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Kaijuu ni Natta Gay

Kaijuu ni Natta Gay (Manga)

A Gay Man Who Turned into a Monster. (Synonyms), Kaiju ni Natta Gay (Synonyms), Kaijuu ni Natta Gei (Synonyms), 怪獣になったゲイ (Synonyms)

A gay teenager who is constantly bullied at school turns into a monster after being rejected by his teacher. Was originally published as a series of 10 doujinshi.

Appearance Changes Bullied Protagonist Dark Skin Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s LGBT Issues Prejudice Self-Hatred

Kimi no Tonari (Cherry)

Kimi no Tonari (Cherry) (Manga)

I dislike myself in this clear world. (Synonyms), Right Beside You (Synonyms), きみのとなり (Synonyms)

Yotsuya Atsushi, a high school boy with a serious problem: he sees ghosts. This particular curse of his has kept him isolated and alone, stuck in his own tiny world. After transferring to a new school, Yotsuya meets someone nearly as strange as he is, and his world starts to open.

Atypical Art Style Bullied Protagonist Female Demographic with Male Lead Friendless Character/s Ghost/s High School Student/s Loneliness Lonely Protagonist Mind Reading Secret Ability

Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights (Manhwa)

Jeonjeonbancheug (Synonyms), Restless (Hoben) (Synonyms), 輾轉反側 (Hoben) (Synonyms), 전전반측 ~오메가버스 단편선 (Synonyms)

is the fifth short stories of series .

Alpha x Omega Boss-Subordinate Relationship Bullied Protagonist Bully/ies Bullying Mean Male Lead Office Love Omegaverse Personality Change/s

I Am Picking up Attributes and Items in Last Days

I Am Picking up Attributes and Items in Last Days (Manhua)

The Last Hero (Synonyms), 刮痧战士 (Synonyms), 我在末世捡属性 (Synonyms)

When the zombies started appearing, everyone is at risk, Yang Hao forced to seek help in risk, in danger I found " pick up attributes system" acquired strength attribute, strength +1, acquired agility attribute, agility +1, I picked up? From today onwards, food, resources, beautiful girls, this land, all are mine! Yang Hao screamed! below me are all zombies….. a path to?

Apocalypse Attempted Gang Rape Attempted Murder Attempted Rape Bullied Male Lead Bullied Protagonist Bully/ies Bullying Extortion Zombie/s

Hell's Developer

Hell's Developer (Manhua)

Developer Of The Netherworld (Synonyms), The Underworld’s Broker (Synonyms), 地府开发商 (Synonyms)

Yao Bing meets his girlfriend getting a room with someone else at the hotel where he is doing a part-time job! In order to get his girlfriend back, Yao Bing begins his revenge through the development of the Netherworld. He subdues ghosts as his followers, conquers beautiful girls, and has even discovered a conspiracy on his girlfriend along the way. You used to be lofty, but now you have to bow to me!

Abuse of Power Attempted Extortion Bullied Male Lead Bullied Protagonist Bullying Cheating Girlfriend Cheating/Infidelity Exorcism Extortion Full Color

Unfaithful Love, a Thing of the Past

Unfaithful Love, a Thing of the Past (Manga)

Fujitsu na Koi ha, Katsute no (Synonyms), Fujitsu na Koi wa, Katsute no (Synonyms), 不実な恋は、かつての (Synonyms), 属于我们曾经的虚假恋爱 (Synonyms)

Bullied Protagonist Bully/ies Bullying Childhood Love Country Bumpkin Moves to City Delinquent/s Friends Become Lovers Intercrural Intercourse Live-in Lover Older Uke Younger Seme


Galaxy! (Manhwa)

Eunha! (Synonyms), 銀河! (Synonyms), 은하! (Synonyms)

Alien/s Bullied Female Lead Bullied Protagonist Crime/s Discrimination Experiment/s Pink-Haired Female Lead Space Opera War/s Webtoon

