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Fuuun! Danishiryou

Fuuun! Danishiryou (Manga)

風雲! 男子寮 (Synonyms)



Fuyu no Banya / Magamochi no Naka

Fuyu no Banya / Magamochi no Naka (Manga)

Fisherman’s Lodge (Synonyms), Fuyu no Banya / Nagamochi no Naka (Synonyms), In the Chest (Synonyms), L’inverno del Pescatore (Synonyms), The Winter Fisherman Lodge (Synonyms), 冬の番屋/長持の中 (Synonyms)

Collection of short stories:1. (Fuyu no Banya)2. 3. (Nagamochi no Naka)

Bara Collection of Stories

Gokujou Oyaji!!

Gokujou Oyaji!! (Manga)

Between Delusion and Reality (Synonyms), Foreign Toy (Synonyms), Gokujou Oyaji (Synonyms), Rugby Dormitory 204 (Synonyms), Things That Can Only be Seen with Glasses (Synonyms), Tokujou Oyaji (Synonyms), Welcome to the Joint Animal Hospital (Synonyms), 極上親父 (Synonyms)

Bara Collection of Stories Coworker/s Foreigner/s Handjob Live-in Lover Manly Gay Couple Masculine Uke Masturbation Veterinarian/s

Hige to Nikutai

Hige to Nikutai (Manga)

Flesh + Beard (Synonyms), Flesh and Beard (Synonyms), 髭と肉体 (Synonyms), 턱수염과 육체 (Synonyms)

Anal Intercourse Bara BDSM Bearded Protagonist Masculine Seme Masculine Uke

in J

in J (Manga)

Furry Dormitory (Synonyms)


Bara Furry Kemono

Koisuru Ossan

Koisuru Ossan (Manga)

Koi Suru Ossan (Synonyms), Seishun Kaze Hatsumono Dzukushi no Otomari Teishoku (Synonyms), The Fellow Who Falls in Love (Synonyms), The Middle-Aged Guy I Love (Synonyms), 恋するおっさん (Synonyms)

A collection of stories, including- Seishun Kaze Hatsumono Dzukushi no Otomari Teishoku

Bara Collection of Stories

Police Orgy

Police Orgy (Manga)

The Fated Key (Synonyms), Unmei no Kagi (Synonyms), 運命の鍵 (Synonyms)



Sakanaya Kensuke

Sakanaya Kensuke (Manga)

Fish Dealer Kensuke (Synonyms), 魚屋健介 (Synonyms)

Stories about Kensuke, a middle aged fish dealer, and his relationships with other men in a small town.

Bara Group Intercourse Masculine Seme Masculine Uke Seke Seme and Uke Switch

Sarawarete Ai no Mori

Sarawarete Ai no Mori (Manga)

Forest of Stolen Love (Synonyms), さらわれて愛の森 (Synonyms), 夺爱之森 (Synonyms)

Bara Collection of Stories Hikikomori Male Demographic with Female Author Older Uke Younger Seme Otaku

Seiharu! Fight Love

Seiharu! Fight Love (Manga)

Fighting Love Stories of Sexual Youth (Synonyms), 性春!ファイトラブ (Synonyms)


Bara School Boy/s

Shinmai Ginkouin Kyuuryuu Kouji no Junan

Shinmai Ginkouin Kyuuryuu Kouji no Junan (Manga)

10 Days in a Two Man Suit (Synonyms), 10-Kakan Nininbaori Seikatsu! (Synonyms), Douzoku Keno (Synonyms), Family Dissonance (Synonyms), Kyuuryuu Kouji no Junan (Synonyms), My Beast (MATSU Takeshi) (Synonyms), Novice Bank Employee Kyuuryuu Kouji's Disaster (Synonyms), Novice Banker - The Adversities of Kyuuryuu Kouji (Synonyms), Ore no Beast (Synonyms), Prowler (Synonyms), Sensei wa Doukyuusei (Synonyms), Teacher Student Relationship (Synonyms), Teacher-Student Relationship (Synonyms), Tsumina Yatsu!! (Synonyms), 新米銀行員 九竜光司の受難 (Synonyms)

Content:1-6. 7. (sequel in )8. 9. 10. 11.

