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One Piece

One Piece (Anime)

One Piece (English), ONE PIECE (Japanese), OP (Synonyms)

Gol D. Roger was known as the "Pirate King," the strongest and most infamous being to have sailed the Grand Line. The capture and execution of Roger by the World Government brought a change throughout the world.

Special Ability/ies Strong Male Lead Pirates Treasure Hunting Teamwork Childish Male Lead Friendship Character Growth

Kasa no Shita, Futari

Kasa no Shita, Futari (Manga)

Under the Umbrella, with You (Synonyms), Unter Deinem Schirm (German) (Synonyms), Z tobą pod parasolem (Polish) (Synonyms), 傘の下、ふたり (Synonyms), 雨傘下、兩個人 (Synonyms)

Mio Keisuke is a high-schooler who leads a rather dull, boring life. He can't keep a girlfriend, because being a kept man's too much of a hassle, and he can't bring himself to fall in love and want to please his woman. Then one day he seeks shelter from a sudden downpour under the awning of an apartment owned by Yugi Kakeru, and suddenly his life isn't so dull anymore as he finds himself falling for his aloof and yet obviously lonely friend.Comes with an extra for Kimi Note.Includes characters from Star-like Words.

Age Gap Caught in the Act Character Growth Heartbreak Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Reunion/s Student/s Time Skip Unrequited Love


Kashura (Manga)

Sengoku Bikiden (Synonyms), Sengoku Bikiden Kashura (Synonyms), 战国美姬传·花修罗 (Synonyms), 戦国美姫伝花修羅 (Synonyms)

In the warring states era, the princess of Echizen Yukiyotani, a luxurous place named the 'Northern Capital', Rokka encounters a ninja named Kohaku. A brilliant warring state romance drawn by a passionate storyteller.

Assassination Attempt/s Bodyguard/s Character Growth Child Soldier/s Childhood Friend/s Domestic Violence Eyepatch Sengoku Era Time Skip Warrior/s

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin (Manga)

Mechanized Infantries 8 Fukujin (Synonyms), Mechanized Infantry Eight Gods of Fortune (Synonyms), MI-8 Fukujin (Synonyms), 機動旅団八福神 (Synonyms)

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin is set in the near future where Japan has been subjugated by China and now fights against its former ally America under the Chinese banner. Fukujin, literally “luck god,” are advanced armor suits that are impervious to most conventional weapons. The story follows new recruits in the army of Japan, in a war-torn future. An eccentric girl, a pacifistic guy, and the Fukujin figure in a story about war, violence, and militaristic subservience.

Alternative Future Bespectacled Protagonist Character Growth Military Pacifist Politics Smart Male Lead Soldier/s Special Squad/s Strong Female Lead

Kimi kara no Resume

Kimi kara no Resume (Manga)

Resume (Synonyms), 君からのレジュメ (Synonyms)

An average girl from a relatively average university somehow makes it into the general affairs department of a company. The main reason she decided to join was because of the handsome manager, who she ends up working under. The story basically revolves around their relationship and other work-related issues.

Age Gap Boss-Subordinate Relationship Character Growth Couple Growth Hard-Working Protagonist Love Triangle/s Office Worker/s Older Male Younger Female Secret Relationship Workplace Romance

Ki-chan Sensei no Jijou

Ki-chan Sensei no Jijou (Manga)

Kii-chan Sensei no Jijou (Synonyms), きーちゃん先生の事情 (Synonyms)

Character Growth Dead Lover/s Host/Hostess Student/s Teacher-Teacher Relationship Teacher/s

Legendary Kang Do-Young

Legendary Kang Do-Young (Manhwa)

Jeonseol ui Kang Do-Yeong (Synonyms), 전설의 강도영 (Synonyms)

Fateful Encounters:There was a Legend about a guy named Kang Do-Young. He was perfect, great at sports, rich and good at fighting. Na Mirae was a girl who was in a leader of a club called ‘Pink Lady’ and who also wants to be Jiang of her whole school. For Do-Young, it was love at first site while for Mirae, it wasn’t.

