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Hetalia dj - A Day on the Planet

Hetalia dj - A Day on the Planet (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - A Day on the Planet 2 (Synonyms)

Jealous Germany literally leaves a trail of hearts for Italy while his brother tries to help him out.Pairing: Germany x North Italy

Affectionate Lover Ambiguous Relationship Brother/s European Ambiance Flashbacks Friends Become Lovers Germany Insecurity Jealousy Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hetalia dj - Eternita

Hetalia dj - Eternita (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - Eternita (Synonyms)

Pairing(s): Germany x N. Italy, some subtle Spain x RomanoDuring Italy’s unification day Spain meets Germany and they talk about the past, how Spain was lucky enough to know Romano and Italy as kids. Later Germany realizes something important and takes a decision with Italy’s agreement.

Affectionate Lover Brother/s Cross-dressing European Ambiance Flashbacks Italy Kind Seme Loneliness Memories Older Uke Younger Seme

Hetalia dj - Futari Gokko

Hetalia dj - Futari Gokko (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - ふたりごっこ (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x North ItalyAs the end of WWII draws near, Germany and Italy meet up in their own small miniature garden.

Ambiguous Relationship Brother/s Changed Man Europe Injury/ies Older Uke Younger Seme Protective Brother Rejection Restrained Love Star-Crossed Lovers

Hetalia dj - Kono Tenohira de Mamoru Mono

Hetalia dj - Kono Tenohira de Mamoru Mono (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - The Things I Will Protect with the Palm of These Hands (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x PrussiaGermany wants to be stronger than his big brother Prussia, in more ways than one.

Brother/s Incest Sword Training

Hetalia dj - Mawata no Koi

Hetalia dj - Mawata no Koi (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - Love Like Silk Threads (Synonyms), ヘタリア dj - 真綿の恋 (Synonyms)

Pairing: Gemany x North ItalyItaly is in attack mode while Germany is in defense mode, Prussia (the awesome dog owner) smacks some sense into his brother after Italy gets hurt.

Ambiguous Relationship Brother/s European Ambiance Germany Insecurity Muscular Male Lead Older Uke Younger Seme Serious/Studious Character/s Strong Seme Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hetalia dj - The Howl of a Fallen Angel

Hetalia dj - The Howl of a Fallen Angel (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - 堕天使の遠吠え (Synonyms)

Pairing: Demon America x Angel England

Alternate Universe Angel/s Brother/s Demon/s

Hi ni Nagarete Bashi ni Iku

Hi ni Nagarete Bashi ni Iku (Manga)

Go to the Bridge in the Sun (Synonyms), Hi ni Nagarete Hashi ni Iku (Synonyms), 日に流れて橋に行く (Synonyms), 时光逝去 向桥而行 (Synonyms)

From :This story begins at the end of the Meiji era. A story that creates a new breeze in a rustic long-established kimono store.A long-established kimono store Mitsuboshi (Three Stars) that once showed a great bustle. The third son, Torasaburou Hoshino, returned from England for the first time in three years. Although he's eager to make a new “three-star”, he is not welcomed by the shopkeepers. On the other hand, the mysterious man, Takatou, seems to know Torasaburou is moving independently to rebuild the Mitsuboshi business…

Brother/s Business Designer/s Family Business Fashion Kimono Meiji Era Shop Owner/s Short-Tempered Male Lead Tradition Plays a Big Role

Himitsu no Yoasobi

Himitsu no Yoasobi (Manga)

Hauptfach Liebe (Vol. 3) (Synonyms), The Secret Nightlife (Synonyms), ヒミツの夜遊び (Synonyms), 秘密的夜游 (Synonyms)

Brother/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories Family Business Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School Student/s Multiple Protagonists Rich Kid/s Stepsibling Love Violent Uke

Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!!

Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! (Manga)

A Girlish Love Revolution! (Synonyms), Love revo ปฏิวัติรัก ฉันขอเป็นคนใหม่!! (Thai) (Synonyms), Love Revo! (Synonyms), Love Revolution! (Synonyms), Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution (Synonyms), 乙女的恋革命★ラブレボ!! (Synonyms), 乙女的恋革命ラブレボ!! (Synonyms), 乙女的恋革命妄想 (Synonyms)

Apartment Life Based on a Video Game Based on an Otome Game Bishounen Brother/s Diet/s Fat Female Lead Overweight Protagonist Reverse Harem School Idol

Saika no Kami wa Negawanai

Saika no Kami wa Negawanai (Manga)

The God of Calamity Wishes for Naught (Synonyms), Бог бедствий, не имеющий желаний (Synonyms), 災禍の神は願わない (Synonyms), 재화의 신은 바라지 않는다 (Synonyms)

Ancient Egypt, a time when Gods ruled the world.The Wargod Set who wishes for war, harbors dissatisfaction with his elder brother, the country's current ruler Osiris, who aims for a "World without War".One day, at Osiris' behest, Set and his brother sneak out of the palace. The one moment Set takes his eyes off his brother, Osiris is assassinated. Suspected of treason, Set is condemned to be executed...or so he thought.Upon opening his eyes in his own room, before Set stood Osiris who should have been dead———?!

Ancient Era Assassination/s Brother/s Egypt God/s Incest Mythology Royalty Short-Tempered Protagonist Time Rewind

Sareki Oukoku

Sareki Oukoku (Manga)

Gravel Kingdom (Synonyms), Królestwo żwiru (Polish) (Synonyms), 砂礫王国 (Synonyms)

A kingdom in the middle of the desert is the last city of humans that were against the Sand People. However, their next king, Kirameki, didn't want to fulfil the throne. The Sand People took the chance to kidnap the prince and replace him with an imposter, Kirameki's half-brother, Saga, who is a half human and half Sand Person. Kirameki was made to do hard labour then. However, he came back on the day of the Water Festival to get back his kingdom with Serafita (Water Goddess)'s help.oneshot Stonehedge included, probably not scanlated.

