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Futari Awasete Puramai Zero

Futari Awasete Puramai Zero (Manga)

二人あわせてプライマイゼロ (Synonyms)

From :Yamada Nadeshiko has always had a negative personality, so she always thinks that whatever she does, it will lead to the worst possible outcome. But by meeting Samejima-kun, with his conceptualization, she finds that she can slowly become more positive. Then Nadeshiko realises that she has fallen for Samejima. What is she supposed to do now!?

Arrogant Male Lead Opposites Attract Optimist/s

Futari wa Oshiri Ai

Futari wa Oshiri Ai (Manga)

Couple Who Love Buttocks (Synonyms), Pet Pet 恋 (Synonyms), ふたりはおしり愛 (Synonyms), 两人爱的水蜜桃 (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Arrogant Male Lead Character Who Bullies the One They Love Character/s Who Are Bad at Waking Up Cohabitation Comedic Misunderstanding/s Daydreamer Doctor/s Edutainment Embarrassing Situation/s

Futsu Hyakkei

Futsu Hyakkei (Manga)

普通百景 (Synonyms)

In these super ordinary days something unexpected happened?Mirutsuki is shocked when Fujiyama suddenly approaches her with an unusual request: The smartest, most popular guy wants to observe her, the most average girl? What could be the reason for his strange behavior?

Arrogant Male Lead Handsome Male Lead High School Mismatched Couple Misunderstanding/s Observant Protagonist Plain-Looking Female Lead Popular Male Lead Smart Male Lead Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hatsujou 5 byou mae ponkotsu arasaa airu san ga alpha no ouji ni aorarete masu

Hatsujou 5 byou mae ponkotsu arasaa airu san ga alpha no ouji ni aorarete masu (Manga)

Five Seconds Before My First Love (Synonyms), Five Seconds Before My First Love! A Worn-Out Lady in Her Thirties Is Stirred up by an Alpha Prince (Synonyms), Five Seconds Before My/One's First Love ~ Worn-Out Lady in Her Thirties Is Stirred up by an Alpha Prince (Synonyms), 初情5秒前!ポンコツアラサー愛留さんがαの王子に煽られてます。 (Synonyms)

One day, our protagonist is assigned to be a mentor to the president's son, Taiga Narukami, an elite boy with a shiny new look. However, Taiga becomes frustrated with Airu's uncompromising attitude, and finally takes her lips in a forceful manner. Airu's body gets wet under Taiga's rough kisses and fingertips. When Narukami-kun touches her, her body becomes so numb that she can't think about anything else...!

Alpha x Omega Arrogant Male Lead Competent Female Lead Coworker/s Discrimination Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Female Lead Office Lady Omegaverse

Junai Junkie

Junai Junkie (Manga)

Di Gelanggang Impi (Synonyms), Dojiko & Hero (Synonyms), Fool For You (SHIUMI Saki) (Synonyms), Jun'ai Junkie (Synonyms), Jun'ai Junkies (Synonyms), Pure Love Junkie (Synonyms), The Hallway Rumors (Synonyms), We're Not Involved (Synonyms), 純愛ジャンキー (Synonyms), 纯爱中毒 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Arrogant Male Lead Basketball Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Manager Model/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unrequited Love Valentine's Day

Kenka Shoubai

Kenka Shoubai (Manga)

Fight Shop (Synonyms), Деловые разборки (Synonyms), 喧嘩商売 (Synonyms), 斗阵小子 (Synonyms)

Satoh Jubei, a pervert and fighting expert, has moved to a new home again started off his ridiculous school life with other interesting people. The first one he met was a girl called Ayako, who has unrealistic expectations in Tokyo life. They had some extra-ordinarily close body contact. The series is full of ridiculous and perverted ideas. It also features some combat skills, traditional Judo vs open fighting.

Arrogant Male Lead Judo Karate Selfish Male Lead Strong Male Lead

Kyokou no Ou

Kyokou no Ou (Manga)

Fictional King (Synonyms), Kyokō no Ō (Synonyms), Rex Fabula (Synonyms), ราชาโลกสมมุติ (Thai) (Synonyms), 虚構の王 (Synonyms), 虚構之王 (Synonyms)

From Bakeneko's Lair:Poor, poor Akatsuki Homare. He's gotten himself into a mess of trouble. Considering his arrogance, he's getting exactly what he deserves. Yes, Homare, life is a game of give and take. You don't only get to be on the taking side...

