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Futago, Futagokoro.

Futago, Futagokoro. (Manga)

Split between Twins. (Synonyms), ふたご、ふたごころ。 (Synonyms), 雙子戀心 (Synonyms), 쌍둥이, 두 마음. (Synonyms)

It's the ultimate romantic comedy of a non-riajuu boy and two polar opposite sisters!Haruta is going out with a shy beauty, Mafuyu. While he's distressed over being unable to even hold hands, he was able to enjoy youth with his girlfriend for the first time in his life. However, having encountered Mafuyu's devilish twin sister who's the extreme opposite of her, his happy days are coming to an end!?

Cheating/Infidelity Gyaru High School Student/s Japan Love Triangle/s Rushed Ending / Axed Sister/s Study Abroad Twin/s Two-Timing

Futari no Ochi

Futari no Ochi (Manga)

Futari no Ouchi (Synonyms), Secret sweet home (Synonyms), ふたりのおうち (Synonyms)


21st Century Abusive Parent/s Alcohol Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Child Abuse Cohabitation Construction Worker/s Cunnilingus

Futari to Futari

Futari to Futari (Manga)

Two and Two (Synonyms), ふたりとふたり (Synonyms)

Ayumi and Sayako are roommates. Ayumi is dating Asami. Sayako is dating Keiko. What happens when Ayumi and Sayako both find out the other is dating another woman?

Age Gap Best Friends Cheating/Infidelity Live-in Lover Love Polygon Love Rival/s Polyamory Roommates Unexpected Feelings Unfaithful Female Lead

Futarigurashi (KAKIMOTO Kenjirou)

Futarigurashi (KAKIMOTO Kenjirou) (Manga)

Futari Burashi (Synonyms), Futari Kurashi (Synonyms), ふたり暮らし (柿本ケンジロウ) (Synonyms)

Futarigurashi follows an aspiring mangaka named Kenji Aoyama, when he meets a boy named Hikaru Saitou. However it turns out that "he" is actually a girl who was raised as a boy.

20th Century Adapted to Anime Androgynous Female Lead Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Cheating/Infidelity Comic Artist/s Cunnilingus Dominatrix First-Time Intercourse

Gesu BL

Gesu BL (Manga)

Fellow Traveler (Synonyms), Good Excuse (Synonyms), High School Lullaby (Synonyms), High School ☆ Lullaby (Synonyms), High-School Lullaby (Synonyms), Michi Dzure (Synonyms), Michizure (Synonyms), Sakasa Moji nara Suki da to Ieru (Synonyms), 下衆BL (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Personality Bisexual Seme Cheating/Infidelity Classmate/s Collection of Stories Freeter Insecurity Rape Student-Student Relationship Two-Faced

Hatsukoi Reset

Hatsukoi Reset (Manga)

First Love Reset (Synonyms), ハツコイ・リセット (Synonyms)

Cheating/Infidelity Childhood Friend/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Irrational Us

Irrational Us (Manga)

An Absurd Relationship (Synonyms), Fujouri na Atashitachi (Synonyms), Иррациональные мы (Synonyms), 不合理的我们 (Synonyms), 不合理的我們 (Synonyms), 不条理なあたし達 (Synonyms)

Emi Yamanaka is an office lady working in Tokyo. She's brash, opinionated, smokes, and likes girls. Having gone through various failed relationships with other girls, she resigns herself to cynicism. Her equilibrium is shattered by the appearance of a new worker at her office, Taneda-san.

