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Futarigurashi no Amai Wana

Futarigurashi no Amai Wana (Manga)

Futari Kurashi no Amaiwana (Synonyms), ふたり暮らしの甘い罠 (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Live-in Lover Love Triangle/s Office Lady Office Life Office Love Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Secret Relationship

Fuyu Bara no Yuutsu

Fuyu Bara no Yuutsu (Manga)

Melancholy Winter Rose (Synonyms), 冬薔薇の憂鬱 (Synonyms)

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Gardening Misunderstanding/s Neighbor/s Rivals Become Lovers Secretary

Fuyukoi. Hachimitsu Gold

Fuyukoi. Hachimitsu Gold (Manga)

Winter Love. Honey Gold (Synonyms), 冬恋。はちみつゴールド (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Butler/s Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Group Date/s Masturbation Rich Female Lead Sex Toy/s Veterinarian/s

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi dj - Ame to Atsui Tenohira to

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi dj - Ame to Atsui Tenohira to (Doujinshi)

Fullmetal Alchemist dj - Ame to Atsui Tenohira to (Synonyms), 鋼の錬金術師 dj - 雨と熱い掌と (Synonyms)

From Yes_Rhade:Pairing: Hughes x RoyThis dj has 3 parts. Part 1 is Hughes warming up Roy after a bad date and being caught in a rain storm. Part 2 is a humerous battle between Roy and Ed. Part 3 is total fangirling by the mangaka herself over a novel in which Roy wears an apron and cooks for Hughes.

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Drunk

Hana to Arashi

Hana to Arashi (Manga)

Flowers and Storms (Synonyms), Storms of Flowers (Synonyms), 華と嵐 (Synonyms)

By the way, he is a president, a secretary, and a lover. Whether at work or in private, Nanao was proud to be the secretary of the new ambition, although he was busy every day being swayed by the younger ambition. Meanwhile, the president of the business partner, Doi, argued that he wanted Nanao ...?!

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Secretary

Kare no suutsu ni koi wo shite

Kare no suutsu ni koi wo shite (Manga)

Falling in Love with His Suit (Synonyms), 彼のスーツに恋をして (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship CEO Female Lead Falls in Love First Love at First Sight

Kin Dan Kon Katsu

Kin Dan Kon Katsu (Manga)

Forbidden Marriage Hunting *Only Hot Men Allowed (Synonyms), Kindan Konkatsu Tadashi Ikemen ni Kagiru (Synonyms), 禁・断・婚・活※ただしイケメンに限る (Synonyms)

"Ooh......Ahh......! No! No way......! We only just met......!" Ichika Sakura is going undercover with her dreamy chief editor to report on an underground marriage hunting-party. Disguising themselves, they manage to enter the party. "What? Take off my clothes!?" Turns out physical contact is a key feature in this event for finding "a partner who matches your body"! Men come to touch Ichika's naked body from top to bottom......! And now, a young hottie is after Ichika as well. What way will Ichika's love swing now!?

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Clueless Protagonist Ditzy Female Lead Exhibitionism Handsome Male Lead Undercover

Kooreru Mizuumi

Kooreru Mizuumi (Manga)

Frozen Enchantment (Synonyms), 凍れる湖 (Synonyms)

The first time that secretary Jolene laid eyes on company president Cheyne Templeton, she could hardly speak. To think that this man was her boss – the same man that had disparaged her as a loose woman only that morning, and all because of a misunderstanding! But Cheyne doesn'’t have the earcare for excuses, and now that the two of them are on a business trip to Russia together, Jolene is going to have to find some way to change his mind about her...

Based on a Novel Boss-Subordinate Relationship Misunderstanding/s

Kousai 0 Nichi Kekkon Shimasu

Kousai 0 Nichi Kekkon Shimasu (Manga)

First Comes Marriage, Second Comes Love...? (Synonyms), 「交際0日、結婚します。」 (Synonyms)

"I like horny girls like you. They make great wife material." Dumped by her ex, who's now engaged to her friend instead, Rika decides to go to a speed dating party... but the guy she gets to know there is the vice president of her company!! "If you crave money more than love, do you want to try dating me?" A man who wishes to marry only for show and a woman who wishes to get revenge on her ex and friend by marrying. There is no love here, oh no... but somehow she can't push him away, having slept with him...

