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Fushigi Nyanko no Koudougaku

Fushigi Nyanko no Koudougaku (Manga)

ふしぎにゃんコの行動学 (Synonyms)


4-koma/Yonkoma Animals Bespectacled Protagonist Cat/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Japan Married Couple Pet/s

Futari no Lion

Futari no Lion (Manga)

Dwa lwy (Polish) (Synonyms), Futari no Raion (Synonyms), Les deux lions (French) (Synonyms), The Two Lions (Synonyms), ふたりのライオン (Synonyms)

To escape his reputation as a misunderstood loner, Leo attends a university far from home. His attempts at making friends aren't going so well until he meets someone who recognizes him—friendly and laidback Junpei, who went to the same high school as he did. Can Leo break out of his shell and navigate his new friendship as it grows into something more? This Teen-rated BL tale will warm your heart.

Awkward at Relationships Cat/s Character Growth Dyed Hair Fight/s First Friend Friendship Grandfather/s University Student/s Unrequited Love


Futaribotchi (Manga)

Futari Bocchi (Yoshimura Akemi) (Synonyms), Futari Botchi (Synonyms), Futaribocchi (Synonyms), ふたりぼっち (吉村明美) (Synonyms)


Cat/s Living Alone Special Ability/ies

Fuwafuwa Moyou

Fuwafuwa Moyou (Manga)

Fuwafuwa Moyou - Wagaya no Sanbiki no Neko no Maki (Synonyms), ふわふわもよう (Synonyms)



Gedou no Uta

Gedou no Uta (Manga)

Fiend's Song (Synonyms), Gedo no uta (Synonyms), La canción malvada (Synonyms), The Villain's Song (Synonyms), 外道の歌 (Synonyms)

Centers on Kamo and his partner Tora, who work in the underworld as "avengers for hire," taking on jobs from the victims of violent crimes and families seeking vengeance for wrongs done to them. [ANN]

21st Century Antihero / Antiheroine Cat/s Crime/s Dark Ambience Episodic Murder/s Partners Strong Male Lead Violence

Gojussenchi no Isshou

Gojussenchi no Isshou (Manga)

50 senchi no Isshou (Synonyms), Five Centimetres Lifetime (Synonyms), Story of fifty centimeters (Synonyms), ゴジュッセンチの一生 (Synonyms)

This is a tale about the interaction between humans and cats. Nanao and Machi are two stray cats living a quiet life in an obscure corner of town. However, when the stray cats in this town sense a decrease in food provided by the humans, a quarrel among the felines occur. In this trying time, Nanao and Machi encounters a woman named Yoshino...

Animal's POV Cat/s Talking Animals

Hatsukoi, Futatabi.

Hatsukoi, Futatabi. (Manga)

First love, again. (Synonyms), はつ恋、ふたたび。 (Synonyms), 再次初恋 (Synonyms)

Cat/s Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Childhood Promise Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School High School Student/s Love Triangle/s Personality Change/s Transfer Student/s


Houkago! (Manga)

A Manager's Job (Synonyms), After School! (Synonyms), Afterschool Girl (Synonyms), Drumcan Hyakkei: 100 Famous Views of a Drum Can (Synonyms), Fingertip Skip (Synonyms), Hirari, Bessatsu - Bukatsu Joshi Anthology - Houkago! (Synonyms), Houkago no Kanojo (Synonyms), One Two Step (Synonyms), Tenshi wa Kizu Darake, Mahjong Joshi Bukatsudou-chuu! (Synonyms), The All Girls' Mahjong Club Is Doing Club Activities! (Synonyms), Until the Day That Promise Is Fulfilled (Synonyms), ひらり、別冊 部活女子アンソロジー『ほうかご!』 (Synonyms)

Art Club Astronomy Cat/s Club/s Collection of Stories Horse/s Mahjong Manager Music School Girl/s

Inu o Kau

Inu o Kau (Manga)

Allevare un cane e altri racconti (Synonyms), Feed the Dog (Synonyms), Inu wo Kau (Synonyms), Raising a Dog (Synonyms), Terre de rêves (Synonyms), Tierra de sueños (Synonyms), Träume von Glück (Synonyms), 犬を飼う (Synonyms)

Five short stories. - Inu wo Kau (Raising a Dog)- Soshite Neko wo Kau (And Then, Caring for a Cat)- Niwa no Nagame (View of the Backyard)- Sannin no Hibi (Three People's Days)- Yakusoku no Chi (Promised Land)The first four stories are about the everyday life of a couple living together with their pets.The first one tells the death of an old dog, hence the title. The last one is a bit similar to a later work of the author, Kamigami no Itadaki.Note: Won the Shogakukan Manga Award (examination committee special) in 1992.

