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Hello Again!

Hello Again! (Manhwa)

HELLO AGAIN!(헬로 어게인!) (Synonyms), 헬로 어게인! (Synonyms)

Ever since he was young, HeeMin has always liked his neighbour, SeonWoo hyung. HeeMin had given up on SeonWoo after he had moved away. However, coincidentally, SeonWoo is searching for a roommate and HeeMin is able to meet him once again. But, the love rival that has appeared in front of HeeMin now is none other than his older brother, YooMin!

Age Gap Childhood Love Cohabitation College Immature Protagonist Misunderstanding/s Mutual Pining Reunion/s Tutor/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Henai Kyoushi to Tetsuya Sex - Yasashii Tannin wa Iede wa Do S na Danna-sama

Henai Kyoushi to Tetsuya Sex - Yasashii Tannin wa Iede wa Do S na Danna-sama (Manga)

My Domineering Teacher Won't Let Me Sleep (Synonyms), 偏愛教師と徹夜セックス~優しい担任は家ではドSな旦那様~ (Synonyms)

"Were you late on purpose because you wanted me to punish you?" My teacher licks my pussy mercilessly with his hot tongue... I've come again and again, but he still won't let me go...

Absent Parent/s Cohabitation Fiancée/s High School High School Student/s High School Teachers Older Male Younger Female Pushy Male Lead Sadistic Male Lead Short Haircut

Henshoku Kyuuketsuki wa Hito no Chi ga Kirai

Henshoku Kyuuketsuki wa Hito no Chi ga Kirai (Manga)

偏食吸血鬼はヒトの血がキライ (Synonyms)

Arimura Yuzuki (28) is a manga artist who is currently in a serious writer's block. She went to a forest while brooding over her problem and there she found a lurking vampire who was thirsting for blood! Just as she resigned herself to death when she felt his fangs on her throat, the vampire suddenly managed to control himself! When Yuzuki saw his pained expressions, she unconsciously started to touch him and his first reaction was to moan!? Is it really possible to calm down a vampire's bloodlust with pleasure!?"Please, help me get off... before I attack someone..."

Blushing Male Lead Cohabitation Comic Artist/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Mangaka in a Manga Sensitive Body Sensitive Male Lead Submissive Male Lead Unusual First Meeting Vampire/s

Her Skin Does Not Forget

Her Skin Does Not Forget (Manga)

彼女の肌が忘れない (Synonyms)


Amnesia Cohabitation

Hetalia dj - Sono Felice!

Hetalia dj - Sono Felice! (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - sono felice! (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x North Italy AU where Italy is an Angel and Germany a normal man.

Alternate Universe Angel/s Cohabitation Easily Embarrassed Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Lazy Protagonist Live-in Lover Muscular Male Lead Opposites Attract Overly Affectionate Male Lead

Hey, Go Get Married! ~ Cosplay JK's Secret Love

Hey, Go Get Married! ~ Cosplay JK's Secret Love (Manga)

Ora, Yomekko sa ikuda! ~Cosplay JK no Himitsu no Aijou~ (Synonyms), おら、嫁っこさ行くだ!~コスプレJKの秘密の愛情~ (Synonyms), 我、要结婚了!~与cosplay女高中生的秘密恋爱~ (Synonyms)

A high school teacher who only loved 2D girls, suddenly falls for one of his students who is also an anime enthusiast! Somehow, they end up living together and get engaged in a secret JK relationship!

Age Gap Big Breasts Cohabitation Cosplay Country Bumpkin Moves to City Half-Japanese Older Male Younger Female Otaku Student-Teacher Relationship Virgin/s

HIbi Kore Toutoi Nekomata Sou

HIbi Kore Toutoi Nekomata Sou (Manga)

Days of Otaku and Nekomata (Synonyms), 日々是れ尊いネコマタ荘 (Synonyms)

Now that she'll be living alone, Kitahana Hikari can finally begin the otaku lifestyle she's longed for. However, the manager of the boarding house... is a handsome nekomata! Living together under one roof, a rough love(?) comedy about an otaku girl and a nekomata landlord.

