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Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season

Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season (Anime)

進撃の巨人 The Final Season (Japanese), Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 (Synonyms)

Final Season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Mysterious Power/s Military Revenge Blood and Gore Hidden Power/s Strong Female Lead

Kaijuu no Buki Shokunin

Kaijuu no Buki Shokunin (Manga)

Monster Arms Dealer (Synonyms), 改獣の武器職人 (Synonyms)


Apprentice/s Blood and Gore Death Violence

Kaiketsu El-Malo

Kaiketsu El-Malo (Manga)

Pirates El-Malo (Synonyms), 海傑エルマロ (Synonyms), 海杰怪童 (Synonyms)

In 16th century, Age of Discovery.A boy spent boring days on land and decided to go on a voyage. He became a brave Samurai with free spirits and finally became a the pirate called "EL-MALO".A Japanese Samurai commences his epic voyage.

16th Century Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Big Breasts Blood and Gore Borderline H China Death of Loved One/s Female Fighter/s

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai

Kaina - Surugajou Gozen-Jiai (Manga)

Kaina (Synonyms), Kaina - Suruga-jou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), Kaina - Surugajou Gozen Jiai (Synonyms), 腕~駿河城御前試合~ (Synonyms)

From MangaHelpers:This manga features violent stories of passion and swordsmanship, set in the Kan'ei era (1624-1643). It opens with a match between two damaged swordsmen. Irako is blind, and his opponent, Fujiki, is missing an arm. It has been decreed that their match will be fought with metal swords, instead of wooden, so one of these men will die. The story that led them to this final match, and gave them their handicaps, involves ambition, the selection of the heir for a dojo, and the passion of two women-- one the dojo master's daughter and the other his lover.

Amputee/s Assassin/s Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Body Horror Edo Period Episodic Masturbation Samurai Swordsman


Kajou (Manga)

Hana Nawa (Synonyms), かじょう (Synonyms), 花縄 (Synonyms), 花绳 (Synonyms)


Blood and Gore Japan Murder/s Muscular Male Lead Nudity Realistic Art Style Realistic Fighting Serious/Studious Character/s Strong Male Lead Sumo

Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari

Kakou Sekai o Tadoru Monogatari (Manga)

Kakou Sekai wo Tadoru Monogatari (Synonyms), The story follows the descent world (Synonyms), 下降世界ヲ辿ル物語 (Synonyms), 迈向下降世界的物语 (Synonyms)

21st Century Blood and Gore Body Horror Borderline H Episodic High School Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Monster/s Murder/s

Kakumeika no Gogo

Kakumeika no Gogo (Manga)

A Revolutionist in the Afternoon (Synonyms), Takeyama's Life (Synonyms), День Революционера (Russian) (Synonyms), 革命家の午後 (Synonyms)

Another short story collection from Jirô Matsumoto.Contains 5 stories:- A Revolutionist in the Afternoon- A Revolutionist in the Afternoon 2 (not a sequel to the first one)- Desert Witch- Takeyama's Life- The Footmen Flee

Blood and Gore Collection of Stories Curse/s Rape Revolution Russia Suicide/s Treason Vampire/s War/s

Kamakiri Onna

Kamakiri Onna (Manga)

Mantis Woman (Synonyms), カマキリ女 (Synonyms), 螳螂女 (Synonyms)

A collection of intense and violent stories. They are gory and crazy. The first is about a woman who has mantis-like arms and uses them to sever heads, and then in turn uses those heads for her own special purposes...

Blood and Gore Bullying Collection of Stories Episodic Ghost/s High School Student/s Monster/s Murder/s Obsessive Love Sudden Appearance

Kami no Kodomo

Kami no Kodomo (Manga)

God's Child (Synonyms), 神の子供 (Synonyms)

The twisted and deeply disturbing tale of a sociopathic serial killer...

Anti-Social Protagonist Atypical Art Style Blood and Gore Dark Ambience Deliberate Loner Devoted Followers Murder/s Psychopath/s Rape Serial Killer/s

Kami Tori Yawa

Kami Tori Yawa (Manga)

神盗り夜話 (Synonyms)

Ch.1-3, 6 -- A Night Story of a God's Abduction - After knowing the secret of gods' power, humans at Miyako have become degenerate to the point of treating gods as play thing / sex toy. All gods with horns; dragon god, devil god, mountain god, etc. have been abducted by humans to be auctioned off one by on.Ch.4 -- Lustful Hero (from anthology)Ch.5 -- The Demon King's Sexual Companion (from anthology)

Aphrodisiac Archer/s Archery Attempted Rape Bandit/s Big Penis Blood and Gore Collection of Stories Curse/s Deer/s

Kamui-Den Dai-2-bu

Kamui-Den Dai-2-bu (Manga)

Kamui-den Dainibu (Synonyms), The Legend Of Kamui, Part 2 (Synonyms), カムイ伝 第二部 (Synonyms)

The rogue ninja Kamui is struggling to free himself from the iron fist of his own clan. As a ronin, he should not exist. In his flight from his clan he meets another ronin kunoichi named Sugaru. Sugaru, wanting only to live in peace, is very distrustful. Her paranoia is shown to be justified. The manga covers Kamui's struggle to leave his past behind and Sugaru's failure to do the same.