Age Progression Animals Award-Winning Work Cat/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Dog/s Married Couple Middle-Aged Protagonist Mountain Climbing Pet/s

Kimagure Goshujin To Oshikake Neko

Kimagure Goshujin To Oshikake Neko (Manga)

The Fickle Owner and His Uninvited Cat (Synonyms), The Uninvited Cat and His Fickle Master (Synonyms), 気まぐれご主人とおしかけ猫 (Synonyms)

One day, a beautiful man collapses in front of the home of Araragi Rikuo. ""I'm the cat you rescued last week!"" Such are the crazed ramblings of the self-proclaimed cat boy, given the name Tama by Rikuo, and so their life together begins... Outside of jerking off next to Rikuo in bed, Tama appears to be a cat given human form to stay close to Rikuo just as he says. But, after seeing Tama in a high class suit by chance one day, Rikuo starts to notice discrepancies in their life together and in his feelings...

Cat/s Cohabitation Company President Fake Identity Job Hunting Lie/s Loneliness Older Seme Younger Uke Seme Falling in Love First University Student/s

Koi Saku Potager

Koi Saku Potager (Manga)

Fall in Love in the Potager (Synonyms), Koisaku Potager (Synonyms), 恋咲くポタジェ (Synonyms)

Yui, a young chef, is secretly in love with Tetsu, the guy that works as a farmer in the neighbourhood. But secrets can't be secrets forever, right?

Affectionate Seme Allergies Blushing Male Lead Boilersuit Cat/s Cheerful Male Lead Chef/s Dead Parent/s Farmer/s Food

Koiseyo Kimono Otome

Koiseyo Kimono Otome (Manga)

Fall in Love with a Girl in a Kimono (Synonyms), Koi Seyo Kimono Otome (Synonyms), Полюби девушку в кимоно (Synonyms), 恋せよキモノ乙女 (Synonyms), 戀愛吧和服少女 (Synonyms)

Momo Nonomura lives with her family in Osaka. Enjoying a day off from work is going out with a kimono inherited from the grandmother who passed away. On a holiday in in March, I fell in love with a man at a long-established coffee shop in Kyoto who was sitting alone.

Awkward at Relationships Cat/s Cheerful Female Lead Crush/es Dead Family Member/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Kimono Kyoto Male Demographic with Female Lead Memento/s

Maneki Neko Jinja no Tenteko Mai na Hibi

Maneki Neko Jinja no Tenteko Mai na Hibi (Manga)

Maneki Neko Jinja no Tenteko Maina Hibi (Synonyms), Maneki Neko Jinja no Tentekomai na Hibi (Synonyms), The Fortune Cat Shrine's Hectic Days (Synonyms), 招き猫神社のテンテコ舞いな日々 (Synonyms)

The story follows Iwakura Kazumi, a man currently down on his luck after his company goes down. While trying to rebuild his business and in need of a place to stay, he takes up the caretaker position at the Maneki Neko Jinja, a small shrine built by his great-grandmother in honor of cats. But he soon finds out that he has to share the space with someone–or something; three bakeneko who have been living there for a long time, and who seem to know his great-grandmother. Now he has to learn how to deal not only with the three cats, but also with the people who come and go to the shrine.

Based on a Novel Cat/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lifestyle Change Living with Strangers Shape Shifter/s Shrine/s Youkai

Nakayoshi Kouen

Nakayoshi Kouen (Manga)

Friendly Park (Synonyms), Nakayoshi Park (Synonyms), なかよし公園 (Synonyms)

The comedic life of two young cats and their surroundings.

4-koma/Yonkoma Animals Cat/s Dog/s Park

Reikan Shouhou Kabushikigaisha

Reikan Shouhou Kabushikigaisha (Manga)

Fraudulent Way of Business, Incorporated (Synonyms), Other-Worldly Worries Taken Advantage of for Money, The Public Company (Synonyms), Reikanshouhou Kabushikigaisha (Synonyms), Spiritual Scams Company, Incorporated (Synonyms), Supernatural Trade Corporation (Synonyms), The Psychic Business Corporation (Synonyms), 霊感商法株式会社 (Synonyms), 驱灵少年[灵感商法公司] (Synonyms)

Tokiwa Kanenari likes to masquerade as a substitute science teacher, but he's actually in the business of dealing with the spirit world. And there are spirits in all sorts of things around him, from amber necklaces to unfinished paintings and even abandoned satellites.

