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To Die in June

To Die in June (Manga)

Die in the Month Minazuki (Synonyms), Minazuki ni Shisu (Synonyms), 水無月に死す (Synonyms)

In the late stages of World War II, a group of young girls are recruited into the Japanese military.

Alternate History Angst Blood and Gore Child Soldier/s Death Female Soldier/s Multiple Romances Naval Warfare Sailor/s Sketchy Art Style

Mahou Shoujo Flaming Star

Mahou Shoujo Flaming Star (Manga)

Divine Raiment Magical Girl Howling Moon (Synonyms), God Flame Heavenly Maiden Flaming Star (Synonyms), God Shining Moonlight Howling Moon (Synonyms), Shinsou Mahou Shoujo Howling Moon (Synonyms), 神装魔法少女ハウリングムーン (Synonyms), 神装魔法少女怒嚎明月 (Synonyms)

From Yen Press:Kenji Saitou (Trinity Seven) and Shouji Sato (Highschool of the Dead, Triage X) present the action-packed story of Howling Moon, a sexy, kick-ass magical girl. The question is, does she fight for good, or for evil?

Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H Group Intercourse High School Student/s LGBT Scenes Super Hero/es Transformation/s Violence Young Female Lead


Daomu (Manhua)

Tomb Raider (Synonyms), 盗墓 (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Cave China Exploration Full Color Insect/s Monster/s Treasure Hunt Treasure/s

Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite

Chi - Chikyuu no Undou ni Tsuite (Manga)

About the Movement of the Earth (Synonyms), チ。ー地球の運動についてー (Synonyms), チ。地球の運動について (Synonyms)


Astronomy Blood and Gore Church Middle Age Scientist/s Two-Faced Male Lead Violence


Hakaijuu (Manga)

Creature! (Synonyms), Hakaiju (Synonyms), พันธุ์นรกแตก (Synonyms), ハカイジュウ (Synonyms), 破坏兽 (Synonyms)

You lead quite a nice life... Competing with your friends... Having a childhood-almost-girlfriend, who is coming back to town... All dreams starting to come true... when the ground suddenly shakes and a shelf drops on your head....Well... You hit your head just now, so it'd be quite... reasonable that everything went nuts and people get eaten before your eyes, wouldn't it?

Banding Together Blood and Gore Childhood Friend/s Insanity Military Monster/s Normal to Abnormal Searching for Someone Survival Trapped

Hataraku Saibou

Hataraku Saibou (Manga)

Cells at Work! (Synonyms), Les brigades Immunitaires (French) (Synonyms), Working Cells (Synonyms), Клетки за работой (Synonyms), เซลล์ขยันพันธุ์เดือด (Synonyms), はたらく細胞 (Synonyms), 工作细胞 (Synonyms)

Strep throat! Hay fever! Influenza! The world is a dangerous place for a red blood cell just trying to get her deliveries finished. Fortunately, she’s not alone … She’s got a whole human body’s worth of cells ready to help out! The mysterious white blood cell, the buff and brash killer T cell, the nerdy neuron, even the cute little platelets—everyone’s got to come together if they want to keep you healthy!

Adapted to Anime Anthropomorphism Biology Blood and Gore Disease Edutainment Hard-Working Protagonist Medical Real Life Facts Violence

Hyouryuu Net Cafe

Hyouryuu Net Cafe (Manga)

Cibercafé a la deriva (Synonyms), Drifting Net Café (Synonyms), Hyouryuu Internet Cafe (Synonyms), Hyōryū Net Café (Synonyms), 漂流ネットカフェ (Synonyms), 漂流网咖 (Synonyms)

Blood and Gore Borderline H Manipulative Antagonist/s Murder/s Nudity Parallel World/s Psychopath/s Rape Sex Addict/s Survival

Il Mondo di Sodom

Il Mondo di Sodom (Manga)

City of Sodom (Synonyms), Sodom no Ichi (Synonyms), ソドムの市 (Synonyms), 索多玛之市 (Synonyms)


20th Century Blood and Gore Cruelty Incest Innocent Female Lead Japan Meiji Era Murder/s Serial Killer/s Taisho Era


Juuji (Manga)

Cross (AMAKAWA Sumiko) (Synonyms), Cross oneself (Synonyms), Juuji Kurosu (Synonyms), クロス (Synonyms), 十字CROSS (Synonyms)

Bad Parent/s Beautiful Female Lead Blood and Gore Cult Curse/s Demon/s Devil/s Out of Print in English Priest/s Young Male Lead

Kagaku-teki ni Sonzai shiuru Creature Musume no Kansatsu Nisshi

Kagaku-teki ni Sonzai shiuru Creature Musume no Kansatsu Nisshi (Manga)

Creature Girls: A Field Journal in Another World (Synonyms), The Observation Diary of Scientifically-Existing Creature Girls (Synonyms), 存在科学可能性的生物少女观察日记 (Synonyms), 科学的に存在しうるクリーチャー娘の観察日誌 (Synonyms)

Kurimusubi Daisuke, a man fascinated by the complex zoology of monster girls in fiction, one day finds himself transported to a world full of them! When he encounters an arachne named Neya who needs his help, Daisuke rushes to help her–which begins his new life of meeting (and researching) the beautiful creatures around him. These monstrous ladies show him that he has a lot to learn, and Daisuke never dreamed he'd be able to satisfy his passion for monster girls like this!

