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Spy x Family

Spy x Family (Anime)

SPY×FAMILY (Japanese)

For the agent known as "Twilight," no order is too tall if it is for the sake of peace. Operating as Westalis' master spy, Twilight works tirelessly to prevent extremists from sparking a war with neighboring country Ostania. For his latest mission, he must investigate Ostanian politician Donovan Desmond by infiltrating his son's school:

Assassin/s Secret Agent/s Secret Identity Esper/s Spy Spring 2022

Kaikei Saketen

Kaikei Saketen (Manga)

Hotel Harbour View (Synonyms), 海景酒店 (Synonyms)

Two linked stories, both revolving around a deadly female assassin. In Hotel Harbour View, a Japanese expatriate in Hong Kong spends his time drinking whisky, photographing a high class prostitute and waiting for death at the hands of the assassin he knows is coming for him. In Brief Encounter, a notorious Parisian assassin is himself marked for assassination and his hunter is no stranger to him.Viz published 2 stories.

America Assassin/s Cancer Gun/s

Kaiketsu El-Malo

Kaiketsu El-Malo (Manga)

Pirates El-Malo (Synonyms), 海傑エルマロ (Synonyms), 海杰怪童 (Synonyms)

In 16th century, Age of Discovery.A boy spent boring days on land and decided to go on a voyage. He became a brave Samurai with free spirits and finally became a the pirate called "EL-MALO".A Japanese Samurai commences his epic voyage.

16th Century Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H China Death of Loved One/s Female Fighter/s

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai (Manga)

Kaina (Synonyms), Kaina - Suruga-jou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), Kaina - Surugajou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), 腕~駿河城御前試合~ (Synonyms)

From MangaHelpers:This manga features violent stories of passion and swordsmanship, set in the Kan'ei era (1624-1643). It opens with a match between two damaged swordsmen. Irako is blind, and his opponent, Fujiki, is missing an arm. It has been decreed that their match will be fought with metal swords, instead of wooden, so one of these men will die. The story that led them to this final match, and gave them their handicaps, involves ambition, the selection of the heir for a dojo, and the passion of two women-- one the dojo master's daughter and the other his lover.

Amputee/s Assassin/s Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Body Horror Edo Period Episodic Masturbation Samurai Swordsman

Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Black (Manga)

Masked Rider Black (Synonyms), 仮面ライダーBlack (Synonyms)

After being kidnapped by the cult Gorgom, Kotaro Minami were submitted to a mutant surgery with the purpose of becoming the candidates for the next Gorgom Devil King. Kotaro escaped and turned against Gorgom as Kamen Rider Black.

Adopted Protagonist America Assassin/s Australia Bike China Europe Hero/es India Zoomorphism

Kamui Gaiden

Kamui Gaiden (Manga)

Legend of Kamui Continuation (Synonyms), More Legends of Kamui (Synonyms), カムイ外伝 (Synonyms)

A continuation of . The first few volumes were published in a Shounen magazine and the manga changed art style and direction when it switched to a Seinen publication. The violent and sexual explicit part of the narrative was the basis for the American adaptation by Eclipse Comics in the 1980s and it´s unedited Viz re-release in 1999.

17th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to Movie Animal Cruelty Anti-Social Protagonist Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Attempted Rape Bandit/s Gekiga

Kamui-Den Dai-2-bu

Kamui-Den Dai-2-bu (Manga)

Kamui-den Dainibu (Synonyms), The Legend Of Kamui, Part 2 (Synonyms), カムイ伝 第二部 (Synonyms)

The rogue ninja Kamui is struggling to free himself from the iron fist of his own clan. As a ronin, he should not exist. In his flight from his clan he meets another ronin kunoichi named Sugaru. Sugaru, wanting only to live in peace, is very distrustful. Her paranoia is shown to be justified. The manga covers Kamui's struggle to leave his past behind and Sugaru's failure to do the same.

17th Century Anti-Social Protagonist Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Blood and Gore Chambara Civil Disorder Clan/s Death Edo Period

Katakoi Saburou

Katakoi Saburou (Manga)

Katakoi Saburo (Synonyms), 保镖三郎 (Synonyms), 片恋さぶろう (Synonyms)

A story about an invincible samurai and a young princess that he has sworn to protect.

Assassin/s Blood and Gore Chambara Duty vs Freedom Honor Japan Long-Haired Male Lead Loyal Servant Middle-Aged Protagonist Murder/s


Katanageshou (Manga)

Katana Geshou (Synonyms), 刀化粧 (Synonyms)


Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Blood and Gore Chambara Child Abuse Cold Male Lead Cunnilingus Dark Ambience Drug/s

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Mr. & Mr. Hitman?

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Mr. & Mr. Hitman? (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Yamamoto x Hibari - 8018 - AULoosely based on the 2005 movie, . However, instead of a married couple, in Yoneda Kou's version, Yamamoto and Hibari play rival hitmen who meet by chance, neither one aware of the other's profession. But like the movie, expect to see a lot of sexual tension and hardcore hitman action!___Reprinted in

Alternate Universe America Assassin/s Based on a Movie Cohabitation Gun/s Gunfighter/s Half-Japanese Inexperienced in Love Secret Identity

Kenshin (KOIKE Kazuo)

Kenshin (KOIKE Kazuo) (Manga)

拳神 (Synonyms), 拳神-海渡勇次郎伝 (Synonyms), 拳神-海渡勇次郎传 (Synonyms), 拳神-海渡勇次郎傳 (Synonyms)

Uto Yujiro, a Japanese youngster who cross the sea to the home of the Eskimos - a cold & freezing place in northern Alaska, in order to become a top class whaler, but after he met a powerful boxer called Jim, his life's destiny has changed dramatically.

