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Heiquan (Manhua)

Black Dog (MO Tian Liang) (Synonyms), Black Hound (Synonyms), 黑犬 (Synonyms)

A tale about the life of the seventh Demon King in the past and present.

Animal Characteristics

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Nya!

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Nya! (Manga)

Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko Nya! (Synonyms), 変態王子と笑わない猫。にゃ! (Synonyms)

Alternate Story of Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko.

Animal Characteristics Based on a Novel

Hetalia dj - Catnip

Hetalia dj - Catnip (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - Catnip (Synonyms)

Pairing: Spain x RomanoWith additional appearances by England, Japan, & France.

Animal Characteristics Cat Boy/s Curse/s Magic Otaku

Hetalia dj - Inu no Kimochi

Hetalia dj - Inu no Kimochi (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - The Dog's Mood (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x Dog Boy!England

Animal Characteristics

Hetalia dj - Kitsune Kogitsune

Hetalia dj - Kitsune Kogitsune (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - きつね子ぎつね (Synonyms)

Characters: China + JapanAU verse: Yao comes to little Kiku's rescue after poachers cut off his tail.

Animal Characteristics

Hetalia dj - Merika-san no Hitsuji R

Hetalia dj - Merika-san no Hitsuji R (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - メリカさんの羊R (Synonyms)

Pairing: USA X (Sheep-)UK

Animal Characteristics

Hetalia dj - Oh Shit My Baby

Hetalia dj - Oh Shit My Baby (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Pirate!England x Rabbit!England

Animal Characteristics Pirate/s

Hetalia dj - Stamp

Hetalia dj - Stamp (Doujinshi)

Axis Power Hetalia dj - Stamp (Synonyms), ヘタリア dj - Stamp (Synonyms)

A series of doujinshi spanning multiple volumes.Volume 1: Spain x S.Italy + Germany x N.Italy + fairy tale parodiesVolume 2: Germany x N.Italy + Spain x S.ItalyVolume 3: Germany x N.ItalyVolume 4: light Germany x N. Italy + light Axis friendshipVolume 6: Germany x N.ItalyVolume 7: Spain x S.Italy + Germany x N.Italy Volume 8: Germany x Italy + Japan in a suit Warning: for furry!Italy.

Animal Characteristics Collection of Stories

Hetare Wanko to Fudanshi Senpai

Hetare Wanko to Fudanshi Senpai (Manga)

へたれワンコと腐男子先輩 (Synonyms)


Animal Characteristics Coworker Relationships Drunken Intercourse Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Novelist Older Uke Younger Seme Rape Rape isn't Considered as a Bad Thing Seme Falling in Love First Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Hidamari Sketch dj - Girls Talk

Hidamari Sketch dj - Girls Talk (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

Yuno finds herself and Miyako both turned into rabbits. Miyako suggests the clear, logical decision on what to do next – breed!

Animal Characteristics

Hikoutei Jidai

Hikoutei Jidai (Manga)

Hikōtei Jidai (Synonyms), Porco Rosso - The Age of the Flying Boat (Synonyms), The Age of the Flying Boat (Synonyms), 飛行艇時 (Synonyms), 飛行艇時代 ポルコ・ロッソ「紅の豚」原作代 (Synonyms)

The Age of the Flying Boat is a 15-page all watercolor manga, originally released in 3 parts, which the animated film Porco Rosso is based on. It's the 1920s over the Adriatic Sea. Air pirates with their floatplanes plague the sea, attacking ships, robbing money, and kidnapping girls. Enter a bounty hunter, Porco Rosso. Flying his red floatplane, he is the best in the business. He is a very cool guy and women love him. But there is one thing particular about him - he is a pig.-from

20th Century Adapted to Movie Airplane/s Animal Characteristics Bounty Hunter/s Cool Male Lead European Ambiance flying Full Color Gang/s

Hime to Mahou Tsukai

Hime to Mahou Tsukai (Manga)

Hime to Mahoutsukai (Synonyms), Princess & Wizard (Synonyms), The Princess and the Magician (Synonyms), 姫と魔法つかい (Synonyms)

From :“Now then, it’s time for some fun.”This is a world full of mystical powers.Princess Iris is in love with Zeno, the Great Wizard who became a rabbit in the aftermath of a battle against the Demon King. One day, in light of an incoming marriage proposal, Iris decides to confess to Zeno. Skeptical at first, but upon seeing how sincere she is, he tells her to come to his room the following night.However, when Iris goes to Zeno’s room the next evening, she is greeted by-We present to you a beautiful love fantasy by Yumekiyo!

