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Futari no Jikan (Onio)

Futari no Jikan (Onio) (Manga)

ふたりのじかん (Synonyms)

Ayato Sanada, a serious first year student attending Okuma East High School, joins the photography club but one of its members, a second year student named Kazuki Shindou, constantly distracts him with her embarrassing ideas and activities. How can he deal with such an uninhibited person?!

Club/s High School Student/s Laid-back Female Lead Older Female Younger Male Photographer/s Photography Rushed Ending / Axed Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Futaribocchi no Otacir no Hime

Futaribocchi no Otacir no Hime (Manga)

Futaribocchi no Otaku Circle no Hime (Synonyms), Futaribocchi no Otasaa no Hime (Synonyms), ふたりぼっちのオタサーの姫 (Synonyms), 只有二人的宅圈公主 (Synonyms)

Takeko joins an otaku club in the hopes of being worshiped as a princess as she'd be the only female member, but the club she joins only has two members (including herself). Based on a one shot of the same name.

Big-Breasted Female Lead Club/s College Fat Male Lead Otaku Post-Secondary Student/s

Fuwafuwa no Kimochi

Fuwafuwa no Kimochi (Manga)

Fuwa Fuwa no Kimochi (Synonyms), Hon no Tomodachi (Synonyms), Mainichi no Tomodachi (Synonyms), Otonari no Senpai (Synonyms), ふわふわのきもち (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:â?¢ â?¢ â?¢ â?¢ â?¢ â?¢

Blushing Cake Classmate/s Club/s Clumsy Character Clumsy Protagonist Collection of Stories Friendship Hair Student/s

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa (Manga)

First Time That Day, We Will (Synonyms), 初めてのあの日、ぼくらは (Synonyms), 在初次的那天 (Synonyms)


21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Club/s Collection of Stories Cross-dressing First-Time Intercourse High School Japan

Hana Bolo

Hana Bolo (Manga)

Flower Cookies (Synonyms), Hana Booro (Synonyms), Hana Boro (Synonyms), 花ボーロ (Synonyms), 花甜餅研習社 (Synonyms)

A collection of warm-hearted short stories about life and its little wonders, interconnected via a certain school and the students and teachers that pass through its halls. Sweet and delicate, they're like "flower cookies" for the stressful mind.

Atypical Art Style Club/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories Elementary School High School Quirky Characters Rabbit/s Reflections on One's Childhood Warm Ambience

Hana to Rakurai

Hana to Rakurai (Manga)

Flower and Thunderbolt (Synonyms), 花と落雷 (Synonyms), 花与落雷 (Synonyms)

From :A bunch of love problems surround her life. Futamura Umiho is a girl with a weak personality. A new flower is about to bloom! A fresh and inspirational story is blooming. A love between flower and thunder!

Club President Club/s Female Lead Falls in Love First Friendship Helpful Protagonist Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Love Confession/s Polite Female Lead Shy Male Lead Shy Protagonist

Hatsukoi Encounter

Hatsukoi Encounter (Manga)

First Love Encounter (Synonyms), 初恋エンカウンター (Synonyms)

: Mine thought his high school life would be just like a movie. He would fall in love, confess, and have a girlfriend. But, that's not how Mine's high school love story goes. Instead, Mine meets Hachikaku, a fellow student suffering from erectile dysfunction. Through a series of movie-esque jumps, Mine rouses Hachikaku's slumbering junior.

Blonde-Haired Male Lead Club/s Cute Uke Erectile Dysfunction First Kiss High School Student/s Innocent Uke Movies Playboy Male Lead Straight Seme

Himitsu no Recipe

Himitsu no Recipe (Manga)

Fall in Love (MORINAGA Milk) (Synonyms), Secret Recipe (MORINAGA Milk) (Synonyms), The Secret Recipe (Synonyms), Une recette secrète (French) (Synonyms), ひみつのレシピ (Synonyms), 秘密的食谱 (Synonyms)

Cake Club President Club/s Cooking Dishonest Protagonist First Kiss Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Idiot Protagonist Idiotic Character/s Reliable Protagonist


Houkago! (Manga)

A Manager's Job (Synonyms), After School! (Synonyms), Afterschool Girl (Synonyms), Drumcan Hyakkei: 100 Famous Views of a Drum Can (Synonyms), Fingertip Skip (Synonyms), Hirari, Bessatsu - Bukatsu Joshi Anthology - Houkago! (Synonyms), Houkago no Kanojo (Synonyms), One Two Step (Synonyms), Tenshi wa Kizu Darake, Mahjong Joshi Bukatsudou-chuu! (Synonyms), The All Girls' Mahjong Club Is Doing Club Activities! (Synonyms), Until the Day That Promise Is Fulfilled (Synonyms), ひらり、別冊 部活女子アンソロジー『ほうかご!』 (Synonyms)

Art Club Astronomy Cat/s Club/s Collection of Stories Horse/s Mahjong Manager Music School Girl/s

JC Tantei Ditekuti Bu!

JC Tantei Ditekuti Bu! (Manga)

Female Middle-Schoolers' DeteClub! (Synonyms), JC Tantei Detective Bu! (Synonyms), JC Tantei Detective Club! (Synonyms), JC Tantei DitekutiBu! (Synonyms), JC探偵でぃてくてぃ部! (Synonyms), Joshi-Chugakusei Detective! (Synonyms), Middle School Girls' DetectiClub! (Synonyms)

Teruha's grandpa was an amazing detective, and she has dreamed of following in his footsteps. When he passed away, Teruha was still a child, so another relative inherited his detective agency. Now she's in middle school, and she's determined to build up some detective experience to prove her worth. With her friends, she's going to try to start a detective club, in order to solve smaller and larger cases around the school. The manga is partially in 4koma style.