Alternate Universe Arrogant Male Lead Cards Childhood Friend/s Gambling Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Mirrors Rich Family Rich Male Lead Scheming Male Lead

Mirai no Football

Mirai no Football (Manga)

Future Football (Synonyms), Mirai's Football (Synonyms), มิไร ลูกหนังข้ามเวลา (Synonyms), 未来のフットボール (Synonyms)

From SRoMU:While on a soccer tour, Toudou Mirai is involved in a shipwreck accident. When he comes to, he finds himself in 19th Century England. With him being saved by a player of the local soccer team named "Durham", Eddie, it seems Mirai will be joining "Durham", a team with their sights set on joining the world's first ever professional league... What with slipping through time, will Mirai ever make it back to the 21st Century?! This is a science fiction soccer story bringing the true talents of playing soccer straight to you!

19th Century Arrogant Male Lead Athletic Protagonist England Friendship Race Against Time Soccer/Football Team Teamwork Time Travel

Wufa Tong Kuang de Lianai

Wufa Tong Kuang de Lianai (Manhua)

Falling in Love Is Hard (Synonyms), Hunky and Shorty (Synonyms), Love Can't Be the Same (Synonyms), My Childhood Friend Who Turned Into A Real Overbearing CEO (Synonyms), Unable to Fall in Love (Synonyms), 关于我的青梅竹马变成了真正的霸道总裁这件事 (Synonyms), 无法同框的恋爱 (Synonyms)

I finally see my childhood friend again after years of separation! However... He has become... No! This must be a bad dream!

Arrogant Male Lead Boss-Subordinate Relationship Childhood Friend/s Company President Cute Female Lead Muscular Male Lead Secretary Short Female Lead

Zhiming chong qi: Zongcai na ming lai!

Zhiming chong qi: Zongcai na ming lai! (Manhua)

Fatal Spoiled Wife: CEO, I will kill you! (Synonyms), Zhìmìng chǒng qī: Zǒngcái nà mìng lái! (Synonyms), 致命宠妻:总裁纳命来! (Synonyms)

She is a gangster princess who accidentally binds the wrong person and causes the devil to come. He was the ruthless businessman in the business world, and he imprisoned her in a paper contract. She was in desperate need of the day and night and she entered into a dangerous relationship with him...

21st Century Abuse Abusive Male Lead Arrogant Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Blackmail Bullied Female Lead CEO Cheating Boyfriend Coercion

Beauty and Demon

Beauty and Demon (Manhua)

Enchanted Beauty (Synonyms), Manmiao meiren dongqing yao (Synonyms), Mànmiào měirén dòngqíng yāo (Synonyms), 曼妙美人动情妖 (Synonyms)

She is just a pure and lovely girl who was deceived by scumbag! But she did not expect to discover that the president who could see through the hearts of the people at night was a monster! Whenever you are shy with the president, the pieces of memory in your mind will be pieced together! Who is the mysterious mermaid in the dream? The truth is...

21st Century Arrogant Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Boss-Subordinate Relationship Caring Male Lead CEO Cheating Boyfriend Cold Male Lead Dominant Male Lead Dream/s

ED Shachou to Bishonure Cinderella

ED Shachou to Bishonure Cinderella (Manga)

ED社長とびしょ濡れシンデレラ (Synonyms), The President and the Soaked Cinderella (Synonyms), The Soaked Cinderella and the CEO (Synonyms)

"Now, let me get an erection again!" Tatsuya Jonouchi, the young, handsome president of the Jonouchi group, has a secret. He suffers from erectile dysfunction. Tatsuya, who was convinced that Kaori holds the key to overcoming his only weakness, starts the hunt for her body!? *This book is included in "Choco Love vol.39".

Arrogant Male Lead Big Breasts Big-Breasted Female Lead CEO Clumsy Female Lead Erectile Dysfunction Handsome Male Lead Misunderstanding/s Misunderstood Female Lead Stripping

Emo zongcai de ji pin xinniang

Emo zongcai de ji pin xinniang (Manhua)

Devil's President Sacrificial Bride (Synonyms), The demon president's sacrificial bride (Synonyms), Èmó zǒngcái de jì pǐn xīnniáng (Synonyms), 恶魔总裁的祭品新娘 (Synonyms)

Her brother ran away with the president's fiance. She was too late to escape and she was captured. She began her miserable life as a 99-day contractual lover.

