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Mitsurin Shounen

Mitsurin Shounen (Manga)

Enfant Soldat (Synonyms), Jungle Boy (Synonyms), 密林少年 Jungle Boy (Synonyms)

This story is set in Cambodia. War has ravaged the country year after year, leaving behind it large minefields. To this day, many people still suffer because of them. Aki Ra keeps clearing the fields. But what was his childhood like? This is the story of a real child soldier, a historical account of a tragedy humanity should never forget.Mitsurin Shounen is also the story of a meeting. The one between Aki Ra, who grew up during the war, and Akira Fukaya, politically-involved mangaka and in love with south-east Asia.

20th Century Anti-War Asia Based on a True Story Biography / Autobiography Blood and Gore Child Abuse Child Soldier/s Comic Artist/s War/s

Tenjiku Neppuuroku

Tenjiku Neppuuroku (Manga)

Chronicle of the Searing Winds of Tianzhu (Synonyms), The Chronicle of the Scorching Winds of India (Synonyms), 天竺热风录 (Synonyms), 天竺熱風錄 (Synonyms), 天竺熱風録 (Synonyms)

The manga tells a fictional version of the story of historical Tang China diplomat Wang Xuance, centering on his diplomatic journey from Tang Dynasty China to the Empire of Harsha in India in the 7th century CE. When he comes upon a crumbling empire that is now hostile to him he escapes to Tibet and raises a confederation of Tang, Nepalese, and Tibetan soldiers to mount a raid on the Empire of Harsha. [ANN]

7th Century Ancient China Asia Based on a Novel Empire/s Historical Persons India Scar/s Scarred Protagonist Swordsman