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Marriage Proposal Office Lady Office Love Relationship of Convenience

Nakanai Hotaru

Nakanai Hotaru (Manga)

The Firefly Which Does not Cry (Synonyms), 泣かないホタル (Synonyms)

From : “I’ve hurt many people and ran back here.” Taishi who has been living in the countryside once again meets his childhood friend Ayase. Moving away when he was an elementary school student, Ayase returned back during the summer in order to look after his grandmother’s home. His childhood friend who was a crybaby when they were younger, has grown into a mature adult. However, once in while a troubled and pained expression appears on his face. With Ayase like this Taishi can’t leave him alone…

Apprentice/s Boss-Subordinate Relationship Chef/s Childhood Friend/s Countryside Friends Become Lovers Older Seme Younger Uke Reunion/s Time Skip Unexpected Feelings

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu

Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (Manga)

NigeHaji (Synonyms), Running Away is Shameful yet Useful (Synonyms), The Full-Time Wife Escapist (Synonyms), にげはじ (Synonyms), 月薪娇妻 (Synonyms), 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ (Synonyms), 逃げるは恥だが役に立つ 公式コミックガイド (Synonyms), 逃げ恥 (Synonyms), 逃避可耻却很管用 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Aunt/s Boss-Subordinate Relationship Emotionally Strong Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Marriage of Convenience Relationship of Convenience Virgin/s

Ochibure Joou to Gekokujou Ouji

Ochibure Joou to Gekokujou Ouji (Manga)

Fallen Queen & Dominating Prince (Synonyms), 落ちぶれ女王と下克上王子 (Synonyms)

Former rich young lady, Erica, is now in the midst of a life in extreme poverty. When she participated in a celebrity party at Nariyuki, she reunited with Kotaro, a rich man who who was once her servant. Kotaro has refined himself and has become a handsome president, but are things what they seem...?Note: The volume release contains an oneshot named . It’s not scanlated. The oneshot is added to collection as well.

Boss-Subordinate Relationship CEO Handsome Male Lead Revenge Rich Person Dating Poor Person Secretary

Ore ga Burao Kachou Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made

Ore ga Burao Kachou Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made (Manga)

From the day when I decided to protect the bra man (Synonyms), Ore ga Burao Kachou wo Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made (Synonyms), Ore ga Burao-Kacho wo Mamoru to Kimeta Hi kara Maruhadaka ni Suru Made (Synonyms), 俺がブラ男課長を守ると決めた日から丸裸にするまで (Synonyms), 내가 브래지어를 하는 과장님을 지키기로 결정한 날부터 알몸이 될 때까지 (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cross-dressing Lingerie/s Office Worker/s Salaryman

Shanai de Ichiban Kiken na Otoko to Kiss no Aji

Shanai de Ichiban Kiken na Otoko to Kiss no Aji (Manga)

Shanai de Ichiban Kiken na Otoko to Kisu no Aji (Synonyms), The Flavour of a Kiss from the Most Dangerous Guy at Work (Synonyms), 社内で一番キケンな男とキスの味 (Synonyms)

Manga Reborn / Manga Pangaea:Saya, who works in public relations at a publisher, was proposed by her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. However, after her boyfriend carelessly told her “You can work part-time after you marry me,” she got into a fight with him and ended up breaking up. Saya is focused on her career more than ever but meets a hot young man. He treats her lightheartedly, leaving a horrible impression. But his true identity is…

Bickering Love Boss-Subordinate Relationship Competent Female Lead Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Female Lead President Rich Male Lead Smart Couple Talented Male Lead

Thirsty Thirty

Thirsty Thirty (Manhwa)

Fish's Night (Synonyms), Kingyo no Yoru (Synonyms), La nuit des poissons (Synonyms), Mulgogiui Bam (Synonyms), Night Fish (Synonyms), Night of the Goldfish (Synonyms), The Goldfish's Night (Synonyms), Thirty: Thirsty (Synonyms), 金魚の夜 (Synonyms), 물고기의 밤 (Synonyms)