Animal Characteristics Curse/s Handsome Male Lead Magic Magician/s Princess/es Rabbit/s Royalty Wizard/s

Hetalia dj - Neko-san Irimasu?

Hetalia dj - Neko-san Irimasu? (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - Do You Want a Cat? (Synonyms), ねこさんいります? (Synonyms)

France x Canada

Animal Characteristics Cat Boy/s Incest

Hebi no Yomeiri

Hebi no Yomeiri (Manga)

へびの嫁入り (Synonyms)

After returning from work and being detained by the police, Sasaki meets a white snake in the rooftop garden. What he does not know is that it is his boss, the president of the company for which he works.Kusanagi, the president, reveals his identity after biting Sasaki, declaring that he will be with whom will have his children.

Animal Characteristics Bestiality God-Human Relationship God/s Long-Haired Male Lead Long-Haired Seme Male Pregnancy Marriage Shape Shifter/s Snake/s

Otome to Meteo

Otome to Meteo (Manga)

Girl and Meteor (Synonyms), Maiden and Meteor (Synonyms), Mein Prinz vom anderen Stern (German) (Synonyms), Meteor Prince (Synonyms), Otome to Meteor (Synonyms), おとめとメテオ (Synonyms)

From :You have been chosen to be my 'princess' --- always unlucky, high-school student, Natsuno Youko. a naked guy...dropped in front of her!!! Io came to earth to search for the most tuned in Hako to bear his child ...!?

Affectionate Lover Alien/s Animal Characteristics Fated Lovers High School Student/s Misfortune Partial Nudity Persistent Male Lead Supernatural Lover Unorthodox Male Love Interest

Shinigami no Joou to Meifu no Banken

Shinigami no Joou to Meifu no Banken (Manga)

The Goddess of Death and the Guard Dog of Niflhel (Synonyms), 死神の女王と冥府の番犬 (Synonyms)


4-koma/Yonkoma Animal Characteristics Norse Mythology

Shoujo Pet

Shoujo Pet (Manga)

Girl Pet (Synonyms), 宠物少女 (Synonyms), 少女ペット (Synonyms)


Animal Characteristics Big Breasts Blood and Gore Bullying Cat Girl/s Dark Ambience Disability/ies Fetish/es Lust Master-Pet Relationship

Soukai Kessen

Soukai Kessen (Manga)

God Save The Empress (Synonyms), 苍海决战 (Synonyms), 蒼海訣戰 (Synonyms)

Ambitious Protagonist Animal Characteristics Military Navy Politics Involving Royalty Racism Romantic Subplot Social Hierarchy Strong Male Lead

The Hunter G

The Hunter G (Manhua)

Gene Hunter (Synonyms), 基因猎人 (Synonyms)

AD 2199, the “degration” virus breaks out, hence biological gene becomes indefinite, species started merging, resulting in the birth of unexpected new living creatures; humans who has fused with other living creatures are called “hybrids”. The collapse of civilisation, the world plunges in chaos; some humans received inconceivable powers, others would rather die, and there are some who hunt for the rare gene, making a living out of finding solution for the cause of the hybrid incident – they are known as The Hunter G.

Animal Characteristics Animal Leading Character/s Dog/s Genetic Modification Mutation/s Post-Epidemic / Pandemic

The Wizard and the NEET

The Wizard and the NEET (Manhwa)

Geu mabeob sa geu baek soo (Synonyms), 그 마법사 그 백수 (Synonyms)

The only way to reverse the curse is to share a kiss with someone who loves him back...! Will Kou be able to reverse the witch's curse, or will he turn into a forest animal? Can the wizard help him? (From Random Fujoshis Scans)

Animal Characteristics Curse/s Feminine Seme Handsome Male Lead Live-in Lover Magic Muscle/s Seme-like Uke Webtoon Wizard/s