17th Century Anti-Social Protagonist Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Blood and Gore Chambara Civil Disorder Clan/s Death Edo Period


Kamunagara (Manga)

As Was Done in the Age of the Gods (Synonyms), Divine (Synonyms), Kamunagala (Synonyms), Kamunagara: Rebirth of the Demonslayer (Synonyms), カムナガラ (Synonyms)

Kugaya is a teenager who lives with his aunt, Sakuri.The kendo coach at his high school, Narugami, has been after him to join the kendo team; but when he meets the new girl, Takemi, his life takes a supernatural turn and he is thrust into an epic battle with the demonic "Intruders".Reincarnation... buried memories... the Holy Sword... "Himuka"... and the Clan of the Swordsmen... it's all too much for a high school student to bear!

Blood and Gore Classmate/s Dead Family Member/s Death of Loved One/s Demon/s Dream/s High School Student/s Kendo Monster/s Past Life/ves


Kangibanka (Manga)

Kangi Banka (Synonyms), カンギバンカ (Synonyms)

This was the early Sengoku (Warring States) period. People suffered, starved and suffered from constant wars. The orphan Kyubei, who has lost his parents, is rescued by Tamon Maru, the leader of a band of robbers, where he is sold into slavery. When Tamon Maru talks about his desire to rise in troubled times and become a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord), Kyubei feels the heartbeat of his soul ... A new story of the hero of the Sengoku period, born from the masterpiece of historical novels "Jinkan"!

16th Century Ambitious Goal/s Bandit/s Based on a Novel Blood and Gore Dead Parent/s Feudal Japan Japan Orphan/s Sengoku Era

Kankin Kuiki Label X

Kankin Kuiki Label X (Manga)

Kankin Kui-ki Reberu X (Synonyms), Lockdown Zone: Level X (Synonyms), 監禁区域レベルX (Synonyms)

Ryoka is awakened by flurry of text messages from her mother! Panicked and rushed, Mom is clearly concerned for Ryoka's safety, but she is not to keen on letting her daughter know why. Her reasoning being that nothing could really properly describe what is happening!The world might be ending! And there might be a massive new life-form on the roof of their apartment building!

Blood and Gore Cell Phone/s High School Student/s Male Demographic with Female Lead Monster/s Mysterious Elements Survival Web Comic

Kanpai! dj - Unapai

Kanpai! dj - Unapai (Doujinshi)

うなPAI (Synonyms)

Pairing : Zin x PapaBondage yaoi dojinshi pairing Zina as the seme and Papa as the uke.

Blood and Gore Ero-Guro Josei-muke Mutilation Priest/s Rape Resurrection Torture Vampire Hunter/s Vampire/s

Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou (Novel)

Kare to Hitokui no Nichijou (Novel) (Novel)

Ordinary Days with a Man-Eater (Novel) (Synonyms), 彼と人喰いの日常 (Novel) (Synonyms)

In order to save his life, Tooya made a pact with the ancient demon. The price is that he has to pick a person for demon to eat every month.

Blood and Gore Magic Male Protagonist Youkai

Katakoi Saburou

Katakoi Saburou (Manga)

Katakoi Saburo (Synonyms), 保镖三郎 (Synonyms), 片恋さぶろう (Synonyms)

A story about an invincible samurai and a young princess that he has sworn to protect.

Assassin/s Blood and Gore Chambara Duty vs Freedom Honor Japan Long-Haired Male Lead Loyal Servant Middle-Aged Protagonist Murder/s


Katanageshou (Manga)

Katana Geshou (Synonyms), 刀化粧 (Synonyms)


Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Assassin/s Blood and Gore Chambara Child Abuse Cold Male Lead Cunnilingus Dark Ambience Drug/s

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Bitter Ver.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Bitter Ver. (Doujinshi)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - 2008 Winter Special (Synonyms)

Pairing: Hibari x Tsuna

Blood and Gore Bondage Drug/s Murder/s

Kei no Seishun

Kei no Seishun (Manga)

ケイの凄春 (Synonyms)


Blood and Gore Chambara Farmer/s Forced Prostitution Lovers Reunited Murder/s Nudity Prostitute/s Rape Realistic Art Style