not hesitate to speak his mind or chase his dreams.

Albino Amnesia Androgynous Character/s Anthropomorphism Chibi Cross-dressing Dead Friend/s Demon/s Dream/s Exorcist/s

Ochite Oborete

Ochite Oborete (Manga)

Fall and Drown (Synonyms), Ochite, Oborete (Synonyms), الوقوع والغرق (Synonyms), 落ちて溺れて (Synonyms)

From :In her second year of high school, Honatsu is rumored to have a relationship with her childhood friend, Touma. However, Honatsu who is unfamiliar with love is still not ready to take a step forward. In the midst of all this, Shun, a cold and aloof transfer student appeared?

Amnesia Childhood Friend/s High School Student/s Past Plays a Big Role Rumors Transfer Student/s Tsundere Male Lead

Peurangkeni Saneun Maeul

Peurangkeni Saneun Maeul (Manhwa)

Franken’s Village (Synonyms), The Village Where Franken Lives (Synonyms), 프랑켄이 사는 마을 (Synonyms)

A village full of secrets.A boy who can't escape.And a girl who watches him.Welcome to Franken's Village!

Amnesia Body Modification Dead Parent/s Emotionless Character/s Experiment/s Frankenstein Traumatic Past Unexpected Feelings

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai o

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai o (Manga)

Last Wish to the Shinigami (Synonyms), Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo (Synonyms), Shinigamisama ni Saigo no Onegai o (Synonyms), Shinigamisama ni Saigo no Onegai wo (Synonyms), The Final Wish Granted by a Shinigami-Sama (Synonyms), The Final Wish Granted by Shinigami-Sama (Synonyms), The Final Wishes Granted by a Grim Reaper (Synonyms), The Final Wishes Granted by a Shinigami-Sama (Synonyms), The Final Wishes Granted by Shinigami-Sama (Synonyms), 向死神許下最後的願望 (Synonyms), 向死神许下最后的愿望 (Synonyms), 死神様に最期のお願いを (Synonyms)

Afterlife Amnesia Betrayal Brother Complex Murder/s Rushed Ending / Axed Shinigami Siblings Wish/es Younger Sister

Shinpu-sama no Kyuuketsuki

Shinpu-sama no Kyuuketsuki (Manga)

Father's Vampire (Synonyms), Shinpusama no Kyuuketsuki (Synonyms), 神父大人的吸血鬼 (Synonyms), 神父様の吸血鬼 (Synonyms)

Claude, a vampire who just arrived in town seeking fresh blood, meets a handsome man, Father Ruslan. However, while he was thinking about making him his dinner, he's the one who gets eaten ❤! He also ends up with a seal on his arm, putting him in a state of absolute submission.In the end, Claude becomes the one getting gently nibbled on by Ruslan's pet lycanthrope and by Imp the imp, among others!!

Amnesia Appearance Different from Personality Blackmail European Ambiance Exorcist/s Naive Uke/s Priest/s Seals Vampire/s Werewolf/ves

Umi de Hirotta Kimi ni Sasagu

Umi de Hirotta Kimi ni Sasagu (Manga)

For You, Who I Picked up On the Beach (Synonyms), 海で拾ったきみに捧ぐ (Synonyms)

From :A popular novelist who’s struggling to get out of an year-long slump stumbles upon a young man lying naked on the beach. And on top of all that, he claims to have lost his memory...!?

Amnesia Cohabitation Fast Romance Freeloader/s Glasses-Wearing Seme Handsome Seme Handsome Uke Novelist Older Seme Younger Uke Sudden Appearance

Wu jia you xiao qie

Wu jia you xiao qie (Manhua)

From Concubine to Master (Synonyms), My Dear Concubine (Synonyms), Nữ Phụ Không Điển Hình (Synonyms), 吾家有小妾 (Synonyms), 내 부인은 16살 (Synonyms)

I'm an outstanding white-collar worker called Zhao Tianqi. I got poisoned after going back in time. I even had to become a weird man's concubine. Alas, forget it. When I get the chance, I will try my best to show you how smart I am. Besides excellence in work, I can also handle the harem issue. If I play my cards right, I can turn from a concubine into the mistress.Become a concubine in another world? Her target is of course to get divorced and become single again.

Amnesia Assassin/s Bodyguard/s Businessman / Businesswoman Concubine/s Conspiracy/ies Corruption Duke/s Food Lure Unexpected Feelings

Yanmo de Chong Fei

Yanmo de Chong Fei (Manhua)

SỦNG PHI CỦA DIÊM MA (Synonyms), The Favored Concubine (Synonyms), Yánmó de Chǒng Fēi (Synonyms), 阎魔的宠妃 (Synonyms)

A girl who has lost her memories, Ah Kong, falls into a cold pond in the forbidden area of the Yan Sect. The first time she meets Yan Mo, he almost kills her. Then a mythical beast that’s been in slumber for the last millennium suddenly awakens, the True Demon’s Eye is opened, and a series of strange events follow — all seemingly brought on by the arrival of Ah Kong, this mortal girl.

Amnesia Chinese Ambient Cultivation Fantasy Creature/s Fast Romance isekai Mary Sue Webtoon