4-koma/Yonkoma Club/s Dead Family Member/s Detective/s Determined Protagonist Family Business Grandfather/s Middle School School Girl/s


Kyoufu (Manga)

Fear (Synonyms), 恐怖 (Synonyms)

Club/s Episodic Ghost/s High School High School Student/s Newspaper Odd Situation/s

Pump Up!

Pump Up! (Manga)

Fuyu Hanabi (UEDA Rinko) (Synonyms), Pump Up (Synonyms), パンプアップ! (Synonyms), 恋爱二重奏 (Synonyms)

Androgynous Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Club/s Feminine Male Lead Middle School Misunderstanding/s Soccer/Football Strong Female Lead Student/s Weak Male Lead

Tatakae! Shouchikubai Koutou Gakkou Manga Kenkyuubu

Tatakae! Shouchikubai Koutou Gakkou Manga Kenkyuubu (Manga)

Fight! Shochikubai High School Manga Club (Synonyms), Tatakae! Shochikubai Koto Gakko Manga Kenkyu-bu (Synonyms), 戦え!松竹梅高等学校漫画研究部 (Synonyms)



Donten ni Sirius

Donten ni Sirius (Manga)

Evening First Star (Synonyms), Sirius di Langit Suram (Synonyms), 曇天にシリウス (Synonyms), 阴天里的天狼星 (Synonyms)

From :Due to the nature of her father's job, Hinoka has transferred schools several times. When her friends from her first school ceased contact after her transfer, Hinoka resolved never to become close to anyone again. Now in her seventh transfer school, she joins the idle astronomy club, thinking she could continue living her life alone. But what happens when she meets a boy who shines like the brightest star, Sirius, on a cloudy day?Included one-shots: Bousou Otome★Muu, Suppinpin!

Astronomy Cheerful Male Lead Club/s Cold Female Lead Star Admirer/s


Ebiten (Manga)

Ebi-ten (Synonyms), えびてん (Synonyms), えびてん 公立海老栖川高校天悶部 (Synonyms), 公立海老栖川高校天闷部 (Synonyms)

Noya Itsuki just started his school year at the Ebisugawa High School and since he has always had a fascination with space, he decides to join the astronomy club. However, he mistakenly walks into the all girls Otaku Club. He notices that the members are really weird, but Itsuki has yet to realize that he isn’t in the astronomy club. His life is about to get complicated by being surrounded by so many girls.

Adapted to Anime Club/s Clueless Protagonist High School High School Student/s Otaku Parody School Club/s Student/s Trap

Echo / Zeon

Echo / Zeon (Manga)

Echo/ Zeon (Synonyms), Echo/Zeon (Synonyms), エコー/ゼオン (Synonyms), 超音女战士 ECHO/ZEON (Synonyms)

Starting in 1999, this is the story of the high school life of three friends. Yukari is an ambitious girl who loves money. Takao is a big, kind of timid guy who is also an expert at karate. Kanze has the most spectacular talent of all: she can recreate any sound she hears perfectly, whether it's someone's voice or a musical instrument. The three of them spend their high school days solving (or creating) mysteries, taking on cases at the request of other students. Whether they're dealing with kidnappings or school myths, their high school life is anything but dull!

Ambitious Female Lead Club/s Detective/s Friendship High School High School Student/s Investigation Karate Kidnapping/s Mimicry

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Manga)

Don't Mess with the Motion Picture Club! (Synonyms), Don't Mess with the Video Society! (Synonyms), Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na! (Synonyms), Hands off the Motion Pictures Club! (Synonyms), Keep your hands off Eizouken! (Synonyms), 別對映像研出手! (Synonyms), 别对映像研出手! (Synonyms), 映像研には手を出すな! (Synonyms)

Asakusa Midori wants to create anime, but she's too awkward to take that first step by herself. By pure chance, she meets Mizusaki Tsubame, an up-and-coming actress secretly dreaming of becoming an animator. Together with Midori's money-loving best friend Kanamori Sayaka, the energetic trio slowly work towards making their ultimate world a reality!Note: Placed 9th at the Annual Manga Taishou Awards (2018).

Adapted to Anime Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Movie Animator/s Atypical Art Style Award-Nominated Work Club/s Female Protagonist Male Demographic with Female Lead


Elastico (Manga)

Erashiko (Synonyms), PTgirls (Synonyms), えらしこ (Synonyms)

From :This is a lighthearted 4-koma manga about a small Futsal (indoor soccer) club at a certain high school. Three girls attempt to keep this club alive while practicing a little and finding other club members. Will they be able to find two other members to keep the club alive?

4-koma/Yonkoma Big Breasts Club/s Futsal School Girl/s

Ever Green (KASUKABE Akira)

Ever Green (KASUKABE Akira) (Manga)

Evergreen (KASUKABE Akira) (Synonyms), エバーグリーン (Synonyms), 青春恒久 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Club/s Dead Family Member/s Heart Condition Inferiority Complex Nightmare/s Popular Female Lead Scar/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Swimsuit/s


Geofront (Manga)

Empress Necklace (Synonyms), Empress's Necklace (Synonyms), Nyotei no Kubikazari (Synonyms), ジオフロント (Synonyms)

Includes (Empress Necklace)

Club/s Female Author Long-Haired Male Lead Secret Agent/s Single Father