20th Century Abusive Parent/s Adultery Alcohol America Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Black Character/s Blackmail

Kill Ani

Kill Ani (Manga)

Kill Big Brother (Synonyms), キルアニ (Synonyms)

Kazuki just inherited a large sum of money, the only problem is, there may be a hitman out for his life.

Assassin/s Inheritance Older Brother Younger Sister

Kill Eye

Kill Eye (Manga)

Kiruai (Synonyms), キル アイ (Synonyms), キルアイ (Synonyms)

A young man leaps across the night sky and when he reaches his target destination, he finds a girl covered in blood.The girl, Ana, tells Ron that she had lost her family in an "incident" and she is currently chasing after the culprits behind their murder.An assassin and a girl seeking revenge. The meeting of these two people who are living their lives close to death will change their fate forever.

Adult Male Lead Assassin/s Dead Family Member/s Death of Loved One/s High School Student/s Murder Mystery Murder/s Rape Victim/s Revenge Sexual Assault

Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee (Novel)

Kill No More VS ½ Prince Melee (Novel) (Novel)

Kill No More vs Half Prince Melee (Synonyms)

Legend has it that in this world, there is the God of Creation, the God of War, the God of the Arts, and the God of Prosperity, as well as many other gods. However, with the passing of time, the legend of the gods has slowly faded from the people’s memory…Kill No More's Liola, Kaiser and Baolilong travel to 1/2 Prince's Taiwan to get a chance to meet the people behind their legends.

Assassin/s Cooking Crossover Emotionless Character/s Fight/s Food Game World Game/s God/s Housewife

Killer Landlord and the Attractive Tenant

Killer Landlord and the Attractive Tenant (Manhua)

Shashou Fangdong Qiao Fangke (Synonyms), 杀手房东俏房客 (Synonyms), 殺手房東俏房客 (Synonyms)

World's best known killer, Zhao Tie Zhu is washing his hands in a golden tub, buying estates and becoming a landlord. Watch him as he becomes the boss of his school and climbs the ranking of the stock market, all just to make sure that his tenant is happy and comfortable in his home.(Source: MangaDex)

Assassin/s Landlord/Landlady Police Officer/s Strong Male Lead Tenant/s

Killer the Housemate

Killer the Housemate (Manhwa)

우리 집 살인마 (Synonyms)

Normal family, normal looks, normal personalities. For someone who is not special, I have become somewhat like the main actor from an action thriller-horror movie. Or perhaps from a romantic comedy movie? No, a slice of life movie? Wait! whatever it may be, Why! Why has this happened to me? The special story of a Korean standard university student, Woo Ri Nam, is starting!

Assassin/s Cohabitation Full Color Hostage Mistaken Identity Murderer/s Plain-Looking Male Lead Roommates University University Student/s

Killer ² + 1

Killer ² + 1 (Manga)

Koroshiya² +1 (Synonyms), 殺し屋² +1 (Synonyms), 殺し屋²+1 (Synonyms)

Two members of an American crime family live with a Japanese college student. They attempt to keep him out of it, but when they are unexpectedly betrayed by former friends, things start to spiral out of control.

Adult Protagonist Americans Travel to Japan Assassin/s Assassination/s Cohabitation Female Demographic with Male Lead Foreigner/s Friendship Gang/s Mafia

Kimi shinita mouko to nakare to iu nakare

Kimi shinita mouko to nakare to iu nakare (Manga)

I really wish you'd lost it (Synonyms), Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare to Iu Nakare (Synonyms), 君死にたもうことなかれというなかれ (Synonyms)

Yamano has a dream: to die the most beautiful death in the world. However, she can't think up a good enough way to die. Thus, she asks a killer to kill her.


Kimi wa Meido-sama

Kimi wa Meido-sama (Manga)

Pokojówka z piekła rodem (Polish) (Synonyms), You Are Ms. Servant (Synonyms), 君は冥土様 (Synonyms), 君は冥土様。 (Synonyms), 暗殺女僕冥土醬 (Synonyms)

A girl in a maid uniform came to Yokoya Hitoyoshi's house looking for a job. Her previous job was an assassin, and she is skilled in all the deadly arts, but she's a complete beginner at housework. Hitoyoshi was confused by the strange request and sent her away. But then she saved Hitoyoshi from a deadly accident, and he thought maybe they can make this work? This is a story about a maid who was a cold-hearted killer learning about new emotions. A maid who lived a lonely life in the underworld finally finding family. The start of an enjoyable daily life.

Assassin/s Beautiful Female Lead Clumsy Female Lead Dark Past High School Kind Male Lead Kind Protagonist Maid/s Older Female Younger Male Strong Female Lead

Shin Kozure Ookami - Lone Wolf

Shin Kozure Ookami - Lone Wolf (Manga)

Jin (KOIKE Kazuo) (Synonyms), New Lone Wolf and Cub (Synonyms), Novo Lobo Solitário (Synonyms), Shin Kotsure Ookami (Synonyms), Shin Kozure Ookami (Synonyms), Shin Lone Wolf and Cub (Synonyms), 新・子連れ狼 (Synonyms), 新子連れ狼 LONE WOLF (Synonyms)

Ogami Itto, the Lone Wolf, and his nemesis, Yagyu Retsudo, lie dead on the field of their titanic duel. Ogami's young son, Daigoro, will not leave his father side, and none dare help the child, none save Togo Shigetada, a samurai on a desperate and deadly mission of his own!

Adopted Protagonist Assassin/s Blood and Gore Borderline H Chambara Child Protagonist Clan/s Cunnilingus Dark Ambience Dead Parent/s