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Goshiki no Fune

Goshiki no Fune (Manga)

Five-color Boat (Synonyms), 五色の舟 (Synonyms)

Circumstances have intertwined the fates of five strangers. As a team of five, they make their living running a freak show. As a family of five, they live on a small covered boat together. In the midst of a terrible war, they embark to add to their number the kudan, a monster rumored to tell the future.Won the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival Grand Prize for Manga. Originally a short story published in "11 eleven".

Amputee/s Award-Winning Work Based on a Novel Deaf Protagonist Disability/ies Family Freak Show LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Male Demographic with Female Artist Telepathy

Our Future

Our Future (Manga)

Futari no Mirai (Synonyms), Наше будущее (Synonyms), フタリノミライ (Synonyms)

From :Hanatsu Yaya's "Our Future" is a dark story about a pair of twins.

Accident/s Amputee/s Disability/ies Eyepatch Incest Tragic Past Twin/s Yandere


Egomix (Manga)

Cannon (Synonyms), Nerves (Synonyms)

2-part original doujinshi by the Naked Ape team. Violins and vampires.

Accent Colors Amputee/s Child Abuse Feelings Through Music Incest Italy Musical Instrument/s Older Uke Younger Seme Stepsiblings Vampire/s

Eulen Spiegel

Eulen Spiegel (Manga)

オイレンシュピーゲル (二階堂ヒカル) (Synonyms), 特甲少女~惡戲之猋~ (Synonyms)

It's the year 2016 and the Austrian city of Miliopolis has been overrun by gangs, violence and crime. To fight against this, the government created the MPB Task Force aka Cerebus. The agency recruited children that had physical disabilities and they were given prosthetic parts that helped them become human weapons. The elite members of Cerebus are teenage girls code named Suzutsuki, Kagerou, and Yugiri. They use advanced technology and combat capabilities to exterminate the diseases that have infested the city.

Amputee/s Big Breasts Child Abuse Child Rape Cyborg/s Disability/ies Flashbacks Friendship Groping Investigation

Eulen Spiegel (UBUKATA Tow)

Eulen Spiegel (UBUKATA Tow) (Manga)

オイレンシュピーゲル (Synonyms)


Airhead/s Amputee/s Based on a Novel Child Rape Cyborg/s Disability/ies Flashbacks Incest Male Demographic with Female Lead Paraplegia

Gojikanme no Sensou

Gojikanme no Sensou (Manga)

Dernière heure (French) (Synonyms), En la quinta hora de Guerra (Spanish) (Synonyms), Gojikanme no Sensou - Home, Sweet Home! (Synonyms), Home Sweet Home - Die fünfte Stunde des Krieges (German) (Synonyms), 五時間目の戦争 (Synonyms), 第五节课的战争 (Synonyms)

"The youth ensemble of love, food and war..."

Amputee/s Athletic Protagonist Death Death of Loved One/s Melancholy Atmosphere Middle School Military Multiple Protagonists War/s Young Male Lead

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni

Kono Sekai no Katasumi ni (Manga)

En este rincón del mundo (Synonyms), In This Corner of the World (Synonyms), To All the Corners of the World (Synonyms), Ở Một Góc Nhân Gian (Synonyms), この世界の片隅に (Synonyms), 在这个世界的角落 (Synonyms)

This successor of the long selling Heisei classic "Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms" is a family drama set in Hiroshima's military city Kure during the war. Protagonist Suzu marries and moves from Hiroshima City to Kure, where she encounters uncertainty in her new family, her new city, and her new world. However, she manages to live each day healthily and happily.Note: Was a Jury Recommended Work in the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival and won the Excellence Prize in 2009.

20th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Amputee/s Anti-War Arranged Marriage Atypical Art Style Award-Winning Work

Utakata ni Warau

Utakata ni Warau (Manga)

Ephemeral Laughter (Synonyms), Laughing in the Fog (Synonyms), 泡沫に笑う (Synonyms)

The period is Kamakura, the age of onmyoudo and monster parades. A child appeared in the shrine by Lake Biwa, Kumou Shrine, asking for help. And then, it's finally time for those two. This is Hirari and Botan's story, finally completed. A story following after with connection to .

13th Century 19th Century Abe no Seimei or a Relative Amputee/s Appearance Different from Actual Age Human-Nonhuman Relationship Japan Kamakura Period Long-Haired Male Character/s Male Demographic with Female Author


Imo-mushi (Manga)

La oruga (Spanish) (Synonyms), Ranpo no Imomushi (Synonyms), The Caterpillar (Synonyms), 芋虫 (Synonyms)

The Caterpillar is an adaptation of the 1929 Edogawa Rampo short story of the same name. The Caterpillar is a haunting psychosexual tale of Lt. Sunaga, a disfigured and limbless veteran of WWI who returns home to his young and beautiful wife. Sunaga initially is given a hero's welcome, but is quickly forgotten and shunned because of his injuries. Unable to speak or care for himself, he is completely at the mercy of his wife as she grows to loathe and toy with him.-From Same Hat! blog

20th Century Abusive Family Member/s Adapted to Movie Amputee/s Based on a Short Story Blindness Controversial Ero-Guro Scar/s Wife Corruption


Jimba (Manga)

Centaur (Synonyms), Centaures (French) (Synonyms), Jinba (Synonyms), じんば (Synonyms), 人馬 (Synonyms)

A centaur race, known as Jinba, have lived in Japan since ancient times. However, humans regard them as tools of war and snatch away their dignity. During the Sengoku period, a samurai Jinba named Matsukaze, known as the redheaded rock tiger, is caught while protecting his son. He is traded to a feudal lord, and taken to a feudal lord. There he meets another centaur, named Kohibari, whose village was burnt down as a child. He is a tame centaur, and had his arms amputated when he was captured. With his help, Matsukaze escapes with Kohibari.