Boarding House Cat Boy/s Cat/s Cohabitation Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Nekomata Otaku Post-Secondary Student/s Reunion/s Youkai

Hidamari no Asufaruto ~Neesan, Hajimemashita~

Hidamari no Asufaruto ~Neesan, Hajimemashita~ (Manga)

Sunny Asphalt ~I'm Starting~ (Synonyms), Sunshine on Asphalt (Synonyms), 陽だまりのアスファルト ~姐さん、はじめました~ (Synonyms)

Asakusa Akari lost her parents and is in debt after being tricked by a fake relative. On the other hand, the young master of snake group, Violet Sumire, is said to be able to continue the group if he has a family, and calls a woman I know to pretend to be a wife, but instead Akari was brought to him by mistake. It was a life of two people who should not intersect, but it's lucky that they thought each other a little "cool" / "cute"!

Blushing Female Lead Blushing Male Lead Cohabitation Dark-Haired Male Lead Dead Parent/s Debt/s Fast Romance First-Time Intercourse Forced into Marriage Gangster/s

Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshikousei o Hirou. (Novel)

Hige o Soru. Soshite Joshikousei o Hirou. (Novel) (Novel)

HigeHiro (Novel) (Synonyms), I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home. (Novel) (Synonyms), حلقت فجلبت فتاة مدرسة ثانوية إلى المنزل. (رواية) (Synonyms), ひげひろ (小説) (Synonyms), ひげを剃る。そして女子高生を拾う。 (小説) (Synonyms)

21st Century Adapted to Anime Age Gap Cohabitation High School Student/s Japan Salaryman School Girl/s

Hige to Suzu to Shabondama

Hige to Suzu to Shabondama (Manga)

Бороды, колокольчики и пузыри (Synonyms), ヒゲと鈴としゃぼん玉 (Synonyms)

Santa and Rintarou are what can easily be described as an old married couple. they have been together for a long time and the series explores what is their day to day life.

Cohabitation Established Couple Family Marriage Spoiled Character/s

Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashite Iru.

Hiiragi-sama wa Jibun o Sagashite Iru. (Manga)

Miss Hiiragi is Looking for Her (Synonyms), Госпожа Хиираги в поисках себя (Synonyms), 柊様は自分を探している。 (Synonyms)

Hakuba Keijiro doesn't have any interest in girls, until he meets a beautiful girl that is also very unusual. The girl in question is dressed in an old-fashioned style, and seems to have nearly complete amnesia. The only thing she remembers is that her name is "Hiiragi." Keijiro gets his parents to take guardianship of her while they look for her real family, and Hiiragi moves in. But who is she, really? Is she a princess, come through some kind of time-slip? Is she something supernatural? Hiiragi herself would like to know...

Amnesia Beautiful Female Lead Cohabitation High School Student/s Mysterious Elements Popular Male Lead Strong Male Lead Unconditional Love Unconventional Female Lead Youkai

Himitsu Niwa Mukanai Syokugyou

Himitsu Niwa Mukanai Syokugyou (Manga)

An Occupation Unsuited for Secrecy (Synonyms), Himitsu ni wa Mukanai Shokugyou (Synonyms), 秘密には向かない職業 (Synonyms)

From :“You are so dazzling, yet far away.”Yori, the leader of the idol group “D.BUG”, and his ex-manager, Mikura, are dating in secret. The company president had approved of their cohabitation and their shared lives were smooth-sailing until one day, Yori gets selected for a stage play by the famous stage director, Ogami. Ogami discovers Yori’s potential as an actor as Yori begins to immerse himself in Ogami’s play. Watching the relationship between these two develop, complicated feelings start to take root in Mikura’s heart...

Beautiful Artwork Cohabitation Entertainment Industry Established Couple Famous Uke Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Harassment Idol/s Jealousy Live-in Lover

Himo Otoko to Fubin na Boku

Himo Otoko to Fubin na Boku (Manga)

ヒモ男と不憫なボク (Synonyms), 软烂男赖上可怜的我 (Synonyms)


Cohabitation Fast Romance Glasses-Wearing Uke Older Uke Younger Seme Stolen Kiss Strangers Become Lover/s

Hinako-san wa Boku no Yome!?

