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Renai 3 Jigen Debut - 30-sai Otaku Mangaka, Kekkon e no Michi.

Renai 3 Jigen Debut - 30-sai Otaku Mangaka, Kekkon e no Michi. (Manga)

First Stir in 3D (Synonyms), 恋愛3次元デビュー ~30歳オタク漫画家、結婚への道。~ (Synonyms)

The recently wed manga artist Kazama Ayami is drawing an essay on her true feelings about romance and marriage. She had minimal interaction with boys in her all girls school, but she got married with a boy she knew for a year, and now she must relive her embarrassing and pitiful memories for drawing her manga! Meanwhile, her rival manga artist is the boy she is about to marry, so will this become another embarrassing memory…!? This will be her challenge of appealing to other persons purer feelings!

Based on a True Story Biography / Autobiography Easily Embarrassed Female Lead Engaged Couple Female Unaccustomed to Males Manga in a Manga Misunderstanding/s Misunderstood Protagonist Otaku Wedding

Tatoeba Konna Koi no Hanashi

Tatoeba Konna Koi no Hanashi (Manga)

A story of love (French) (Synonyms), For example, such a story of love (Synonyms), Zu schön, um wahr zu sein (German) (Synonyms), たとえばこんな恋のはなし (Synonyms)

Akira never had a real romantic relationship, and has told himself since high school that he must not fall in love with straight guys. One day, someone comments on his cooking blog, "Is your skill at cooking good because you're a homo?"Real love between a heterosexual man and a gay man unfolds after their rocky first communication. The true story reveals the couple's tribulations and transformations of heart.(Source: ANN)*Based on a true story of an actual gay couple.

Based on a True Story Birth Mark/s Coming Out of the Closet Forced Living Arrangements Gay Uke Roommates Serious Male Lead Straight Seme Straightforward Male Lead Time Skip


Elisabeth (Manga)

エリザベート (Synonyms)

From :Based on the hugely popular musical of the same name, Elisabeth details the life of the Austrian Empress in the 19th century. At a very young age, she marries the Emperor Franz Joseph and is whisked away to the opulence of the Viennese court. The stagnant court functions stifle her while she struggles with her own quest for personal freedom. She is tormented by her own psychological decay and a fading Austrian monarchy. And throughout her life she is strongly drawn to a mysterious figure...Death.

19th Century Anti-Social Protagonist Austria Based on a Play Based on a True Story Dead Lover/s Death of Loved One/s Death Wish Emperor/s royalty

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst (Manga)

エメリン・パンクハースト (Synonyms)


Based on a True Story England European Ambiance Feminism Victorian Era

End of the Series! Behind the scenes from Shonen Jump's Golden Age

End of the Series! Behind the scenes from Shonen Jump's Golden Age (Manga)

Axed! (Synonyms), Cancelled! (Synonyms), Rensai Shyuuryou! Shōnenjanpu kogane-ki no butaiura (Synonyms), Series Axed! (Synonyms), Series Cancelled! (Synonyms), 連載終了!少年ジャンプ黄金期の舞台裏 (Synonyms)

This autobiographical manga graphic novel tells about the life and struggle of young Kouji Maki when he tries to make a series for Shonen Jump during the 80's

Based on a True Story Biography / Autobiography Comic Artist/s Comic Industry Mangaka in a Manga True Story

Mitsurin Shounen

Mitsurin Shounen (Manga)

Enfant Soldat (Synonyms), Jungle Boy (Synonyms), 密林少年 Jungle Boy (Synonyms)

This story is set in Cambodia. War has ravaged the country year after year, leaving behind it large minefields. To this day, many people still suffer because of them. Aki Ra keeps clearing the fields. But what was his childhood like? This is the story of a real child soldier, a historical account of a tragedy humanity should never forget.Mitsurin Shounen is also the story of a meeting. The one between Aki Ra, who grew up during the war, and Akira Fukaya, politically-involved mangaka and in love with south-east Asia.