Amputee/s Centaur/s Discrimination Elaborate Art Style Eyepatch Sengoku Era Slave/s Slavery

Shikabane Shoujo to Kakanai Gaka

Shikabane Shoujo to Kakanai Gaka (Manga)

Ceset Kız ile Çizmeyen Ressam (Synonyms), Remain Girl (Synonyms), The Girl Who Died and the Painter Who Doesn’t Paint (Synonyms), The Undying Girl and the Painter Who Doesn't Paint (Synonyms), しかばね少女と描かない画家 (Synonyms), 死灵尸体少女与无想象的画家 (Synonyms)

It all starts with the death of Juli, an artiste extraordinaire. Not wanting to deprive the world of her artistic vision, a professor transfers her soul to the body of a little girl, Lili. He asks his neighbor, a young painter named Neal, to teach Lili painting. So begins the story of a dead girl and a reclusive artist.

Amputee/s Art Blonde-Haired Female Lead Dead Family Member/s Dead Lover/s European Ambiance Older Male Younger Female Painting Undead Zombie/s

Amasawa-kun to Kamuna-chan

Amasawa-kun to Kamuna-chan (Manga)

Amasawa-kun & Kamuna-chan (Synonyms), Amasawa-kun and Kamuna-chan (Synonyms), 天沢君とカムナちゃん (Synonyms)


Amputee/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead God-Human Relationship

Ame no Murakumo

Ame no Murakumo (Manga)

Ama no Mura Kumo (Synonyms), Огненный ливень с небес (Synonyms), アマノムラクモ (Synonyms), 天丛云 (Synonyms), 天叢雲 (Synonyms)

There is an ancient government office, which was first founded by Queen Himiko, to deal with difficulties arising from supernatural forces. Even today, that agency secretly exists and deals with curses and other dark forces that threaten Japan. Kushinata Orochi is skilled in these supernatural arts, and he and his physically powerful sidekick Ayame take on cases that deal with supernatural troubles. Now, they have a very ancient and powerful force to deal with in Kageyama City...

Absent Parent/s Amputee/s Appearance Different from Actual Age Curse/s Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Dumb Female Lead Ghost/s Inherited Power Priestess/es

And Kaede Blooms Gorgeously

And Kaede Blooms Gorgeously (Manga)

Soshite Kaede wa Hanayaka ni Saku (Synonyms), そして楓は華やかに咲く (Synonyms)

The story of a slave and the girl with missing body parts who bought her.Links:

Abused Female Lead Abusive Parent/s Amputee/s Eyepatch Master-Slave Relationship Organ Trafficking Slave/s Traumatic Past

Animal X dj - Prayer

Animal X dj - Prayer (Doujinshi)

Animal X doujinshi - Prayer (Synonyms)

Describes events directly after Ayukawa Yuuji gives birth to his first child. A human girl, who appears to be the result of rape rather than -as Yuuji had hoped- conceived by the dinosauroid, Asaba Minato.

Amputee/s Childbirth Family Intersex Pregnancy

Armored Core - Tower City Blade

Armored Core - Tower City Blade (Manga)

Armored Core (Synonyms), ARMORED CORE TOWER CITY BLADE (Synonyms)


Amputee/s Based on a Video Game Male Demographic with Female Lead Military Orphan/s Pilot/s Piloted Robots Revenge Tournament/s

Atarashii Ashi de Kakenukero.

Atarashii Ashi de Kakenukero. (Manga)

新しい足で駆け抜けろ。 (Synonyms)

A manga about a teenager who lost his left leg in an accident decides to become a para-athlete after meeting a prosthetic orthopedic and learning about running blade prosthetics.

Amputee/s Disability/ies

Kyokou Suiri

Kyokou Suiri (Anime)

虚構推理 (Japanese), In/Spectre (Synonyms)

At the young age of 11, Kotoko Iwanaga was abducted by youkai for two weeks and asked to become their "God of Wisdom," a mediator between the spirit and human worlds, to which the girl quickly agreed but at the cost of her right eye and left leg. Now, six years later, whenever youkai wish for their problems to be solved, they make their way to Kotoko for consultation. Meanwhile, Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22-year-old university student, has just broken up with his girlfriend after he fled alone when the two encountered a kappa.

Spirit/s Human Experiment/s Ghost/s Amputee/s Demon/s Monster/s Short Female Lead Regeneration Japanese Folklore Disability/ies Love Triangle