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Eleven Soul

Eleven Soul (Manga)

Samurai Force (Synonyms), イレブンソウル (Synonyms), 圣魂武士 (Synonyms), 聖魂武士 (Synonyms)

Armed Combat Future Genetic Modification Military Monster/s Piloted Robots Samurai Soldier/s Special Squad/s Special Unit

Kingdom 3rd Season

Kingdom 3rd Season (Anime)

キングダム 第3シリーズ (Japanese), Kingdom Season 3 (Synonyms)

Following the successful Sanyou campaign, the Qin army, including 1,000-Man Commander Li Xin, inches ever closer to fulfilling King Ying Zheng's dream of unifying China. With a major geographical foothold in the state of Wei now under its control, Qin sets its sights eastward toward the remaining warring states.

Meanwhile Li Mu—an unparalleled strategist and the newly appointed prime minister of the state of Zhao—has taken advantage of Zhao's temporary truce with Qin to negotiate with the other states without interruption. Seemingly without warning, Ying Zheng receives news that armies from the states of Chu, Zhao, Wei, Han, Yan, and Qi have crossed into Qin territory. Realizing too late the purpose behind Li Mu's truce with Qin, Zheng quickly gathers his advisors to devise a plan to address the six-state coalition army on their doorstep. For the first time in history, the state of Qin faces complete destruction and must use every resource and strategy at their disposal to prevent themselves from being wiped off the map.

Ambitious Goal/s Ambitious Protagonist Armed Combat China Dream/s Hot-Blooded Male Lead Politics Involving Royalty Strong Male Lead War/s Spring 2021


Κυβερνήτης (Manga)

Cybernetics (Synonyms), Kybernetes (Synonyms), Kybernētēs (Synonyms), キベルネテス (Synonyms)

On the day of Eva, mankind was expelled from Ark City. Seven years later, mankind organized a combat unit consisting of a mechanized Rogel Geaks, which combines the power of super powers and cyborgs, to start a campaign to recapture the Ark City.

Armed Combat Cyberpunk Cyborg/s Future Futuristic City Muscular Female/s Robot/s Science Fantasy Strong Female Lead Strong Female Side Character

Cat Shit One

Cat Shit One (Manga)

Apocalypse Meow (Synonyms), キャット・シット・ワン (Synonyms)

Anthropomorphism Armed Combat English Company Closed Before Completing Military Vietnam War/s Zoomorphism

Boukyou Senshi

Boukyou Senshi (Manga)

Tearful Soldier (Synonyms), 望郷戦士 (Synonyms)


Armed Combat Military Military Background Muscular Female/s Strong Female Side Character Warfare

Kessan!! Nichibei Kuubo Butai

Kessan!! Nichibei Kuubo Butai (Manga)

Battle! Japan and the US Aircraft Force (Synonyms), 決戦!日米空母部隊 (Synonyms)


Armed Combat Soldier/s

Aterui II-sei

Aterui II-sei (Manga)

Aterui 2-sei (Synonyms), Aterui II (Synonyms), Aterui Ni-Sei (Synonyms), Aterui Nisei (Synonyms), Aterui The Second (Synonyms), Kiseki Moyuru Toki (Synonyms), Атэруй II (Synonyms), 阿弓流为2世 (Synonyms), 阿弖流為2世 (Synonyms), 阿弖流為2世―龍の系譜を継ぐ者 (Synonyms), 阿弖流為II世 (Synonyms), 阿弖流為II世―龍の系譜を継ぐ者 (Synonyms)

From :This brief story follows the reincarnation of the Emishi warrior Aterui, who turns out to be a guardian deity protecting the mysterious power source called the Dragon from the gods of destruction, into the body of mild-mannered archaeologist and professor, Kogami Ryuichi. This short volume is packed with action, violence, and even political satire.Contains the oneshot

Alien/s Archeology Armed Combat Dystopia Execution Government Agency Hostage Hunter/s Murder/s Princess/es