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Heaven Company

Heaven Company (Manga)

HEAVENカンパニー (Synonyms), HEAVEN事务所 (Synonyms)

Marika Fujisawa is a crazy plant lady who is deeply passionate about anything green and growing. While training to become a plant coordinator, Marika is hired by "HEAVEN", a prestigious plant rental service dedicated to high quality decorative vegetation for special events. There, she meets stern Tetsuya. At first he seems dull, but then Marika comes across his rose arrangements and wonders how such a blunt man can create such heavenly decorations... On top of that, Marika has to stay on top of work! How will a wedding turn out under her expertise?

Age Gap Company Gardening Genius/es Older Male Younger Female Part-Time Job Plant/s Talented Protagonist

Hermès no Michi

Hermès no Michi (Manga)

Hermes no Michi (Synonyms), Le Chemin d'Hermès (French) (Synonyms), The Path of Hermes (Synonyms), エルメスの道 (Synonyms)

A historical epic about the rise to glory of the famous French luxury brand, starting with the childhood of founder Thierry Hermes in the early 19th century and continuing to the present day.

19th Century Biography / Autobiography Company France Historical Persons

Moon Walker LTD

Moon Walker LTD (Manga)

Albatross no Shuujin (Synonyms), Garimpeiro to Hikaru Ishi (Synonyms), Kinkou Saikutsunin to Hikaru Ishi (Synonyms), Moon Walker (Synonyms), Shokei Kotou no Shuujin (Synonyms), Tenkuu no Chiisana Yuusha (Synonyms), 処刑孤島(アバトラズ)の囚人 (Synonyms), 天空の小さな勇者 (Synonyms), 金鉱採掘人(ガリンペイロ)と光る石 (Synonyms)

1. Gaia, a mysterious man with the talent to escape from most bonds is sent to a top security prision, only to meet a police investigator investigating this corrupt prison and then trying to escape...2. 3.

Calm Protagonist Company Cool Male Lead Flashbacks Genius/es Inventor/s Prison Prisoner/s Smart Male Lead Treasure Hunt

EG Maker

EG Maker (Manga)

EGメーカー (Synonyms), Eroge Maker (Synonyms)

Yuuka Yoshimi is a young woman working in a Eroge studio who is learning how to make good ecchi CG.

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Bukkake Company Japan Masturbation Nudity Older Male Younger Female Young Female Lead

Eigyou Nika!

Eigyou Nika! (Manga)

The Second Sales Division!! (Synonyms), 営業二課っ! (Synonyms), 营业二科 (Synonyms)

From Sakisaka, from the second sales division, is in love with his supervisor, Tojo. Naturally, he has no intention of ever letting him know, but when Tojo starts being clingy to the point of it being too much, it almost makes Sakisaka think that he might have a chance! Where will this slow-going love story go?Vol.2 Contains old/past doujins & extras with also new content of Eigyou Nika, it also includes other works of Kanai Kei

Adapted to Drama CD Company Coworker/s Fluff Men in Suits Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straightforward Male Lead Unexpressed Feeling/s

Eroge no Taiyou

Eroge no Taiyou (Manga)

La conquista de la industria Eroge por el sol (Synonyms), The conquest of Taiyou in the Eroge Industry (Synonyms), エロゲの太陽 (Synonyms)

Meet Kanda Taiyou, the new section manager of Hishizaki Commercial. He's smart, young and handsome. To him, life is all about results. He's been successful in his career until he has been framed to a scandal by his co-workers. Now unemployed, he lurks into the streets and collapses in hunger. Luckily, a mysterious girl tries to save him and offers him for a job. Which turns out to be a rundown eroge company!

