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Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Investigation/s Crime/s Genius/es Age Transformation Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s

Kami-sama ga Yadoru Kotoba

Kami-sama ga Yadoru Kotoba (Manga)

Kamisama ga Yadoru Kotoba (Synonyms), The God within Words (Synonyms), 神様が宿る言葉 (Synonyms)

From :God lives within words, so you must never lie. Mizuki's grandma taught Mizuki and Makoto that, right before Makoto made a promise and moved away. Years went by and they met again, this time, one of them would become a liar.

Beauty Mark Childhood Love Childhood Promise Crybaby Uke Dead Family Member/s Marriage Proposal Misunderstanding/s Post-Secondary Student/s Promise/s

Kami-sama wa Chotto dake Ijiwaru

Kami-sama wa Chotto dake Ijiwaru (Manga)

上帝的小小惡作劇 (Synonyms), 神様はちょっとだけいじわる (Synonyms), 신은 살짝 심술쟁이 (Synonyms)

One day the ordinary beta, Nao, reunites with Nagi, an old alpha friend that moved away long ago. This handsome, perfect, princely alpha Nagi has never forgotten the “vow” they exchanged, even as he grew up. And so we finds Nao, whose heart races as he finds himself passionately embraced. However, right in the middle of enjoying this reunion, Nao’s body goes through a heat that no beta should experience.It’s an indication that his secondary gender, despite the one in tens of thousands odds, has changed…

Alpha x Omega Arranged Marriage Beta Becomes Omega Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Childhood Promise Cute Uke Forgetful Protagonist Forgetful Uke Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Kanshaku Dama no Love Song

Kanshaku Dama no Love Song (Manga)

Short-tempered Love Song (Synonyms), かんしゃく玉のラブソング (Synonyms)

Wakou, a senior student, is in love with his childhood friend, Takeo. However, he's given up on that love and just wants to be his best friend. But one day, Takeo suddenly says "I might be able to have a boyfriend"?!Featuring Takeo from Cupid ni Rakurai as main character.

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Glasses-Wearing Uke High School High School Student/s Popular Seme Sickly Uke Uke Falling in Love First Unrequited Love

Karisome no Hanayome - Ouji no Hisokana Shuuai

Karisome no Hanayome - Ouji no Hisokana Shuuai (Manga)

Karisome no Hanayome - Oji no Hisokana Shuai (Synonyms), Karisome no Hanayome - Oji no Hisokana To Ai (Synonyms), Karisome no Hanayome - Ouji no Hisokana To Ai (Synonyms), かりそめの花嫁~王子のひそかな執愛~ (Synonyms)


Based on a Novel Childhood Love Contract Marriage Legend/s Prince/s

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny (Manga)

Kashikomarimashita, Destiny - Answer (Synonyms), Yes, My Destiny (Synonyms), Yes, My Destiny: Answer (Synonyms), かしこまりました、デスティニー (Synonyms), かしこまりました、デスティニー【~answer~】 (Synonyms), 恭依从命-answer- (Synonyms)

Bickering Love Butler/s Childhood Love Fated Lovers Heir/Heiress Male Pregnancy Master-Servant Relationship Omegaverse Servant/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Kataomoi Candy

Kataomoi Candy (Manga)

Kataomoi Kyandi (Synonyms), 片恋キャンディ (Synonyms)


Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love First Love High School High School Student/s Love Triangle/s Older Male Younger Female Student-Adult Relationship Student-Student Relationship Unrequited Love


Kecchin (Manga)

ケッチン (Synonyms), 机车×梦想 (Synonyms), 켓친 (Synonyms)

21st Century Breakup/s Carpenter/s Cheating/Infidelity Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love First-Time Intercourse Friendship High School Motorcycle/s

Kids Talk

Kids Talk (Manga)

キッズトーク (Synonyms), 童心樂 (Synonyms)

From :This was London in the early 60′s. Julia grew up dressing up (and behave) like a boy! It was hard for her friends to believe that Julia was once a beautiful angel of a noble family. When her family was bankrupt, the poor little Julia lost everything, including her contact with her childhood sweetheart, Ryan. Julia worked as a maid in a hotel, where she found out Ryan was actually the owner the hotel…

20th Century Childhood Love England Europe LGBT Character in Non-Yaoi/Yuri Manga Reunion/s

Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji

Kiken na Kiss wa Mitsu no Aji (Manga)

Kiken na Kisu wa Mitsu no Aji (Synonyms), จุมพิตอันตราย หวานปานน้ำผึ้ง (Thai) (Synonyms), 危险的蜜味之吻 (Synonyms), 危険なキスは蜜の味 (Synonyms), 危險的吻是蜜之味 (Synonyms)

From :1-3) She started to date her childhood friend, the boy who always stayed with her. One year later, her first love came back and confessed his feelings for her...4) 5) 6)

Accident/s Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love dead family member/s Dead Parent/s First Love love triangle/s

Kill Me

Kill Me (Manga)

キルミー (Synonyms)

Akatsuki and Sagami have lived happily together with a nun and other orphans for 17 years. That happiness is shattered when it's learned that Sagami is a prince! With only a rosary that Sagami gave him as proof of his feelings, Akatsuki goes off to find him, only to find himself serving as a prostitute for the renowned Touchup Summer House! Will Akatsuki be able to see Sagami's face again? Or will he find himself losing his heart to someone else?