Brother/s Desert Female Demographic with Male Lead Goddess/es Half Siblings Half-Human Master-Servant Relationship Priestess/es Prince/s Stepsiblings

Fuson na Hana o Aisureba

Fuson na Hana o Aisureba (Manga)

Fuson na Hana wo Aisureba (Synonyms), 不遜な華を愛すれば (Synonyms), 如果爱上傲慢的花 (Synonyms)

Collection of stories:1. If you Love an Arrogant Flower (1,2)Kazuma, the unruly eldest son at a prestigious dry-goods store, dotes on Koutarou, the son of his father's mistress who was welcomed into the main house after the death of the latter's mother. But Koutarou rejected his confession and slipped through his hands. Then Kazuma is suddently attacked by the accomplished and serious second son, Ibuki! How will Kazuma react to his tenacity!?2. Lonely Butler (1-3)3. Loyal Dog Jeremy

Brother/s Butler/s Coming Out of the Closet Half Siblings Handsome Uke Incest Master-Servant Relationship Misunderstanding/s Older Uke Younger Seme Seme Falling in Love First

Futago Konpurekkusu

Futago Konpurekkusu (Manga)

Futago Complex (Synonyms), Twin Complex (Synonyms), 双子コンプレックス (Synonyms)

You're a good guy !!!! Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they love each other, sometimes rivals? Momo that can't be released a little while well, and is always taking care of the trouble. Ayatsuki,a tsundere (?) Story of twin high school students who are the opposite of personality!

4-koma/Yonkoma Brother and Sister Brother/s High School Student/s Sibling Relationship Siblings Sister/s Tsundere Character/s Twin/s

Futari no Kimochi

Futari no Kimochi (Manga)

Fare L’amore (Synonyms), Feeling of Lovers (Synonyms), ふたりの気持ち (Synonyms)

Kan and Fuyumi met for the first time three years ago at the wedding of Kan’s older brother. After that, nothing, until Kan goes to register for classes at college and discovers Fuyumi working in the registrar’s office. Thing is, Fuyumi was Kan’s older brother’s wife – and they divorced six months after the wedding.Now those three years have passed and Kan and Fuyumi are about to be thrown together by circumstance

Brother/s Divorce Family Drama Forbidden Love In Love with Family Member's Spouse In-Law/s Older Female Younger Male Sibling Rivalry

Futari no Tame ni Sekai wa Aru no

Futari no Tame ni Sekai wa Aru no (Manga)

The World Exists Because of the Two of Us (Synonyms), The World Exists for Just Us Two (Synonyms), Valentine Cinema (Synonyms), ふたりのために世界はあるの (Synonyms), 水城せとな傑作集2 ふたりのために世界はあるの (Synonyms)

Brother/s Cafe Collection of Stories Domination/Subordination Master-Servant Relationship Misunderstanding/s Rich Female Lead Rivalry Secret Relationship Student Council

Futatsu no Gespenster

Futatsu no Gespenster (Manga)

ふたつのゲシュペンスト (Synonyms)

A monster [Gespenst] that came out in the country of Languuba due to twin experiments during the war. Alan, an orphan who was also a subject himself, was struggling in the city to avenge his younger brother who became a monster ...!? A new dark fantasy.

Brother/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Orphan/s Twin/s

Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri

Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri (Manga)

Теорема о неравных сторонах треугольника (Synonyms), 不等辺三角形の定理 (Synonyms)

A rental store employee has a surprise waiting for him upon taken an customer home.

Anal Intercourse Brother/s Crush/es Fingering Incest Nipple Play Oral Intercourse Pervert/s Sex Toy/s Threesome

Gekisen! Futago Anabatoru

Gekisen! Futago Anabatoru (Manga)

Fight! Twin Battle: A Fight Between Life and Death (Synonyms), 激戦!双子アナバトル~セイシを懸けたガチンコ勝負~ (Synonyms)

Twin brothers, Taichi and Yosuke, are both in love with Tajima, a senior student at their lab. Taichi thinks that Yosuke is his lover. One day their study on germs creates an accident! They switch bodies! At first they panic, but then Taichi decides to have sex with Tajima. Right when things are getting good, something strange happens...!! It's a story of losing your "back virginity" by test tube, and erotic threesomes... It's an ultimate must-read erotic story!

Body Swap/s Brother/s Love Triangle/s Threesome Twin/s

Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu Iri

Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu Iri (Manga)

The Finest Beef Curry with 5 Secrets (Synonyms), The Finest Beef Curry with a Secret (Synonyms), 極上ビーフカレー、秘密入り (Synonyms), 極品牛肉咖哩的秘密 (Synonyms)

Collection of stories:Story 1 - Story 2 - Story 3 - Story 4 - Gokujou Beef Curry, Himitsu IriStory 5 - Eikyuu Red Carpet

Absent Parent/s Brother/s Collection of Stories Extended Flashbacks In Love with Family Member's Spouse Makeshift Family Older Female Younger Male Unexpressed Feeling/s Unrequited Love

Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi

Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi (Manga)

Flower Gardens and Goodbyes (Synonyms), 花畑と別れ話 (Synonyms), 花畑与离别之语 (Synonyms)

Takuya, Yuiji, and Aki are childhood friends who have always been together. Takuya secretly likes Aki, but she suddenly gets a boyfriend. Takuya nurses his broken heart with Yuiji, who suddenly confesses that he's always liked Takuya.r Ryoutarou, and his brother's boyfriend Nonoyama.

Brother/s Childhood Friend/s Family Family Love First Love Flashbacks Flower/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship Unrequited Love