Nottie's Contract

Nottie's Contract (Manhua)

Contract with Pure-Loved Demon (Synonyms), Khế Ước Của Gái Xấu (Synonyms), Kontak Darah dengan Cewek Jelek (Synonyms), 丑女契约:猎获纯情妖少 (Synonyms)

Luo Jinmian, an ordinary looking high school student, accidentally made a contract with the domineering but meticulous Book spirit, Ba. In order to obtain freedom, Ba put in a lot of efforts to fulfill Luo Jinmian's wish. However, Luo Jinmian always refused to say her wish. After experiencing all sorts of things, the love between the two of them gradually appeared …

Amnesia Annoying Character/s Blood Contract Bullied Female Lead Bullied Protagonist Bully/ies Bullying Demon Protagonist Elf/ves Full Color

Taste of Illness

Taste of Illness (Manhwa)

Byeong-ui mat (Synonyms), Byeong-ui-mat (Synonyms), Flavour's Bottle (Synonyms), 병의 맛 (Synonyms), 병의맛 (Synonyms)

21st Century Anxiety Bullied Male Lead Bullied Protagonist Bully/ies Bullying Friendship Middle School Middle School Student/s South Korea

Amakara Gishimai ni Hasamaretemasu

Amakara Gishimai ni Hasamaretemasu (Manga)

Amakara Gishimai ni Hasamarete Masu (Synonyms), I'm Sandwiched Between Sweet and Spicy Step-Sisters (Synonyms), 甘辛義姉妹に挟まれてます (Synonyms)

One day, Our plain protagonist suddenly got 2 sisters, a big-breasted gentle older sister type and a devilish cute little sister!?A slightly exciting family romantic comedy!

Big-Breasted Female Lead Brother Complex Bullied Protagonist Female Lead Falls in Love First Male Protagonist Older Sister Perverted Female Lead Stepsibling Love Teasing Female Lead Younger Sister

Akai Tsubaki to Warui Mushi

Akai Tsubaki to Warui Mushi (Manga)

A Red Vermilion Camellia & A Harmful Insect (Synonyms), 紅い椿と悪い虫 (Synonyms)


Bullied Protagonist Bullying Delinquent/s Gakuran Harassment High School High School Student/s Humiliation Manipulative Male Lead Psychopath/s

Asa ga Mata Kuru Kara

Asa ga Mata Kuru Kara (Manga)

Another Morning (Synonyms), Asaga Mata Kurukara (Synonyms), Because Morning Will Come Again (Synonyms), صباحٌ آخر (Synonyms), لأن الصباح سيأتي مُجدداً (Synonyms), 朝がまたくるから (Synonyms), 迎向晨曦的每一天 (Synonyms), 아침이 또 오니까 (Synonyms)

Arata Suzu is a 20 years old woman who worked at a big wagashi shop. One day, she get a flat tyre while cycling and was approached by a loner, Usami Kouyou, a mechanic who worked nearby. Feeling curious of the bouquet in his hand, she fell in love by his good impression..

Angst Bespectacled Protagonist Bullied Protagonist Collection of Stories Dead Family Member/s Murderer/s Rumors Separation/s Suicide/s

Atom Cat

Atom Cat (Manga)

A Tomcat (Synonyms), Astro Cat (Synonyms), Астро Кот (Synonyms), アトムキャット (Synonyms), ア・トムキャット (Synonyms), 阿童木猫 (Synonyms), 아톰 캣 (Synonyms)

From Tezuka Osamu World:Aliens have created a tomcat endowed with the seven exceptional faculties similar to Astro Boy's. Supporting his owner, Tsugio, who is a sissy boy, this tomcat named Atomcat runs actively far and wide through the universe. --- This is a fascinating work resulted from Tezuka Osamu's challenging endeavor and daring to remake "Astro Boy."

Abandoned Protagonist Accident/s Accidental Death Alien/s Animal Characteristics Body Modification Bullied Protagonist Cat/s Episodic Family