Adapted to JDrama Animal Characteristics Cat/s Debt-Motivated Protagonist Debt/s Egypt Ghost/s Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Workers for Hire

Sanjuushi Jikenchou

Sanjuushi Jikenchou (Manga)

Sanjūshi Jiken Chō (Synonyms), The Folded Book of the Three Gun Warriors (Synonyms), 三銃士事件帖 (Synonyms)


Cat/s Gun/s Gunfighter/s School Girl/s

Seijo no Hazu ga, Douyara Nottoraremashita

Seijo no Hazu ga, Douyara Nottoraremashita (Manga)

Fui invocada para ser La santa, pero creo que me robaron el título (Synonyms), I Was Summoned to Be the Saint, but I Was Robbed of the Position, Apparently (Synonyms), 本该是圣女,却被顶替了 (Synonyms), 聖女のはずが、どうやら乗っ取られました (Synonyms)

Attempted Murder Attempted Rape Based on a Web Novel Cat/s Corruption Familiar/s Healing Power Isekai Transported to a Fiction World Transported to Another World

Tonari no 801-chan - Fujoshiteki Koukou Seikatsu

Tonari no 801-chan - Fujoshiteki Koukou Seikatsu (Manga)

A Fujoshi-Style High School Life (Synonyms), Tonari no 801-chan (Jin) (Synonyms), Tonari no 801-chan: Fujoshi-teki Kōkō Seikatsu (Synonyms), となりの801ちゃん (仁) (Synonyms), となりの801ちゃん ~腐女子的高校生活~ (Synonyms), 我的801女友 (Synonyms)

Junior-high school student Rei Hoshino, a fujoshi who does not especially have any interest in the 3D aspect of life, suddenly changes when on a rainy day she takes interest in a high school student named Kei Akai and wants to get into the same high school as him. To that end, she enlists the help of her childhood friend Shōtarō Kamiyu who helps her study for the entrance examination, and diet so as to become a cuter girl. All goes according to plan, until a scheming girl going to the same school named Luna Kurotsuki makes it harder for Rei to get closer to Kei.

Cat/s Childhood Friend/s Comic Artist/s False Personality First Love Fujoshi Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Love at First Sight Quirky Characters Smart Male Lead

Yozora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime

Yozora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime (Manga)

A Love Song in a Nameless Country (Synonyms), Capturing You (Synonyms), Flowers Forming a Parabola (Synonyms), Giraffes' Necks Are Too Long (Synonyms), Her Cat Wards Off My Bad Dreams (Synonyms), Itoshii no Maid-sama (Synonyms), The Boundary Between Archer and Scorpion (Synonyms), The Crow Women (Synonyms), The Imaginary Land (Synonyms), The Long, Far Road (Synonyms), The Prince of the Night Sky and Princess of the Morning Glow (Synonyms), The Prince of the Night Sky and the Princess of the Morning Glow (Synonyms), Yoruzora no Ouji to Asayake no Hime (Synonyms), 夜空の王子と朝焼けの姫 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:1. The Boundary Between Archer and Scorpion2. The Long, Far Road3. Giraffes' Necks Are Too Long4. The Imaginary Land5. Flowers Forming a Parabola6. Her Cat Wards Off My Bad Dream7. Itoshii no Maid-sama (Miss Beloved Maid)8. Capturing You9. The Crow Woman10. A Love Song in a Nameless Country11. The Prince of the Night Sky and the Princess of the Morning Glow

All-Girls School Cat/s Collection of Stories Groping Maid/s Ninja/s Princess/es Unrequited Love

Yuri Tengoku

Yuri Tengoku (Manga)

Autumn Sleepiness (Synonyms), Beyond This Sky (Synonyms), Bound by a Red String (Synonyms), Friends (Anthology) (Synonyms), I'm Here (Synonyms), My Partner (Synonyms), Omoi no Kisetsu (Synonyms), Oshida J-O (Synonyms), Princess Academy (Synonyms), Rooftop (Synonyms), She, I, and the Red Book (Synonyms), Shining Mars (Synonyms), The Glade in the Forest Behind the School (Synonyms), You're Lovelier than a Rose (Synonyms), Yuri Tengoku Anthology (Synonyms), この空の向こう (Synonyms), プリンセス学園 (Synonyms), 彼女と私と赤い本 (Synonyms)

All-Girls School Appearance Different from Personality Astronomy Boarding School Book/s Cat/s Childhood Friend/s Eyepatch Forbidden Love Graduation