Hinako-san wa Boku no Yome!? (Manga)

Hinako's My Wife?! (Synonyms), ヒナコさんは僕の嫁!? (Synonyms), 雏子小姐是我老婆!? (Synonyms)

From might be a fan of cute and girly things, but actually he can’t handle women well. One day, a strange, beautiful woman named Hinako showed up on his campus. She handed a hand-made lunch box to Tsukiwaka while smiling, “I am your wife.”Since he is bad with women, Tsukiwaka thought he could resist such an unexpected self-declaration, but why does Hinako make his heart race? Should Tsukiwaka go along with her play?

Cohabitation Older Female Younger Male Post-Secondary Student/s Sudden Appearance

Hentai Shinshi to Kisekae Dansho

Hentai Shinshi to Kisekae Dansho (Manga)

Pervert Gentleman and Dress-up Man (Synonyms), 変態紳士と着せ替え男娼 (Synonyms)

A dress up man Hina, is repeated customer by Furuya which he is dissatisfied with. Even though he said his dream “I want to see you in a naked apron and garter every morning while making miso soup” He did not ask and lust for his body and said its only for the eyes.Hina’s pride wont allow it, somehow he approach aggressively but still lost to this pervert Furuya..Until one day, A sleepy half awake Furuya push him down, Hina who found out recently the adult charm of Furuya’s which become desire, what will he do?

Changed by Love Cohabitation Costume/s Fetish/es Glasses-Wearing Seme Male Prostitute Older Seme Younger Uke Pantsu Perverted Seme Rich Seme

Hakui no Shihaisha

Hakui no Shihaisha (Manga)

Dictator in a White Coat (Synonyms), The White Coat Dictator (Synonyms), 白衣の支配者 (Synonyms), 白衣的支配者 (Synonyms)

1) Moriyasu sells medical equipment, but has a problem with hospitals. The handsome doctor, Nobuaki, likes to tease Moriyasu when he sees him, because the good doctor suspects that Moriyasu's problem might not be so bad...2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8)

BDSM Bondage Cohabitation Doctor/s Double / Multiple Penetration Sadist/s Sadomasochism Salesman Sex Toy/s Surgeon/s

My Mother and the Game-Room Guest

My Mother and the Game-Room Guest (Manhwa)

Game-room Guest and My Mother (Synonyms), 게임방 손님과 어머니 (Synonyms)

From :This manhwa is a parody of a Korean novel called Sarangbang (Korean room) Guest and My Mother, a story that most Koreans have read. It's a classic piece about a widow and her child. The widow rents a room in her house to a man, but soon after, the man and the widow have feelings for each other. The key thing here is that the story is told through the eyes of the six year-old child.In this parody, the widow is a "game-junkie" who runs a game room. One day a very handsome man collapses in the game room.

Appearance Different from Actual Age Based on a Novel Celebrity/ies Cohabitation Comic Artist/s Gamer/s Marriage Proposal Older Female Younger Male Widow / Widower

Ougon no Ringo

Ougon no Ringo (Manga)

Golden Apple (Synonyms), 黃金的蘋果 (Synonyms), 黄金のリンゴ (Synonyms)

Bishounen Celebrity/ies Cohabitation Dead Parent/s Entertainment Industry Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist High School Student/s Showbiz Talent Agency

Oyasumi Karasu Mata Kite ne.

Oyasumi Karasu Mata Kite ne. (Manga)

Good Night Crow, Come by Again (Synonyms), Oyasumi Karasu Mata Kite ne (Synonyms), おやすみカラスまた来てね。 (Synonyms)

Zento Togawa, 24, is single and unemployed. One evening, while going for a drink at a bar, he has an encounter that will change his life, until now made up of fickle relationships and empty experiences.

Alcohol Bartender/s Cohabitation Coworker/s Ex-Girlfriend Failed Relationship/s Romantic Subplot

Sayonara, Heron

Sayonara, Heron (Manga)

Good-bye, Heron (Synonyms), さようなら、へロン (Synonyms)

From :Souji's life has been a series of dull events, with his parents endlessly quarreling, until he comes across Mika, a carefree student who lives each day as it comes.They start a relationship which banishes heavy words like "love" or "devotion". They see each other occasionally, without making any promises and such.But can an ordinary relationship make Souji say something like "I only got this far because you were with me?" As Mika says "Who knows..."

Alternating POV Ambiguous Relationship Cohabitation Distant Parent/s Live-in Lover Loneliness Sketchy Art Style Time Progression Unexpressed Feeling/s Writer/s