21st Century Betrayal Big Breasts Comedic Undertone Company Erotic Novelist Game/s Handsome Male Lead Office Worker/s Scapegoat

Kiraware Joushi to Perfect Buka

Kiraware Joushi to Perfect Buka (Manga)

Despicable Boss and Perfect Subordinate (Synonyms), El jefe odioso y el empleado perfecto (Synonyms), 嫌われ上司とパーフェクト部下 (Synonyms)

A cute comedy about Kouhei Igarashi (Boss, 45) and Wataru Momose (Subordinate, 26). The first is hated for his horrible character and fussiness regarding work while the second is loved by everyone due to his kind nature, efficiency, and attractiveness. Igarashi cannot stand this “perfect” employee, but what he doesn’t know is that Momose is secretly in love with him. What will happen between the two?

Adult Protagonist Age Gap Appearance Different from Personality Boss-Subordinate Relationship Company Cruel Seme Drunken Intercourse Gay Uke Glasses-Wearing Uke Unrequited Love

Dare ga Yonda no!? ~Isekai to Game-dzukuri to Recruit Shoukan~

Dare ga Yonda no!? ~Isekai to Game-dzukuri to Recruit Shoukan~ (Manga)

Who is Summoned!? ~Different World and Game Making and Recruit Summoning~ (Synonyms), 誰が喚んだの!? ~異世界とゲーム作りとリクルート召喚~ (Synonyms)

Beast Girl/s Company Dense Male Lead Drunk Half-Blood Loli Office Worker/s Satire Summoning Transported to Another World

Inu Kaisha

Inu Kaisha (Manga)

Come! Paw! Knee! (Synonyms), Compawnies (Synonyms), Dog Company (Synonyms), Dog Salaryman & Co. (Synonyms), Dog-Eat-Dog Business World (Synonyms), Inu-Gaisha (Synonyms), Inugaisha (Synonyms), It's a Dog's Business Life (Synonyms), いぬ会社 (Synonyms)


4-koma/Yonkoma Animals Anthropomorphism Businessman / Businesswoman Company Dog/s Office Worker/s Salaryman

Kimi Made Mousugu

Kimi Made Mousugu (Manga)

Close to You (KANBE Akira) (Synonyms), 君までもうすぐ (Synonyms), 更靠近你 (Synonyms)

From :Kouzuki, who works for an underwear company, spent a drunken night with his co-worker, Maniwa. Since he doesn't want to destroy his friendship with Maniwa, he tries to keep what happened that night a secret. Unfortunately, Maniwa seems to already know...

Affectionate Seme Business Trip Businessman / Businesswoman Company Coworker/s Handsome Seme Love at First Sight Love Confession/s Misunderstanding/s Workplace Romance

OK! Section Chief Dharma

OK! Section Chief Dharma (Manhwa)

Cheer Up! Manager Dharma (Synonyms), 괜찮아 달마과장 (Synonyms), 괜찮아! 달마과장 (Synonyms), 힘내요 달마부장 (Synonyms), 힘내요! 달마부장 (Synonyms)

(Corner of TV comedy program)

21st Century Adapted to Live Action Bald Protagonist Company Daughter/s Family Full Color Office Lady Office Life Office Politics

Cool Down

Cool Down (Manga)

クールダウン (Synonyms)

Falling for his father's worker may not be as easy as Makoto has hoped-- and it does not help when trouble soil in the company's ground, or the fact that Makoto witnessed Hirai's mysterious meeting with a woman?!

Affectionate Seme Age Gap Attempted Rape Blackmail Businessman / Businesswoman Company Handsome Male Lead Naive Uke/s Older Seme Younger Uke Young Master

An Incomplete Life.

An Incomplete Life. (Manhwa)

Hope - Kitai Zero no Shinnyu Shain (Synonyms), HOPE~期待ゼロの新入社員~ (Synonyms), Misaeng (Synonyms), Misaeng: Incomplete Life (Synonyms), Ordinary Glory (Synonyms), The Incomplete Life (Synonyms), Those Who Are Not Yet Alive (Synonyms), 平凡的荣耀 (Synonyms), 未生 (Synonyms), 미생 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Chinese Drama Adapted to JDrama Adapted to Kdrama Award-Winning Work Company Friendship Full Color Game Elements Go Office Politics