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Hakanai Kiss ni Namida o Soete

Hakanai Kiss ni Namida o Soete (Manga)

A Father's Secret (Synonyms), Hakanai Kiss ni Namida wo Soete (Synonyms), はかないキスに涙を添えて (Synonyms)

Erin, a widow, operates a hotel with a baby in her arms. One day, a millionaire named Sam comes for a long-term stay. However, the handsome guest, who's caught Erin's eye, has a secret objective. Erin, knowing nothing of Sam's motives, receives a letter containing an astonishing message—due to a mix-up at the fertility clinic, her baby's father isn't who she thought, and he will soon be fighting for custody! And Erin has no idea that the father is Sam!

Baby/ies Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Car Accident Child Custody Harlequin Hotel/Inn Secret/s Single Mother Widow / Widower

Mister Millionaire

Mister Millionaire (Manga)

Anata no Kioku (Synonyms), Expecting the Boss's Baby (Synonyms), Kekkon nante Shitakunai (Synonyms), Kekkon no Kokoroe (Synonyms), Millionaire Husband (Synonyms), あなたの記憶 (Synonyms), 結婚なんてしたくない (Synonyms), 結婚の心得 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Based on a Novel Child Custody Inheritance Office Worker/s One-Night Stand Past Plays a Big Role Rich Lover/s Strong Female Lead Wedding

Kanashii Gokai

Kanashii Gokai (Manga)

Bound by the Marcolini Diamonds (Synonyms), 悲しい誤解 (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Child Custody Harlequin Marriage of Convenience

Prince to Kekkon

Prince to Kekkon (Manga)

The Blacksheep Prince's Bride (Synonyms), The Stanbury Crown, Royally Wed II (Synonyms), プリンスと結婚 (Synonyms)

King Edenbourg's traffic accident turns out to be an abduction. Under orders from Princess Isabel, lady-in-waiting Rowena investigates the king's disappearance by playing nanny to a son of the primary suspect, Jake Stanbury. While living with Jake, Rowena finds out he is a man of faith. She begins to be attracted to him as she becomes convinced of his innocence. However...

Betrayal Child Custody Divorced Parent/s European Ambiance Father and Son Handsome Male Lead Kind Male Lead Nanny Prince/s Stubborn Protagonist

Akai Bara wa Tsumi Tsukuri

Akai Bara wa Tsumi Tsukuri (Manga)

Her Valentine Blind Date (Synonyms), 赤い薔薇は罪つくり (Synonyms)

She spied him across the crowded dance club. And before Cari Christensen could say Mr. Right, the tall, dark, movie-star-gorgeous stranger had whisked her outside to his waiting car. Talk about being swept off your feet!By the time Max Angeli realized Cari wasn't his blind date, he was already falling for the pretty waitress. He and Cari might be from different worlds, but she was showing him a side of life he'd never known.Could this become a Valentine's Day to remember?

America Baby/ies Based on a Novel Blind Date Child Custody Harlequin Mistaken Identity

Anti-Romanticist no Yuuutsu

Anti-Romanticist no Yuuutsu (Manga)

Depression of the Anti-Romanticist (Synonyms), Депресняк у ярого противника романтики (Synonyms), アンチロマンティストの憂鬱 (Synonyms), 反对浪漫的忧郁 (Synonyms), 反對浪漫的憂鬱 (Synonyms)

Having lost their parents, Shiroyama must put aside his dreams and work hard to support not only himself, but his younger brother and sister. He steps into a world that he knows he must guard himself safely from, to protect himself and the ones he cares for. A world where transvestites work at entertaining patrons and alcohol flows freely. A world that offers him many firsts, including a kiss. But is it enough to light the fires of romance into his cold heart?

Child Custody Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Family Drama Gay Bar Insecurity Money Problems Older Seme Younger Uke Orphan/s Persistent Seme

Atsui Keiyaku

Atsui Keiyaku (Manga)

Awaken to Pleasure (Synonyms), 熱い契約 (Synonyms)

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Child Custody Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Famous Male Lead Flashbacks Half Siblings Marriage of Convenience Married Couple