Animal Characteristics Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H Group Intercourse Harem-seeking Male Lead Monster Girl/s Nudity Outdoor Intercourse Transported to Another World


Kanburia (Manga)

Cambria (Synonyms), カンブリア (Synonyms)

For five hundred years, people have been unable to enter “The Forbidden Continent” in the Southern Hemisphere. Mankind’s first successful voyage, the research ship “Pandora,” has returned. People from around the world gather to try and catch a glimpse; and Nayuta, the daughter of the Pandora’s captain, is also excited to see the creatures brought back from the Forbidden Continent. She happens to meet a mysterious young boy on Eden Island. Sen warns Nayuta, “You don’t know the real reason the 'Forbidden Continent' is forbidden." …what does Sen really mean!?

Blood and Gore Death Emotionally Strong Male Lead Fantasy Creature/s Invasion/s Overshadowed by Family Reckless Protagonist Strong Male Lead War/s Weaponized Monster/s


Karasu (Manga)

Crows (MACHIDA Kazuya) (Synonyms), 鴉 KARASU (Synonyms), 鸦 (Synonyms)

Taichi and his little brother Souji are orphaned beggars, struggling to have enough to eat. One day Taichi decides they need to become samurai and join the company of fighters popularly known as the "Crows". Even finding this group, however, is proving to be dangerous a goal for them.

Blood and Gore Brother/s Death Japan Mercenary/ies Orphan/s Samurai Swordplay Swordsman Warrior/s

Kijin Gahou

Kijin Gahou (Manga)

Fetus Collection (Synonyms), Harakiri (Synonyms), Holy Night (KAGO Shintaro) (Synonyms), Suck It (Synonyms), The Collection (KAGO Shintaro) (Synonyms), 奇人画報 (Synonyms)

Black Humor Blood and Gore Dementia Self-Harm Social Commentary Stalker/s Student/s

Kitsch Year

Kitsch Year (Manhwa)

Crime & Punishment (Synonyms), Disrespectful Bitch (Synonyms), Kitsch (Synonyms), Kuso Onna (Synonyms), くそ女 (Synonyms), 천박한 년 (Synonyms)

A disrespectful bitch can never have a long lasting love, but her love is rather sad and short-lived.

Betrayal Blood and Gore Dark Ambience Debt-Motivated Prostitution Full Color Murder/s Prostitute/s Psychopath/s Rape Web Comic

Korokoro Soushi

Korokoro Soushi (Manga)

Carnets de massacre (French) (Synonyms), Cuaderno de masacres (Spanish) (Synonyms), Koro Koro Soushi (Synonyms), ころころそうし (Synonyms), 殺殺草紙 (Synonyms)

Assassin/s Black Humor Blood and Gore Cannibalism Corruption Edo Period Ero-Guro Rape Sadist/s Torture


Lord (Manga)

Chō-Sangokushi -LORD (Synonyms), 覇-LORD- (Synonyms), 超三国志-覇 (Synonyms)

The story is loosely based on the Three Kingdoms period, using both real and original characters and events from the historical period in Chinese history and folklore of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Beautiful Female Lead Blood and Gore Borderline H China Civil Disorder Courtesan/s Execution Three Kingdoms Period

Mushikago no Cagaster

Mushikago no Cagaster (Manga)

Cagaster (Synonyms), Cagaster (French & German) (Synonyms), Cagaster of an Insect Cage (Synonyms), Убийца насекомых (Synonyms), 虫笼的卡伽斯特尔 (Synonyms), 虫籠のカガステル (Synonyms)

22nd Century Adapted to Anime Apocalyptic Future Badass Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Blood and Gore Blunt Male Lead Cold Male Lead Curious Female Lead Death of Loved One/s

Ningyou no Kuni

Ningyou no Kuni (Manga)

Country of the Dolls (Synonyms), Land der Puppen (Synonyms), Страна кукол (Synonyms), 人形の国 (Synonyms), 人形之国 (Synonyms)

Set on a frozen planet littered with alien artifacts, Ningyou no Kuni weaves a tale of a young man and small but fateful encounter.

Blood and Gore Atypical Art Style Body Horror Cyberpunk Cyborg/s Disease Doll/s Robot/s Robotization War/s

One Hundred Storey Tower

One Hundred Storey Tower (Manga)

Chijou 100-kai (Synonyms), Chijou Hyakkai (Synonyms), 地上100階 (Synonyms), 地上100階〜脱出確率0.0001%〜 (Synonyms), 지상 100층 (Synonyms)

21st Century, Japan. In Tokyo, there's a state-owned gambling tower. 20 men and women gather in the 100 story tower with 1 goal: escape. You get 10 billion yen if you do. If you don’t...

Blood and Gore Childhood Friend/s Dark Ambience Game of Death Murder/s Nudity Psychopath/s Sexual Abuse Survival Game Young Male Lead

Pokgunhwangjeui Cheotsarang

Pokgunhwangjeui Cheotsarang (Manhwa)

A Tyrant's First Love (Official English) (Synonyms), Cinta Pertama Sang Tiran (Official Indonesian) (Synonyms), El Primer Amor Del Emperador Tirano (Synonyms), Le premier amour du Tyran (Official French) (Synonyms), Poggunhwangje-ui Cheos-salang (Synonyms), Pokgunhwangje-ui Cheotsarang (Synonyms), The Tyrant's First Love (Synonyms), 侍女的帝君 (Official Chinese) (Synonyms), 暴君皇帝の初恋 (Official Japanese) (Synonyms), 폭군황제의 첫사랑 (Synonyms)

Abused Female Lead Amnesia Beautiful Female Lead Blood and Gore Emperor/s Handsome Male Lead Royalty Vampire/s Web Comic Webtoon