21st Century Abortion Abuse Abusive Male Lead Arrogant Male Lead Attempted Rape Beautiful Female Lead Kidnapping/s Rape Womanizer

Honjitsu mo Muteki

Honjitsu mo Muteki (Manga)

Even Today I Am Strong (Synonyms), 本日も無敵 (Synonyms)

From Boku-Tachi:Riki is a young woman with a talent for not acting like one. She despises anything "girly" and likes nothing more than to play sports or do martial arts with her childhood friend, Akira, whom she has always thought of as a brother. When Akira starts protecting a girl riding on the local train, Riki is forced to re-evaluate her relationship with him.

Arrogant Male Lead Stolen First Kiss Tomboy/s

Hun Zhan Buxie

Hun Zhan Buxie (Manhua)

All's Fair in Love and War (Synonyms), Endless Marital Strife (Synonyms), Hun Zha Bu Xiu (Synonyms), Hūn Xhàn Bùxiū (Synonyms), My Husband in Name Only (Synonyms), Unceasing Marriage War (Synonyms), 婚战不休 (Synonyms), 婚战不休,boss大人越战越勇 (Synonyms), 결혼 전쟁 (Synonyms)

Qiao Mo married a man whom she has just met twice! Even though they are just a nominal couple, who knows how much the man wants it to be true? Isn’t her life supposed to be easy after she marries a wealthy family? But why does she need to cook, do the dishes, and even take care of her husband’s laundry?

Arrogant Character/s Arrogant Male Lead Drunken Intercourse Dubious Consent Fake Marriage Illness Liar/s Lie/s Money Problems Sick Parent/s

Dekiai Mafia wa Cherries na Ore-sama

Dekiai Mafia wa Cherries na Ore-sama (Manga)

The Egotistical Gangster Is a Closet Romantic (Synonyms), 溺愛マフィアはチェリーな俺様 (Synonyms)

Arrogant Male Lead Assault Attempted Rape Childhood Love Childhood Trauma Debt-Motivated Protagonist Half-Japanese Mafia Male Lead Falls in Love First Naive Female Lead

Koutei Gentei

Koutei Gentei (Manga)

Emperor Limited (Synonyms), حدود الإمبراطوية (Synonyms), แฟนฉันเป็นซุปเปอร์สตาร์ (Synonyms), 皇帝限定 (Synonyms)

Arrogant Male Lead Bishounen Cross-dressing Fast Romance Hard-Working Protagonist Model/s modeling Popular Male Lead Secret Identity Twin/s

Marshal, Your Wife Ran Away Again

Marshal, Your Wife Ran Away Again (Manhua)

General Your Wife Ran Again (Synonyms), Marshal, She Ran Away Again! (Synonyms), Shao shuai ni laopo you paole (Synonyms), Shǎo shuài nǐ lǎopó yòu pǎole (Synonyms), The Epic Revenge (Synonyms), Thiếu Soái! Vợ Ngài Lại Bỏ Trốn (Synonyms), 少帅你老婆又跑了 (Synonyms), 달콤살벌한 약혼자 (Synonyms)

Gu Qiang Zhou returns to the town where her father lives only to avenge her mother. On the course of the story she meets a marshal with whom she has a complicated relationship.From: Nora no Fansub

Arrogant Male Lead Based on a Novel Beautiful Female Lead Dominant Male Lead Full Color Handsome Male Lead Jealous Male Lead Jealousy Revenge Yandere Male Lead

Demon Style

Demon Style (Manhua)

Emo Shi Qingdiao (Synonyms), Evil Flirt (Synonyms), Èmó Shì Qíngdiào (Synonyms), 恶魔式情调 (Synonyms)

Will you be willing to spend money to exchange the most important things? When innocent girls are sadly betrayed by their boyfriends, is it a fatal fall or a final salvation? At the crossroads of the city, where should she go?

21st Century Arrogant Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Betrayal Blackmail Boss-Subordinate Relationship CEO Cold Male Lead Contract/s Dead Parent/s

Seirou Opera

Seirou Opera (Manga)

Edo Brothel Opera (Synonyms), La courtisane d'Edo (Synonyms), 青楼オペラ (Synonyms), 青楼绮谈 (Synonyms)

From official French synopsis:In the red-light district of Yoshiwara, during the Edo period, Akane is a young orphan from the military nobility. Following the mysterious murder of her parents, she decides to walk into the lion's den by going to a luxury brothel: the Akebonorô. Her meeting with Sôsuke, a young pawnbroker and a great seducer with a sharp intelligence, will literally shake up her destiny.In this environment where lust reigns supreme, is this apprentice courtesan getting ready to taste heaven or hell?

Age Gap Arrogant Male Lead Debt/s Edo Period Japan Murder/s Prostitute/s Red-Light District Rich Male Lead Samurai