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Futari Ecchi for Ladies

Futari Ecchi for Ladies (Manga)

Futari Ecchi - Yura's Diary (Synonyms), Futari Ecchi - Yura-san Nisshi (Synonyms), Yura y Makoto Para Chicas (Spanish) (Synonyms), ふたりエッチ for Ladies (Synonyms), ふたりエッチ ゆらさん日誌 (Synonyms), ふたりエッチ フォア レディース (Synonyms)

Based on the hit manga by Katsu Aki, "Futari Ecchi for Ladies" takes the story to a new level.The newlywed story continues, but this time around, the perspective is from Yura, our FE heroine. This tale adds new twists and problems that women encounter.

Big Breasts Borderline H Japan Marriage Married Couple Mary Sue Newlyweds Nudity

Futari ni Omakase

Futari ni Omakase (Manga)

2人におまかせ (Synonyms), 二人におまかせ (Synonyms), 麻辣双娇 (Synonyms)

20th Century Big Breasts Episodic Exhibitionism Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Nudity Panchira Police Officer/s Undergarment/s

Futarigurashi (KAKIMOTO Kenjirou)

Futarigurashi (KAKIMOTO Kenjirou) (Manga)

Futari Burashi (Synonyms), Futari Kurashi (Synonyms), ふたり暮らし (柿本ケンジロウ) (Synonyms)

Futarigurashi follows an aspiring mangaka named Kenji Aoyama, when he meets a boy named Hikaru Saitou. However it turns out that "he" is actually a girl who was raised as a boy.

20th Century Adapted to Anime Androgynous Female Lead Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Cheating/Infidelity Comic Artist/s Cunnilingus Dominatrix First-Time Intercourse

Fuuka Special Edition

Fuuka Special Edition (Manga)

风夏 与女主角的妄想初体验 (Synonyms)

Released in April 2018 as a standalone project. Featuring main female characters from Seo Kouji's popular series Fuuka in alternative timelines with the Main Character of the series Yuu Haruna!

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Cunnilingus Episodic Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Full Color Japan Nudity

Girlfriend of Friend

Girlfriend of Friend (Manhwa)

Friend's Girlfriend (Min-Yeong) (Synonyms), 친구, 여자친구 (Synonyms)

In order to make Gyeong-Su, somone who has never had a girlfriend’s dream come true, his best friend and his friend’s girlfriend started a series of one-on-one special training… You can twist the woman somehow. One point lecture to actually make imagination through friends girlfriend begins.

Ahegao Anal Intercourse Attempted Rape Beautiful Female Lead Big Ass Big Breasts Big Penis Breakup/s Character Growth Cheating Boyfriend

Grisaia no Kajitsu - L'oiseau bleu

Grisaia no Kajitsu - L'oiseau bleu (Manga)

Le Fruit de la Grisaia - L'oiseau bleu (Synonyms), The Fruit of Grisaia - Blue Bird (Synonyms), The Fruit of Grisaia: L'Oiseau bleu (Synonyms), グリザイアの果実 ~L'Oiseau bleu~ (Synonyms)

Based on a Visual Novel Big Breasts High School Male Demographic with Female Author Partial Nudity Violence Young Male Lead

Grisaia no Kajitsu - Sanctuary Fellows

Grisaia no Kajitsu - Sanctuary Fellows (Manga)

Grisaia no Kajitsu - Le Fruit de la Grisaia (Synonyms), The Fruit of Grisaia: Sanctuary Fellows (Synonyms), グリザイアの果実ーサンクチュアリフェローズー (Synonyms)

Animal Cruelty Based on a Visual Novel Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H Cannibalism Fellatio Girls with Guns Nudity Tragic Past

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa (Manga)

First Time That Day, We Will (Synonyms), 初めてのあの日、ぼくらは (Synonyms), 在初次的那天 (Synonyms)


21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Club/s Collection of Stories Cross-dressing First-Time Intercourse High School Japan

Hajimete no Sense

Hajimete no Sense (Manga)

First Sense (Synonyms), First Teacher (Synonyms), 初めてのセンセ (Synonyms)

She's a teacher in training and the only female at this newly established boy's school. As expected she get's a lot of attention but how will the rather green and inexperienced teacher react when they boys begin to want 'more' from her...?

Abused Female Lead Age Gap Big Breasts Dumb Female Lead Older Female Younger Male Sexual Assault Sexual Coercion Sexual Harassment Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher/s

Hatsune Ganbarimasu

Hatsune Ganbarimasu (Manga)

Fight! Fight Fight! "Hatsune" The Great Busty Girl (Synonyms), ローリングワンダー (Synonyms), 初音がんばりますッ (Synonyms)

Hatsune is a "G cup" office lady who is concerned about her breast size! The story take place at the company where she works & depicts her antics, like trying to make her breast look smaller for the coworker she likes.Volume 1 also contains oneshot ローリングワンダー

Big Breasts Comedic Undertone Miniature Person/s Office Love Office Worker/s Partial Nudity

Joshi Ana Nanase

Joshi Ana Nanase (Manga)

Female Announcer Nanase (Synonyms), Joshiana Nanase (Synonyms), 女子アナ七瀬 (Synonyms), 女记者七濑 (Synonyms), 性感女主播 (Synonyms)


Attempted Rape Bathroom Intercourse Big Breasts Cheating/Infidelity Cunnilingus Episodic Fellatio Promiscuous Female Lead Sex Addict/s Sexual Assault

Katsu Aki Special

Katsu Aki Special (Manga)

Futari Ecchi Short Story Special (Synonyms), 克・亜樹スペシャル (Synonyms)

The main characters this time are not Yura and Makoto, rather an alien in human form (going under the alias Kouji) and his girlfriend Kana, whose memory he has altered since the man he is mimicking is Kana's deceased pilot husband. He has enjoyed and loved her, and now he is called back to join his kind again.