Character Growth Dead Parent/s Divorce Drunken Intercourse Famous Parent/s Irresponsible Parent/s Jjang Male Lead Falls in Love First Orphan/s Pregnancy

Shuujin Riku

Shuujin Riku (Manga)

Jail Time Ricky (Synonyms), Prisoner Riku (Synonyms), Prisonnier Riku (Synonyms), 囚人リク (Synonyms), 特极囚犯 (Synonyms)

"Born into a world beyond imagination, imprisoned for a crime he never commited. Young Riku's life couldn't sink any lower...or so he thought. Determined to survive no matter the circumstances, Riku now faces the impossible task of outliving a prison sentence in Earth's worst penitentiary." - Courtesy of Project Bite Me! Scans

Avenger/s Character Growth Corruption Dead Family Member/s Dystopia Escape/s Orphan/s Prison Strong Male Lead Weak to Strong

This Magical Moment

This Magical Moment (Manhwa)

Jigeum I Sungan Mabeobcheoleom (Synonyms), Now, Like Magic (Synonyms), Момент, подобный волшебству (Synonyms), 지금 이 순간 마법처럼 (Synonyms)

Everyday life can be tough even at the best of times, and when you’re a witch, an aspiring nun, or a former child actor, it gets a lot tougher! All Bakha, Minhyeok, Sara, and Sanghyeop want to do is live like everyone else and follow their dreams, but they are constantly confronted with prejudice and discrimination from those they encounter. Will they be able to show the world that despite their differences, people are all the same deep down?

Actor/s Character Growth Child/ren Full Color Multiple Protagonists Orphanage Prejudice Religion University Student/s Witch/es

Tekken Chinmi

Tekken Chinmi (Manga)

Ironfist Chinmi (Synonyms), Kung Fu Boy (Synonyms), Quyền Thuật Vô Song (Synonyms), 拳精[铁拳小子] (Synonyms), 鉄拳チンミ (Synonyms)

In ancient China a young fighter named Chinmi goes to the Dairin temple for advanced training. He eventually must leave Dairin temple to go on a pilgrimage where he meets many challenges to test his skills.Won the 11th Kodansha Manga Award for shounen in 1987.

Award-Winning Work Character Growth China Genius/es Hard-Working Protagonist Journey Kung Fu Pet/s Shaolin Training

The Misfortune Devouring Witch is Actually a Vampire?!

The Misfortune Devouring Witch is Actually a Vampire?! (Novel)

Ijippari na Majo-dono e (Synonyms), 意地っ張りな魔女殿へ (Synonyms)

Character Growth Count/Countess Emotionally Strong Male Lead Historical Fantasy Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Interconnected Episodic Mysterious Female Lead Mysterious Store/Products/Services Nobility Smart Couple

Hello Shimai

Hello Shimai (Manga)

Haro Shimai (Synonyms), ハロー姉妹 (Synonyms)


Baby/ies Character Growth Family Sister/s

Henshin Ganbo

Henshin Ganbo (Manga)

Desire for a Reply! (Synonyms), Henshin Ganbou! (Synonyms), 返信願望! (Synonyms)

A oneshot by NisiOisin and Miyokawa Masaru:Sunaki is a back-up player on the baseball team. One day, he finally gets the courage to put a love letter into the school idol's shoe locker, but where will his actions take him?(The title is a play on words: 変身願望! (Henshin Ganbou!), or Desire for Change!, vs 返信願望! (Henshin Ganbou!), or Desire for a Reply!)

Baseball Character Growth Female Lead Falls in Love First Hard-Working Protagonist High School Love Letter/s Perceptive Female Lead Rejection Revenge Tsundere

Higan no Ishi

Higan no Ishi (Manga)

The Stone of Nirvana (Synonyms), 彼岸の石 (Synonyms)

"There is a stone that grants wishes, or so people have said..." The final chapter (tankoubon-only) has not been scanlated as of 03.01.2017

Amnesia Animal Sidekick Character Growth God-Human Relationship Innocent Male Lead Legend/s Long-Haired Male Lead Magic Item/s Mysterious Male Lead Wish/es

Heart no Kagi o Te ni Irero!

Heart no Kagi o Te ni Irero! (Manga)

Get the Key of the Heart! (Synonyms), Get The Key To My Heart (Synonyms), Heart no Kagi wo Te ni Irero (Synonyms), I'll Get the Key to Your Heart (Synonyms), ハートの鍵を手に入れろ! (Synonyms), 交出开启心门的那把钥匙 (Synonyms)

Plain looks... average abilities... on top of that, my name's "Suzuki Tarou". I've always held a complex towards my overly ordinary self. One day, a super pretty, drunk boy appears on my doorstep! He tries to kiss me while crying about how I "look like his former lover"... Then some time later, that same pretty boy appears in my workplace! His name - Shiga Ryouta. Will meeting Shiga become my turning point?!

