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Fuyu no Ou to Haru no Hime

Fuyu no Ou to Haru no Hime (Manga)

Winter King and Spring Princess (Synonyms), 冬の王と春の姫 (Synonyms)

'Winter King and Spring Princess' begins when a lonely King of the winter land meets a beautiful spring land Princess. The Princess, who had fallen near the border, begged the winter king, "Please leave me in this country!""Winter King and Spring Princess", which was originally written by Yuki Yoshihara and beautifully drawn by Tomu Ohmi.(Featured in the Petit Comic 2/2018 issue on Jan 6, 2018)

Beautiful Female Lead Caring Male Lead Flower/s Handsome Male Lead King/s Lonely Male Lead Love at First Sight Magic Palace Princess In Another Kingdom

Girlfriend of Friend

Girlfriend of Friend (Manhwa)

Friend's Girlfriend (Min-Yeong) (Synonyms), 친구, 여자친구 (Synonyms)

In order to make Gyeong-Su, somone who has never had a girlfriend’s dream come true, his best friend and his friend’s girlfriend started a series of one-on-one special training… You can twist the woman somehow. One point lecture to actually make imagination through friends girlfriend begins.

Ahegao Anal Intercourse Attempted Rape Beautiful Female Lead Big Ass Big Breasts Big Penis Breakup/s Character Growth Cheating Boyfriend

Great Han's Female General Wei Qiqi (Novel)

Great Han's Female General Wei Qiqi (Novel) (Novel)

Flaming War Of Han Dynasty (Synonyms), Fēng Huǒ Dàhàn Xì Hóng Yán (Synonyms), Guerra Llameante De La Dinastia Han (Synonyms), Wei Qi Qi: La General Femenina De El Gran Han (Synonyms), 烽火大汉戏红颜 (Synonyms)

Abusive Character/s Alternate World Ancient China Ancient Times Arranged Marriage Beautiful Female Lead Competitive Protagonist Cunning Protagonist Curse/s General/s

Hana no Bijohime

Hana no Bijohime (Manga)

The Beautiful Prince of Flower (Synonyms), The Beautiful Princess of Flowers (Synonyms), The Flowers' Lady of Beauty (Synonyms), 花の美女姫 (Synonyms)

From the Animeraider:They’re handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed twin boys, and they both have been friends with the most beautiful girl in the French Quarter since childhood. Alas, only one can actually win her heart…

Banchou Beautiful Female Lead Childhood Friend/s Europe France Long-Haired Male Lead Love Triangle/s Music Nobility Twin/s

Hana no Namae

Hana no Namae (Manga)

The Flower's Name (Synonyms), The Name of the Flower (Synonyms), أسم الوردة (Synonyms), ยามเมื่อดอกรักผลิบาน (Synonyms), 花の名前 (Synonyms), 花的名字 (Synonyms)

Devastated by the loss of her parents, 18-year-old Chouko loses her will to live. After staying with several different relatives, she settles in with a handsome young writer named Kei and finds solace in tending to the flower garden. Kei's a solitary person who doesn't quite know how to deal with this emotional young woman, but Chouko's dedication eventually leads him to accept her presence. Will their mutual affection grow into something more? (from the CMX website)

Age Gap Angst Beautiful Female Lead Dark Ambience Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Guardian Relationship Loneliness Older Male Younger Female Troubled Past Writer/s

His Highness Discovered I'm a Woman!

His Highness Discovered I'm a Woman! (Manga)

A Few Days After Dressing up as a Man, I Was Found out by His Highness of the Kingdom and He Became Infatuated with Me (Synonyms), Dansou Shitara Suujitsu de Barete, Kokuo Heika ni Dekiai Sareteimasu (Synonyms), Его Высочество понял, что я девушка, и даже влюбился! (Synonyms), 男装したら数日でバレて、国王陛下に溺愛されています (Synonyms)

Because of an order from her grandfather who works as the grand chamberlain in the Bernadis Kingdom, Michelle took the place of her twin brother and dressed up as a man in order to apprentice as a chamberlain. His majesty, the King’s beauty is transcending. Michelle works hard in order to not to be discovered while masquerading in mens’ clothes that she’s not used to. “You don’t listen to my orders? Raise your head.” Everyday is filled with worry and anxiety. The future for Michelle that is gradually being charmed by his majesty, the King is…

Based on a Light Novel Beautiful Female Lead Blonde-Haired Female Lead Cross-dressing European Ambiance Female Disguised as Male Impersonating Someone King/s Royalty Taking the Place of a Sibling

Hissatsu! Madonna Densetsu

Hissatsu! Madonna Densetsu (Manga)