20th Century Anti-War Asia Based on a True Story Biography / Autobiography Blood and Gore Child Abuse Child Soldier/s Comic Artist/s War/s


Joshikousei (Manga)

Chicas de Instituto (spanish) (Synonyms), High School Girls (Synonyms), Joshi Kousei (Synonyms), Joshikousei Girls-High (Synonyms), Jyoshi Kosei (Synonyms), Jyoshi Kousei (Synonyms), 女子高生 (Synonyms), 女子高生Girls-High (Synonyms), 女子高生 Girls―High (Synonyms), 여고생 (Synonyms)

From DrMaster:A hilariously hip account of life at an all-girl private high school. As the student body comes of age we witness their search for love, sexual controversy and the rivalry between cliques. Based on the authors own real life experiences this is one manga you don’t want to miss!

Adapted to Anime All-Girls School Based on a True Story Friendship Male Demographic with Female Lead Menstruation Rivals Become Friends Searching for Love Smart Female Lead Weight Gain

Molester Man

Molester Man (Manga)

Chikan Otoko (Synonyms), 痴漢男 (Synonyms)

Based on a real story which was posted on 2ch, Molester Man is the story of how Molester Man is mistaken for a stalker by Miss Understanding, and how they overcome their personal challenges while slowly growing closer to each other.

Anonymous Based on a True Story Friendship Internet Loner Protagonist Misunderstanding/s Part-Time Job Polite Male Lead Stalker/s Waitress/es

My Sassy Girl

My Sassy Girl (Manhwa)

Cô bạn ngổ ngáo (Synonyms), 我的野蛮女友 (Synonyms), 엽기적인 그녀 (Synonyms)

A young man, Gyeon-woo, recounts how he meets and develops a relationship with a very "sassy" girl who is recovering from the recent death of her fiancee. Due to her inability to entirely overcome her loss, she keeps him at arm's length, more than just a friend, but less than a boyfriend. Despite this, Gyeon-woo stays by her side, determined to help heal her pain. Gyeon-woo's story is told through his online blog.

Adapted to Live Action Based on a True Story English Company Closed Before Completing Strong Female Lead

Niji no Ikusa

Niji no Ikusa (Manga)

The Battle of the Rainbow (Synonyms), 虹の戦 (Synonyms)

Arranged Marriage Based on a True Story Collection of Stories Married Couple Nobunaga or a Relative Sengoku Era War/s

Oshaberi na Jikanwari

Oshaberi na Jikanwari (Manga)

A Talking Timetable (Synonyms), Búp bê bằng gỗ (Synonyms), Mis recuerdos del instituto (Synonyms), おしゃべりな時間割 (Synonyms)

Age Progression Art Based on a True Story Child/ren Childhood Dream/s Elementary School Letter/s Long-Distance Relationship Mangaka in a Manga

Anne Frank - Sensou no Naka de Ikiru Kibou o Kaki Tsudzuketa Shoujo

Anne Frank - Sensou no Naka de Ikiru Kibou o Kaki Tsudzuketa Shoujo (Manga)

アンネ・フランク―戦争の中で生きる希望を書きつづけた少女 (Synonyms)


Based on a True Story Biography / Autobiography Germany Historical Persons Jews Nazi Real Life Facts War/s


Aki (Manga)

アキ (Synonyms)

Mahjong is all Nikaido Aki knew growing up. With her parents operating a Mahjong shop where people would gather to play the game, it served as a good time for Aki, her older sister Rumi and their family. But when their mother leaves them out of the blue, their father is forced to close the shop and he leaves Aki and Rumi with relatives. With no real goal in life and not even sure if she wants to continue on to high school, Aki has to figure out what she wants out of her life.

Absent Parent/s Based on a True Story Mahjong Male Demographic with Female Lead Runaway from Home Separation of Family Member/s Sister/s

Aoki Senshitachi

Aoki Senshitachi (Manga)

Aoki Senshi-tachi (Synonyms), 青き戦士たち (Synonyms)

Comic version based on the soccer life of three players.

Based on a True Story Biography / Autobiography Soccer