Character Growth Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Drunk Finding Love Again Friends Become Lovers Older Sister Older Uke Younger Seme Past Plays a Big Role Unexpected Feelings

Sayonara Midori-chan

Sayonara Midori-chan (Manga)

Adieu Midori (French) (Synonyms), Goodbye Midori (Synonyms), Goodbye Midori-chan (Synonyms), さよならみどりちゃん (Synonyms)

At age 20, Yuko is leading a life without aspirations, what with work as an assistant in a company and her non-existent relationship with her lover Yutaka. Determined to give a new twist to her lifestyle, she accepts Yutaka's offer to work at a bar as a hostess. Yuko quickly becomes disenchanted: this choice brings her much more trouble than pleasant surprises, leading her to face difficult situations, even dangerous ones. Will she react before breaking apart? How far will she let herself go?

Adapted to Movie Bar/s Character Growth Egotistic Male Lead Host/Hostess Introverted Protagonist Laid-back Male Lead Playboy/s Rushed Ending / Axed Sketchy Art Style

Shoujo Holic

Shoujo Holic (Manga)

Girl Holic (Synonyms), Girlholic (Synonyms), 少女Holic (Synonyms), 少女ホリック (Synonyms)

A girl's father is relocated by his job. She's recently found the "boy of her dreams" and decides that she's staying no matter where her parents move to! She's sent to live with her grandmother and enters the same high school her mother attended. It's a religious school run by nuns. She meets a very strange girl who thinks she’s cute and shows quite an interest in her.

All-Girls School Catholic School Character Growth Countryside Female-Oriented Girls' Love Middle School Moving Away Nun/s Single Parent Transfer Student/s

Sorairo Lemon to Mayoi Neko

Sorairo Lemon to Mayoi Neko (Manga)

Gök Rengi Limon ve Kayıp Kedi (Synonyms), Sky-blue Lemon and Stray Cat (Synonyms), Stray Cat Sky Lemon (french) (Synonyms), Небесно-голубой лимон и бродячий кот (Synonyms), السماء الزرقاء الليمونية والقطة المشردة (Synonyms), 空色レモンと迷い猫 (Synonyms)

Ever since her childhood friend "Ryou-kun" moved out of their small hometown, Seto Nagisa takes photos everyday in the hopes of showing Ryou-kun when he returns as promised. As she's taking a photo one day, she and her friends bump into the rising-actor Kamijyou Yamato, who has moved to the small town after some unsavory rumors began to spread about him in the entertainment world. Nagisa and Yamato immediately don't get along, but is it possible that they are actually becoming friends?

Actor/s Balancing School and Work Capable Female Lead Caring Female Lead Caring Male Lead Celebrity/ies Changed by Love Character Growth Childhood Friend/s Dedicated Protagonist

Umaimon Kuwasero!

Umaimon Kuwasero! (Manga)

Give Me Something Delicious To Eat! (Synonyms), Shin Umaimon Kuwasero! (Synonyms), Umaimon Kuwasero (Synonyms), 新・美味いもん食わせろ (Synonyms), 新・美味いもん食わせろ! (Synonyms), 美味いもん食わせろ! (Synonyms)

From MegKF:A talented young Japanese chef deals with working for the father of the only chef who always gets the best of him. But what are they going to do as this rivalry develops into something else?There are two extra at the end of each volume. Volume 1 extra is called A Man You Can't Resist. Volume 2's is an extra from Boku no Koe, My Changeable Voice.

Character Growth Chef/s Cooking Cooking School Food Hard-Working Protagonist Inferiority Complex Injury/ies Insecurity Rivalry

Futari no Lion

Futari no Lion (Manga)

Dwa lwy (Polish) (Synonyms), Futari no Raion (Synonyms), Les deux lions (French) (Synonyms), The Two Lions (Synonyms), ふたりのライオン (Synonyms)

To escape his reputation as a misunderstood loner, Leo attends a university far from home. His attempts at making friends aren't going so well until he meets someone who recognizes him—friendly and laidback Junpei, who went to the same high school as he did. Can Leo break out of his shell and navigate his new friendship as it grows into something more? This Teen-rated BL tale will warm your heart.

Awkward at Relationships Cat/s Character Growth Dyed Hair Fight/s First Friend Friendship Grandfather/s University Student/s Unrequited Love