Bank Bara Blackmail Episodic Odd Situation/s Outdoor Intercourse Seke Submissive Male Lead

Sono Otoko Kyoubou Nitsuki

Sono Otoko Kyoubou Nitsuki (Manga)

Drive That Man Into a Frenzy (Synonyms), Frenzy For The Big Guy (Synonyms), その男狂暴につき (Synonyms)


Bara Gachimuchi Original Doujinshi

Wappa Jigoku Fushi Jigoku

Wappa Jigoku Fushi Jigoku (Manga)

A Boy in Hell (Synonyms), Father and Son in Hell (Synonyms), Wappa Jigoku Oyako Jigoku (Synonyms), 童地獄・父子地獄 (Synonyms), 아이지옥/부자지옥 (Synonyms)

Collection of short stories:1. - (A Boy in Hell / Father and Son in Hell)2. (The Flying Dutchman)3. - (The Army of Fallen Tears)4. - (Confession)NOTE: Bruno Gmünder's published version entitled, "The Contracts of the Fall" contains the following stories:- The Contracts of the Fall- Lover Boy from - Pochi from - The Flying Dutchman

Bara Collection of Stories Feudal Japan Foursome Rape

Kinniku Kitan

Kinniku Kitan (Manga)

Company Slave Elegy (Synonyms), Cretian Cow (Synonyms), END LINE (TAGAME Gengoroh) (Synonyms), Exorcism (Synonyms), Hot Oden (Synonyms), Kureta no Meushi (Synonyms), Missing (TAGAME Gengoroh) (Synonyms), MISSING〜ミッシング〜 (Synonyms), Monster Hunt Show (Synonyms), Muscle Oclameron (Synonyms), Oden Gutsugutsu (TAGAME Gengoroh) (Synonyms), Oniharae (Synonyms), Shachiku Aika (Synonyms), Tenshoku (Synonyms), The Cretan Cow (Synonyms), The Exorcism (Synonyms), The Job Switch (Synonyms), おでんぐつぐつ (Synonyms), クレタの牝牛 (Synonyms), モンスター・ハント・ショー (Synonyms), 社畜哀歌 (Synonyms), 筋肉奇譚 (Synonyms), 転職 (Synonyms), 鬼祓 (Synonyms), 귀불 (Synonyms), 근육기담 (Synonyms), 몬스터 헌트 쇼 (Synonyms), 사축애가 (Synonyms), 오뎅 보글보글 (Synonyms), 전직 (타가메 겐고로) (Synonyms), 크레타의 암소 (Synonyms)

1. クレタの牝牛2. モンスター・ハント・ショー3. おでんぐつぐつ4. 転職5. END LINE6. 社畜哀歌7. 鬼祓8. MISSING〜ミッシング〜

Bara BDSM Birth Bondage Greek Mythology Male Pregnancy Minotaur Samurai Tentacles Torture


Embog (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

"Original" doujinshi by the circle Ryacanthropy.

bara Dansei-muke Hypnotism Original Doujinshi

End Line

End Line (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

In End Line., a football champion must endure an arousing disciplinary hazing.

American Football bara BDSM Coach/es Spanking

Endless Game (TAGAME Gengoroh)

Endless Game (TAGAME Gengoroh) (Manga)

エンドレス・ゲーム (TAGAME Gengoroh) (Synonyms)

Endless Game tells the tale of Akira, a college student with a "voracious appetite for sex" who gets more than he bargained for on a trip to the bathhouse. NOTE: Bruno Gmünder's published version entitled, "Endless Game " focuses exclusively on the title story.

Bara Controlling Lover Double / Multiple Penetration Manipulation Out of Print in English Prostitution Threesome


Experience (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

Includes- Experience- Nichiyoubi wa sutorenja - Papa Don't Preach - measure (tailor Tanaka Series) - Gogo 3-ji no Elevator (title story prologue)- Tokino sugiyuku mamani

Bara Collection of Stories

Eyeshield 21 dj - The Direction They Face

Eyeshield 21 dj - The Direction They Face (Doujinshi)

Sono ashi no mukau saki (Synonyms), その脚の向かう先 (Synonyms)


Bara Oral Intercourse

Kairaku Hakurankai

Kairaku Hakurankai (Manga)

An Exhibition of the Pleasure (Synonyms), Tatau no Taiyou (Synonyms), 快楽博覧会 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories, including:1. Otoko Sushi2. Koushuu Benjo no Jouken3. Morino-kun no Tadashii Mensetsuhou4. Hot Finger5. Tatau no Taiyou6. Kawa-asobi7. Ameotoko8. Kyuubou no Otoko9. Bounen no Otoko10. Beast Heaven: New World

Bara Collection of Stories Male Demographic with Female Author