Alien/s Big Breasts Borderline H Collection of Stories Japan Nudity

Kitsune no Oyome-chan

Kitsune no Oyome-chan (Manga)

Kitsune no Oyomecyan (Synonyms), The Fox Bride (Synonyms), Повседневная жизнь с девушкой-лисой (Synonyms), 我的妻子是狐妖 (Synonyms), 狐のお嫁ちゃん (Synonyms), 여우신부 (Synonyms)

A man and his kitsune wife and their daily life.

Animal Characteristics Animal Girl/s Animal Leading Character/s Animal Transformation Animal/s With Human-Like Intelligence Animals Appearance Different from Actual Age Assertive Female Lead Big Breasts Couple

Koi wa iikara nemuritai!

Koi wa iikara nemuritai! (Manga)

Forget About Love, I Want to Sleep! (Synonyms), 恋はいいから眠りたい! (Synonyms), 恋はいいから眠りたい! (Synonyms), 恋爱就算了我只想睡觉! (Synonyms)

A story about a guy who just wants to sleep and an annoying kouhai who won't let him.

21st Century Annoying Female Lead Arrogant Female Lead Big Breasts Big-Breasted Female Lead Clingy Female Lead Female Lead Falls in Love First Love Triangle/s Pushy Female Lead Stalkerish Female Lead

Married Woman (KIM Myung-Ho)

Married Woman (KIM Myung-Ho) (Manhwa)

Feme Covert (Synonyms), Married Woman (True Studio) (Synonyms), 人妻解放 (Synonyms), 유부녀 (Synonyms)

Joo-wan is a college student who lives with his girlfriend Hyun-joo who's five years older than him. One day, Sun-ae, a friend of his girlfriend, comes to their house and drinks with them. It was from that day on that Joo-wan starts to fall for Sun-ae, and he becomes less and less concerned with Hyun-joo while he begins to covet Sun-ae.

21st Century Affair/s Big Breasts Borderline H Cheating/Infidelity Full Color Korea Lust Nudity Web Comic

Mousou Shoujo Otakukei

Mousou Shoujo Otakukei (Manga)

Fujoshi Rumi (Synonyms), Mousou Shoujo Otaku Kei (Synonyms), Mousou Shoujo Otaku-kei (Synonyms), Otaku Girls (Synonyms), Otaku-Type Delusion Girl (Synonyms), 妄想少女オタク系 (Synonyms), 妄想少女御宅系 (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Artist/s Beautiful Couple Big Breasts Bishounen Conventions Friends Become Lovers Fudanshi Fujoshi Otaku

Seinaru Usotsuki

Seinaru Usotsuki (Manga)

10 Things to Do While I'm Still a Boy (Synonyms), Friends (ORIMOTO Mimana) (Synonyms), Futa Miko (Synonyms), Good Morning Penis (Synonyms), Good Morning, Chinchin (Synonyms), Maid Robot Hybrid (Synonyms), Onna Matsuri (Synonyms), Otoko no Uchi ni Shitai 10 no Koto (Synonyms), Sei naru Usotsuki (Synonyms), Sex Fiction (Synonyms), Tennyuusei (ORIMOTO Mimana) (Synonyms), Transfer Students (ORIMOTO Mimana) (Synonyms), 性なる嘘つき―おりもとみまなチェンジH短編集 (Synonyms), 性別的謊言 (Synonyms)

1. Maid Robot Hybrid2. Futa Miko3. Onna Matsuri (Festival Boy)4. Friends5. 6. 7. 8. Seinaru Usotsuki

Anal Intercourse Big Breasts Body Swap/s Borderline H Caught in the Act Collection of Stories Female to Male Male to Female Small Breasts Urination

The Furry-Eared Lolita Hero Has Difficulty in Obscene Revision

The Furry-Eared Lolita Hero Has Difficulty in Obscene Revision (Manga)

兽耳萝莉勇者正为色色的修正而苦恼 (Synonyms), 獣耳ロリ勇者はえっちな修正に困っている (Synonyms)

Isekai Revision, begin!! I, the great sorcerer Fluffy, am what's called a "World Reviser"! I'm going to resolve all of the abnormal phenomena that the furry-eared hero Miya stumbles upon with magic! ...Or so I thought, but what is this immodest situation that Miya has found herself in!? The truth is, I am the cause of the abnormal phenomena. I wrote this world myself long ago in my immature novel. And so, I continue to clean up after my own mess through "Revision". It's all in an effort to better this world!

Big Breasts Overpowered Protagonist Transported to Another World Writer/s

Zantei, Kataomoi - Dekiai Osananajimi to Wakeari Dousei!?

Zantei, Kataomoi - Dekiai Osananajimi to Wakeari Dousei!? (Manga)

Fleeting Desire -Having to Live with My Adorable Best Friend!- (Synonyms), 暫定、片想い~溺愛幼なじみとワケアリ同棲!?~ (Synonyms)

Big Breasts Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Cohabitation Female Lead Falls in Love First Friends Become Lovers Live-in Lover Virgin/s


Fullpapla (Manga)

FullMaPla (Synonyms), Furumapura (Synonyms), ふるまぷら (Synonyms)

Energetic girl Kyou meets quiet girl Makoto, who only communicates using sign boards numbered 1 to 10. At first, these polar opposites interact rather one-sidedly, but gradually become able to understand each other's feelings.

4-koma/Yonkoma Big Breasts Genki Girl Silent Protagonist