Born Bad Boy (Synonyms), Fire Baby (Synonyms), Gekikara Baby! (Synonyms), Hissatsu Madonna Densetsu (Synonyms), Tekken Baby! (Synonyms), Tennen Bad Boy (Synonyms), 必殺!マドンナ伝説 (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Beautiful Female Lead Character Who Bullies the One They Love Collection of Stories Handsome Male Lead Hot-Blooded Female Lead Playboy/s Rivals Become Lovers Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Hot Enemies

Hot Enemies (Manhwa)

Fiery Enemies (Synonyms), The Hottest Enemy (Synonyms), セカンドラブは激しく (Synonyms), 火热冤家 (Synonyms), 火热的冤家 (Synonyms), 뜨거운 웬수 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Cohabitation Divorced Protagonist Fashion Designer Full Color Handsome Male Lead Lawyer/s Marriage Misunderstanding/s Parental Interference

Idea no Hana

Idea no Hana (Manga)

Flower of the Idea (Synonyms), イデアの花 (Synonyms), 灵眼之花 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Child Protagonist Chinese Ambient Dead Family Member/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Ghost/s Older Female Younger Male Spirit/s Young Male Lead Young Protagonist

Kakan no Madonna

Kakan no Madonna (Manga)

The Flower Crown Madonna (Synonyms), The Madonna of a Flowercrown (Synonyms), คุณหญิงมงกุฎดอกไม้ (Synonyms), มงกุฎมาดอนน่า (Synonyms), 花冠のマドンナ (Synonyms), 花冠安琪儿 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Cross-dressing Dumb Female Lead Idiot Protagonist Italy Love Triangle/s Religion Reverse Trap Strong Female Lead Swordsman

Kiken Mania

Kiken Mania (Manga)

Danger-MANIA (Synonyms), Dangerous Mania (Synonyms), Finding True Love (Synonyms), Kiken Mania Prologue (Synonyms), รักอันตรายของยัยเจ้าเสน่ห์ (Synonyms), キケンマニア (Synonyms), 危险MANIA (Synonyms), 危險的甜蜜關係 (Synonyms)

From :After breaking up with their respective exes due to certain circumstances, Nono and Kazuma suddenly find themselves in a relationship. How much does it really take to make things work?From :Nono (15) dislikes flirty men because of previous experience, so she wants to date a serious, honest guy. When Akkun (25) confesses to her, it's like a dream come true. But does he really love her?

Bad Experiences Beautiful Female Lead Bishoujo Breakup/s Ex-Boyfriend Playboy/s Popular Female Lead Protective Friend/s Searching for Love Student-Student Relationship

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho (Manga)

Fox's Devil & Black Grimoire (Synonyms), Fox's Devil and Black Grimoire (Synonyms), Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Grimoire (Synonyms), 狐の悪魔と黒い魔導書 (Synonyms), 狐之恶魔与黑魔导书 (Synonyms), 狐狸恶魔与黑色魔导书 (Synonyms)

Narrates the story of Kyuuki, a strong, proud fox demon who recently woke up and needs a host and Kamishiro Shin, a normal would be high school student if it wouldn't be for "his ability" and for the fact that he got a hold of the black Grimoire that controls Kyuuki's existence. Shin is bound to the book as long as he is alive, thus not only he can't sever his connection to Kyuuki; but those who want the book's power are bound to come after his hide regardless of time and place.

Animal Characteristics Beautiful Female Lead Clever Protagonist Demon/s Emotionally Strong Female Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Magic Book/s Panchira Smart Male Lead Sudden Appearance


Luohua (Manhua)

Fallen Flower (Synonyms), Falling Peony (Synonyms), Lạc Hoa (Synonyms), 落花 (Synonyms), 낙화 (Synonyms)

Ancient China Beautiful Couple Beautiful Female Lead Character/s Connected to Wealth Flower/s God/s Handsome Male Lead Love Triangle/s Reincarnation Time Skip

Nise Seiken Monogatari: Osananajimi no Seijo o Uttara Michizure ni sareta

Nise Seiken Monogatari: Osananajimi no Seijo o Uttara Michizure ni sareta (Manga)

Fake Holy Sword Story ~I Was Taken Along When I Sold My Childhood Friend~ (Synonyms), Fake/Holy Sword Story: When My Saint Childhood Friend Was Sold, I Was Taken Along (Synonyms), 偽・聖剣物語~幼なじみの聖女を売ったら道連れにされた~ (Synonyms)

Antihero / Antiheroine Appearance Different from Personality Based on a Web Novel Beautiful Female Lead Childhood Friend/s Cunning Female Lead Cunning Male Lead Cunning Protagonist False Personality Fate

Pump Up!