Yaeun Chu is about to turn thirty. While her friends marry and start new lives, she works full-time at a lighting company and sees her boyfriend on the weekends. That all ends when she discovers he’s having an affair with one of her coworkers. Drowning herself in work until her body and mind begin to fail her, Yaeun struggles to keep her head above the raging waters of romance, personal happiness, and life after thirty.Official Translation:, , ,

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Breakup/s Career Woman Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Finding Love Again Hard-Working Protagonist Multiple Romances Office Love

Wufa Tong Kuang de Lianai

Wufa Tong Kuang de Lianai (Manhua)

Falling in Love Is Hard (Synonyms), Hunky and Shorty (Synonyms), Love Can't Be the Same (Synonyms), My Childhood Friend Who Turned Into A Real Overbearing CEO (Synonyms), Unable to Fall in Love (Synonyms), 关于我的青梅竹马变成了真正的霸道总裁这件事 (Synonyms), 无法同框的恋爱 (Synonyms)

I finally see my childhood friend again after years of separation! However... He has become... No! This must be a bad dream!

Arrogant Male Lead Boss-Subordinate Relationship Childhood Friend/s Company President Cute Female Lead Muscular Male Lead Secretary Short Female Lead

Beauty and Demon

Beauty and Demon (Manhua)

Enchanted Beauty (Synonyms), Manmiao meiren dongqing yao (Synonyms), Mànmiào měirén dòngqíng yāo (Synonyms), 曼妙美人动情妖 (Synonyms)

She is just a pure and lovely girl who was deceived by scumbag! But she did not expect to discover that the president who could see through the hearts of the people at night was a monster! Whenever you are shy with the president, the pieces of memory in your mind will be pieced together! Who is the mysterious mermaid in the dream? The truth is...

21st Century Arrogant Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Boss-Subordinate Relationship Caring Male Lead CEO Cheating Boyfriend Cold Male Lead Dominant Male Lead Dream/s

Bujangnimui Eotteon Bimil

Bujangnimui Eotteon Bimil (Manhwa)

Bujangnim-ui Eotteon Bimil (Synonyms), El Secreto del Jefe (Synonyms), Minister's Secret (Synonyms), Secret Life of My Boss (Synonyms), Secret of Manager (Synonyms), Секрет начальника (Synonyms), 部長さまは本日も淫乱なネコである。 (Synonyms), 部长的秘密 (Synonyms), 부장님의 어떤 비밀 (Synonyms)

From Tapas:I used to have these amazing superpowers! They made me famous—but then, out of the blue, poof! I lost them right before a TV appearance. Ever since then, I’ve been so… ordinary. I even got a normal office job. But I’ve got a new boss, who seemed boring, but he has his own extraordinary powers (and is quite popular with men)! At first, I just wanted to know more, but one thing led to another… we got naked, we keep getting naked. Now, I just can’t quit him. How far is this going to go??

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Full Color Office Worker/s Older Uke Younger Seme Web Comic Webtoon

Duke's Private Tutor

Duke's Private Tutor (Manhwa)

El tutor privado del duque (Synonyms), 公爵与家庭教师 (Synonyms), 공작가의 가정교사 (Synonyms)

Jace, an Academic Honours student, once had a very bright future! However, his life has gone downhill ever since he punched a noble classmate… When he finally manages to get a chance to work as a private tutor… The duke is so handsome that he cannot concentrate!(Source: MangaDex)

Aristocrat/s Boss-Subordinate Relationship Comedic Undertone Commoner/s Rape Social Gap Social Hierarchy Teacher/s Tutor/s Webtoon

Egoist wa Hisho ni Koi o Suru.

Egoist wa Hisho ni Koi o Suru. (Manga)

Egoist wa Hisho ni Koi wo Suru. (Synonyms), エゴイストは秘書に恋をする。 (Synonyms)


Office Love Aggressive Lover Based on a Novel Boss-Subordinate Relationship Chasing After Love Interest Jealous Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s Mutual Unrequited Love Office Lady