21st Century Abortion Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Extended Flashbacks Flashbacks Japan Office Lady Partial Nudity Unfazed Protagonist

Joshi Ana Nanase

Joshi Ana Nanase (Manga)

Female Announcer Nanase (Synonyms), Joshiana Nanase (Synonyms), 女子アナ七瀬 (Synonyms), 女记者七濑 (Synonyms), 性感女主播 (Synonyms)


Attempted Rape Bathroom Intercourse Big Breasts Cheating/Infidelity Cunnilingus Episodic Fellatio Promiscuous Female Lead Sex Addict/s Sexual Assault

Married Woman (KIM Myung-Ho)

Married Woman (KIM Myung-Ho) (Manhwa)

Feme Covert (Synonyms), Married Woman (True Studio) (Synonyms), 人妻解放 (Synonyms), 유부녀 (Synonyms)

Joo-wan is a college student who lives with his girlfriend Hyun-joo who's five years older than him. One day, Sun-ae, a friend of his girlfriend, comes to their house and drinks with them. It was from that day on that Joo-wan starts to fall for Sun-ae, and he becomes less and less concerned with Hyun-joo while he begins to covet Sun-ae.

21st Century Affair/s Big Breasts Borderline H Cheating/Infidelity Full Color Korea Lust Nudity Web Comic

Onna Kyoushi

Onna Kyoushi (Manga)

Female Teacher (Synonyms), 女教師 (Synonyms)

From :Kyoko's a recent graduate who just began teaching at a local high school. Being a new teacher, she spends her days battling with the ups and downs that comes with the job. But one day, she notices that a student of hers, Sakurai, has been paying her a little too much attention, and when they wind up being in the same room after school....also include:1) Secret cocoon about a girl who starts to like her deceased boyfriend's brother 2) A caress about a girl who is in relationship with a married man and a father (love affair).

Affair/s Cheating/Infidelity Collection of Stories Dead Lover/s Friends Become Lovers Love Triangle/s Older Female Younger Male Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher-Teacher Relationship Workplace Intercourse

Onna no Karada

Onna no Karada (Manga)

The Female Body (Synonyms), おんなのからだ (Synonyms)

About a woman who's in love with her sister-in-law.

Cheating/Infidelity In Love with Family Member's Spouse In-Law/s

Reizouko no Naka wa Karappo

Reizouko no Naka wa Karappo (Manga)

The Fridge is Empty (Synonyms), The Refrigerator Has Nothing In His Body (Synonyms), 冰箱中的爱 (Synonyms), 冷蔵庫の中はからっぽ (Synonyms)

Chapters 1-3: Shimizu (a spoilt rich high school boy) leaves his home to become a comic artist, and ends up rooming with his friend Umeya. Umeya is so poor that he's got nothing in his fridge except mayonnaise to eat with the rice!Chapters 4 & 5:Ishinabe takes care of his childhood friend Sawaguchi just like a mother. But how does he truly feel?Chapter 6:Kazuhiko is an ordinary salesman. When he’s reunited with a past lover what will happen? Volume 2 continues Shimizu and Umeya’s story.

Absent Parent/s Ambiguous Feelings Ambiguous Relationship Brother Complex Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Comic Artist/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Thirsty Thirty

Thirsty Thirty (Manhwa)

Fish's Night (Synonyms), Kingyo no Yoru (Synonyms), La nuit des poissons (Synonyms), Mulgogiui Bam (Synonyms), Night Fish (Synonyms), Night of the Goldfish (Synonyms), The Goldfish's Night (Synonyms), Thirty: Thirsty (Synonyms), 金魚の夜 (Synonyms), 물고기의 밤 (Synonyms)

Yaeun Chu is about to turn thirty. While her friends marry and start new lives, she works full-time at a lighting company and sees her boyfriend on the weekends. That all ends when she discovers he’s having an affair with one of her coworkers. Drowning herself in work until her body and mind begin to fail her, Yaeun struggles to keep her head above the raging waters of romance, personal happiness, and life after thirty.Official Translation:, , ,

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Breakup/s Career Woman Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Finding Love Again Hard-Working Protagonist Multiple Romances Office Love

Watashi Sekai o Kouseisuru Chiri no You na Nani ka.