Pump Up! (Manga)

Fuyu Hanabi (UEDA Rinko) (Synonyms), Pump Up (Synonyms), パンプアップ! (Synonyms), 恋爱二重奏 (Synonyms)

Androgynous Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Club/s Feminine Male Lead Middle School Misunderstanding/s Soccer/Football Strong Female Lead Student/s Weak Male Lead

Return for Revenge

Return for Revenge (Manhua)

First Miss Reborn (Synonyms), Primera Señorita Renacida (Synonyms), Yipin Di Nu (Synonyms), Yipin Maiden (Synonyms), Yīpǐn Dí Nǚ (Synonyms), 一品嫡女 (Synonyms)

When she was hit by labor pain, what greeted her wasn't words of comfort but vile accusations of infidelity. Killed in defense of her unborn baby, she vowed to take revenge on them all… and God granted her a second chance. However, it seems that she's not the only one brought back. Who's that silver-haired guy in mask? Why does he seem to know her every move, yet still willingly provide unconditional help regardless?Official Translation: ,

Based on a Novel Beautiful Female Lead Conspiracy/ies Handsome Male Lead Long-Haired Male Character/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Prince/s Revenge Scheming Character/s Talented Female Lead

Shuuden na Kankei

Shuuden na Kankei (Manga)

Final Stop: Relationship (Synonyms), Miłość na ostatniej stacji (Polish) (Synonyms), 終電なカ・ン・ケ・イ (Synonyms)

Hibari is a young professional who works long hours and inevitably rides the last train home. It's not all bad. She also runs into the train station worker, Yokose. Yokose is kind and polite and is always looking out for Hibari as she often sleeps defenselessly (and with a bit of drool) on her way home. Their brief encounters are a bright spot in her hectic days.

Age Gap Beautiful Female Lead Clumsy Protagonist Embarrassment Hard-Working Protagonist Innocent Male Lead Naive Female Lead Older Male Younger Female Sincere Male Lead Train/s


Tamachen!! (Manga)

Fated Soul Change (Synonyms), Tama-chan!! (Synonyms), Tertukar Jiwa!! (Synonyms), たまちぇん!! (Synonyms), 交換靈魂吧 (Synonyms)

Komachi Himeno is a cute and busy girl in school. Onigawara Nozomi has a monster-like face and monster-like strength. Everyone in class is afraid of Nozomi, but Himeno bravely chooses him as part of the cleaning group. That day, on her way home, Himeno notices that Nozomi is chasing her. Scared, she runs away and they both end up falling down some stairs. Afterwards they realize that their souls have swapped.....

Appearance Different from Personality Beautiful Female Lead Body Swap/s Delinquent/s Female Lead Falls in Love First Hot-Blooded Female Lead Kind Male Lead Misunderstood Protagonist Older Brother Scary Male Lead

The Boss's Shotgun Wedding

The Boss's Shotgun Wedding (Manhua)

Contract Wife Runs Away From The Ceo (Synonyms), Cô Vợ Hợp Đồng Bỏ Trốn Của Tổng Giám Đốc (Synonyms), Flash Marriage - President's Contract Wife (Synonyms), Hasty Marriage Contract With The Heir (Synonyms), Repentido Contrato Matrimonial Con El Ceo (Synonyms), Shanhun Zongcai Qiyueqi (Synonyms), The CEO's Pregnant Wife (Synonyms), The Wife Contract Ran Away Of Ceo (Synonyms), 闪婚总裁契约妻 (Synonyms), 속도위반 대표님과 계약 아내 (Synonyms)

Tricked by her best friend, her first time was taken away by the cold CEO of the company she works for. After she finds herself pregnant and forced to marry by his grandmother. He comes up with a marriage contract. What will their life be like, and will it turn as true love in the end?

Beautiful Female Lead CEO Handsome Male Lead Hidden Identity Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s One-Night Stand Rich Male Lead

Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Garçon

Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Garçon (Manga)

Stunning Garcon of the Tsubakikan (Synonyms), Stunning Garçon of the Camellia Japonica Castle Cafe (Synonyms), Stunning Garçon of the Tsubakikan (Synonyms), The Far-Too-Pretty Waiter at the Castle of the Camillias Cafe's (Synonyms), The Mansion of Camellias Cafe's Passingly Fair Waiter Boy (Synonyms), The Overwhelmingly Beautiful Garcon of Tsubaki-kan Cafe (Synonyms), The Stunning Garcon of the Camellia Hall Cafe (Synonyms), Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Garcon (Synonyms), Tsubakikan no Utsukushi Sugiru Gyaruson (Synonyms), Tsubakikan no Utsukushisugiru Garcon (Synonyms), 咖啡館美形男 (Synonyms), 椿館の美しすぎるギャルソン (Synonyms)

Yufuin Shizuka is a garçon at the Cafe Tsubaki-kan. He's gorgeous, elegant, and gives superb service. He just has one weakness - girls! Just looking into a girl's eyes or being touched is enough to completely fluster him. Unfortunately, the owner's granddaughter is going to be running the cafe, and when she finds out about his problem, she decides that he shouldn't be working there!

Beautiful Female Lead Bishounen Blushing Male Lead Cafe Desserts Easily Embarrassed Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Granddaughter/s Handsome Male Lead Waiter/s