Brothel/s Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Christianity Feminine Uke Male Prostitute Nun/s Orphan/s Prince/s Prostitute/s

Kimi no Amai Nioi

Kimi no Amai Nioi (Manga)

Kimi no Amai ni oi (Synonyms), Your Sweet Scent (Synonyms), キミのあまいにおい (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Childhood Promise Classmate/s Gakuran Handsome Male Lead High School Student/s Marriage Proposal Sweet Tooth Sweets

Kimi to Tsugai ni Narenai Riyuu

Kimi to Tsugai ni Narenai Riyuu (Manga)

Reason Why You Cannot Be Paired (Synonyms), きみと番になれない理由 (Synonyms)

There was never a time when they didn't like each other - Minato (Omega) and Jin (Alpha) have sworn to each other to become a "pair". However, when Minato was supposed to go into heat, the doctor reveals to him that the chance of him getting pregnant are close to zero... Minato is shocked that is seems like he's unable to bear a child! After all of this he separates from Jin and they drift apart...This Manga contains 15 years of love between an Alpha who has made a promise to mate, and his childhood Omega friend who's somehow infertile.

Alpha x Omega Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Childhood Promise Flashbacks Infertility Male Prostitution Omegaverse Promise/s Prostitution

Kimi to Watashi no Renai Soudan

Kimi to Watashi no Renai Soudan (Manga)

Our Love Counseling (Synonyms), Your(s) and My Love Counseling (Synonyms), キミと私恋愛相談 (Synonyms)

Confessing your feelings the girl you love is never easy. Even more so if she's one of the school's two most admired idols. Kobayakawa, now a high-school student, has been going to the same class as his crush, Kawai Yui, since elementary school. When he finally decides to call her out, he's so nervous that he ends up confessing to be in love with the school's other beauty, Kawashima Asuka,...?!

Beautiful Female Lead Childhood Love Cowardly Male Lead High School Idol/s Love Confession/s Misunderstanding/s Popular Female Lead Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de.

Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de. (Manga)

Kimi wa Maru de, Ano Hana no You de (Synonyms), Kimi wa Marude, Ano Hana no Youde (Synonyms), Persis Dandelion (Synonyms), You are Like a Flower (Synonyms), You, Who is Like a Flower (Synonyms), เพราะเธอคือดอกไม้ (Thai) (Synonyms), 君はまるで、あの花のようで。 (Synonyms), 宛如花一般的你 (Synonyms), 蒲公英之恋 (Gotou Misaki) (Synonyms)

From :No matter how hard or painful it is, I’ve once again, fallen for you…On the day of the junior high entrance ceremony, Hinagata Nazuna fell in love with a second year student, Ichikawa Nao. Unfortunately, her love was short-lived as she discovered that he already had a girlfriend, the basketball club manager. As time passes, Nazuna decides to let go of her unrequited love for him and aims to find a new love interest. However, on the first day of her high school entrance ceremony she unexpectedly comes face to face with the boy who broke her heart years ago….

Athletic Protagonist Basketball Childhood Love Club/s Dead Lover/s Female Lead Falls in Love First High School High School Student/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Quit Writing, Dear Author!

Quit Writing, Dear Author! (Manhwa)

Jeolpilhaseyo Jakganim! (Synonyms), ¡Deja de Escribir, Querido Autor! (Synonyms), 主人公受けは俺だった!?〜作家さん、お願いだから連載中止してください!〜 (Synonyms), 作请停笔 (Synonyms), 절필하세요 작가님! (Synonyms)

Alternate Reality Bath House Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Death Expressionless Seme Full Color Love Polygon Love Triangle/s Meta

12-sai. - Kokuhaku

12-sai. - Kokuhaku (Manga)

12 ans (Synonyms), 12 Años (Synonyms), 12 Jahre (Synonyms), 12 Sai (Synonyms), 12 Years-old (Synonyms), 12 лет: поцелуй, ненависть, любовь (Synonyms), 12-sai. (Synonyms), 12-year-old (Synonyms), 12岁 (Synonyms), 12歲 (Synonyms), 12歳。 (Synonyms), 12살 (Synonyms), Age 12 Sai: kiss, hate, love (Synonyms), Juuni sai (Synonyms), Juuni-sai (Synonyms), Juunisai (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Game Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Live Action Adapted to OVA / OAV Award-Winning Work Child-Child Relationship Childhood Love Childish Character/s Childish Female Lead

Sakoku Renai

Sakoku Renai (Manga)

A tiltott szerelem szigete (Hungarian) (Synonyms), Isle of Forbidden Love (Synonyms), Love Story in the Isolated Island (Synonyms), Любовь на затерянном острове (Russian) (Synonyms), 鎖国恋愛 (Synonyms)

Another dead body has washed ashore, and the adorably cute, pony-tailed doshin Aki wants to find the murderer. Instead he meets mysterious Kuga who seems to know more than he is willing or can say, but what else needs to be said as Kuga captures Aki's lips? Are Kuga's feelings real or is he trying to distract Aki from his investigation?

Alternate Reality Childhood Love Detective/s First-Time Intercourse Gun/s Human Trafficking Injury/ies Investigation Secret Agent/s Secret Identity

Shinyuu to Watashi no Suki na Hito

Shinyuu to Watashi no Suki na Hito (Manga)

...Suki (Synonyms), I Will Forever Love You (Synonyms), My Best Friend and My Crush (Synonyms), Someone We Love (Synonyms), Zutto Zutto Daisuki (Synonyms), ป่วนหัวใจให้หลงรัก (Synonyms), 密友和我喜歡的人 (Synonyms), 心友と私のスキな人 (Synonyms)

Childhood Love Fast Romance First Love Flashbacks Friendship love triangle/s Misunderstanding/s Soccer/Football Tomboy/s Unrequited Love

Sora ni Saitara

Sora ni Saitara (Manga)

If It Flowered in the Heavens (Synonyms), 天に咲いたら (Synonyms)

From :A prostitute's service in the red light district is coming to an end. Will she be able to return to a regular life?

Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Childhood Promise Fireworks Promise/s Prostitute/s Red-Light District Yoshiwara District