Watashi Sekai o Kouseisuru Chiri no You na Nani ka. (Manga)

All we need is love (french) (Synonyms), The Feelings We All Must Endure (Synonyms), Watashi no Sekai o Kousei suru Chiri no You na Nani ka (Synonyms), Watashi no Sekai wo Kousei suru Chiri no You na Nani ka (Synonyms), Watashi no Sekai wo Kousei suru Gomi no You na Nani ka (Synonyms), 构成我的世界的尘埃 漫画 (Synonyms), 私の世界を構成する塵のような何か。 (Synonyms), 내 세계를 구성하는 먼지 같은 무언가 (Synonyms)

The manga follows Ruki during her university studies and her discovery of her sexuality and romantic attractions and the daily life with friends of (mostly) the same orientation.

Asexuality Cheating/Infidelity Group Intercourse Japan Nudity Playgirl/s Post-Secondary School Promiscuous Character Threesome Unrequited Love

Fatal Woman

Fatal Woman (Manhwa)

Manyeoui Seukaendeul (Synonyms), Scandal of the Witch (Synonyms), Scandalous (ALMA) (Synonyms), 魔女のスキャンダル (Synonyms), 마녀의 스캔들 (Synonyms)

From Lezhin:Who says a woman can't be smart and sexy at the same time? But can a woman get away with cheating on two men at once? Saeeun's simply SCANDALOUS!

21st Century Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Full Color Nudity Office Worker/s Post-Secondary Student/s Rape Web Comic


Calling (Manga)

Blue Me (Synonyms), Eden (MIYAMOTO Kano) (Synonyms), Everything (MIYAMOTO Kano) (Synonyms), Night Call (Synonyms), Nowhere (Synonyms), Yes Man (Synonyms), エデン (Synonyms), コーリング (Synonyms), ノーウェア (Synonyms), 等待鈴聲 (Synonyms)

Alternate Reality Angst Bisexual Character/s Cheating/Infidelity Male Prostitute Police Officer/s Slow Romance Terrorist Attack Terrorist/s Tragic Past


Daikirai! (Manga)

Dai Kirai (Synonyms), Emergency (FUJII Mitori) (Synonyms), 大キライ! (Synonyms), 討厭的人 (Synonyms), 讨厌的人 (Synonyms)

Bartender/s Bisexual Character/s Character Who Bullies the One They Love Chasing After Love Interest Cheating/Infidelity Collection of Stories Crybaby Male Lead Dream/s Easily Embarrassed Male Lead Fan Club

Ecchi - Girls Can't Help Falling in Love

Ecchi - Girls Can't Help Falling in Love (Manga)

Ecchi (Synonyms), えっち - Girls Can't Help Falling In Love (Synonyms)

This manga is about the sexual adventures of three very sexually-curious girls that attend an all-girl's high school.

20th Century Big Breasts Borderline H Breakup/s Cheating/Infidelity Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Friendship Handjob Lust

Eien no Shichigatsu

Eien no Shichigatsu (Manga)

Neverending July (Synonyms), 恋人游戏 (Synonyms), 永遠の七月 (Synonyms)

As the engagement to the company president's daughter had been settled, days passed in smooth sailing for Tachibana when in front of him, the university senpai who he had lost contact with long ago, Ryuusuke, appeared. To add to that, Ryuusuke said to the bewildered Tachibana that he wants to play "couple" for a just a month... A bittersweet love story filled to the brim with heartrending emotion!

Bisexual Character/s Cheating/Infidelity Dead Family Member/s Friends Become Lovers Friends Grow Distant Live-in Lover Manipulative Lover Pretend Lovers Reunion/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Eikyuu Red Carpet

Eikyuu Red Carpet (Manga)

Eternal Red Carpet (Synonyms), 永久レッドカーペット (Synonyms)

I'm confused, is what many readers will feel, when they read this short story about a guy, his wife, and the long red something!

Adultery Business Trip Cheating/Infidelity Guilt Metaphorical Office Worker/s One-Night Stand Unexpressed Feeling/s