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Kaijuu Iro no Shima

Kaijuu Iro no Shima (Manga)

Kaiju Island (Synonyms), かいじゅう色の島 (Synonyms), 怪异海岛 (Synonyms), 괴수 색의 섬 (Synonyms)

Without a single friend, middle schooler Chigawa Kon lives on a small island and laments that she hasn't "fallen in love" yet, unlike her classmates. She often plays by "the Hole", a cave near the sea where a man-eating monster lives, according to folk tales.One day, as she meets with another girl who accidentally drops her smartphone in the sea, they fall from a cliff together but miraculously survive. It turns out Furuka is also all alone.

21st Century Bullied Female Lead City Slicker Moves to Countryside Countryside Island/s Japan Loner Protagonist Male Demographic with Female Lead Partial Nudity


Kaikisen (Manga)

Le Pacte de la mer (Synonyms), Tropic of the Sea (Synonyms), Возвращение в море (Synonyms), 海帰線 (Synonyms)

The legend has it that once upon a time, a pact was sealed between the Shinto priest of the town of Amide and a mermaid. Ever since, abundant fishing has guaranteed the town’s prosperity. This pact has always been honored by the priests of the Yashiro family. However, the legend has attracted both media and property developers, and the acting priest has acceded to their demands. Yosuke, youngest of the Yashiro family, has doubts about the existence of the mermaid, but will soon change his opinion as strange occurrences begin to unfold…

Countryside Egg Laying Fish/es Legend/s Mermaid/s Ocean Odd Situation/s Old Promise Shinto

Kakikake to Keshiin

Kakikake to Keshiin (Manga)

Unfinished Letter and Postmark (Synonyms), かきかけとけしいん (Synonyms)

This story is about the life of two very strange housemates; a cheeky kid named Ino and an anti-social grown-up called Roku. Ino, who was passed around from one relative to another, grew up in a city but one day he had to live in a rural area in an old and isolated house with a young man named Roku due to some problems with relatives…

City Boy Countryside Lifestyle Change Living with Strangers Recluse


Kakuregami (Manga)

カクレガミ (Synonyms)

Hiro and Tsukasa discover a man-made fissure in their shrine's nodule in the countryside. A spark of curiosity takes their normal lives away from them. Their existences are erased from the world while doppelgangers take their place. The story of 5 childhood friends as they attempt to take back what was theirs. A suspense story drawn by the author of NOT LIVES.

Childhood Friend/s Countryside Doppelganger/s Time Skip

Kakusei Shigansha

Kakusei Shigansha (Manga)

Awakened Dreamer (Synonyms), 覚醒志願者 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Blackmail Country Boy Countryside Inferiority Complex Mahjong Mute Character Rape Salaryman Unrequited Love

Kami Eshi Nisshi

Kami Eshi Nisshi (Manga)

神えしにっし (Synonyms)

From :Kotoe is a really quiet 18-year-old girl who loves drawing but just can't make friends. After her good-for-nothing NEET otaku brother convinces her of uploading amateur illustrations of anime characters, she actually begins to gain popularity online.Watch how Kotoe's brother tries to make big money with Kotoe's illustrations so that he can get out of the countryside, go to Tokyo, and marry a seiyuu while she reluctantly keeps drawing in hopes of finding new friends and making lots of people happy. [Eru13]

21st Century Artist/s Brother and Sister Country Boy Country Girl Countryside Japan Otaku


Kamikujimura (Manga)

The world that only Lot knows (Synonyms), かみくじむら (Synonyms), 神签村 (Synonyms)


21st Century Borderline H Caught in the Act Countryside Cult Cunnilingus Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Group Intercourse Older Male Younger Female

Kanawanakatta koi no tsudzuki o

Kanawanakatta koi no tsudzuki o (Manga)

Restarting My Lost Love (Synonyms), 叶わなかった恋の続きを (Synonyms)

Maki is a small town boy who hides his sexual inclination for fear of rejection but the arrival of Shibukawa shakes his entire world.

Countryside First Love Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s Insecurity Loner Protagonist Love Confession/s Reunion/s Salaryman

Ken-chan to Neko. Tokidoki Ahiru

Ken-chan to Neko. Tokidoki Ahiru (Manga)

Little Ken and a Cat. Sometimes a Duck (Synonyms), ケンちゃんと猫。 ときどきアヒル (Synonyms)

Little stories about a boy named Ken and his daily life in 1976 with his stay-at-home mother, working father, cat Momo… and sometimes a duck.

Animal/s Countryside Duck/s Episodic Family Full Color

Kesaran Nanigashi to Soup'ya-san

Kesaran Nanigashi to Soup'ya-san (Manga)

Kesaran Nanigashi ja Keitto Shop (Synonyms), Kesaran Something and the Soup Shop (Synonyms), ケサランなにがしとスープ屋さん (Synonyms)

Tina and her brother Nicholas run a soup shop in the Finnish countryside. One day, something flies in their house. It's just a hairball… or is it?

Brother and Sister Countryside Europe Finland Food Warm Ambience Youkai

Kimi to Koi o Shitta

Kimi to Koi o Shitta (Manga)

I Knew Love With You (Synonyms), Kimi to Koi wo Shitta (Synonyms), รู้จัก....เมื่อได้รักเธอ (Synonyms), 君と恋を知った (Synonyms), 和你一起明白愛 (Synonyms)

From :Shino was living in peace in the countryside until the day she met Kento, a boy coming from Tokyo.Black hair, glasses and smart, that boy might be unsociable but he’s nice and Shino can’t stop her heart beating very fast when she’s with him… That’s the beginning of their love…

Blunt Male Lead Countryside Female Lead Falls in Love First Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Siblings Transfer Student/s

Kimi wo Mukaeni

Kimi wo Mukaeni (Manga)

Kimi wo Mukae ni (Synonyms), To Meet You (Synonyms), 君を迎えに (Synonyms)

From :Ryuu left his small town for a better life in Tokyo, but after four years he feels trapped in a job he doesn't like and a tiny apartment. When Tatsushima, an old friend from his home town, shows up out of the blue to take him home will Ryuu be willing to give up his boring life in the city?Chapter 5 "Sick Heart" is a short, darker story about a psychologist and his ex-patient...Chapter 6 "Heaven's War" is about Sig and Cry from .

Bondage Childhood Friend/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Countryside Friends Become Lovers Kidnapping/s Psychologist Rape Strong Uke Tough Uke

Kabocha no Bouken

Kabocha no Bouken (Manga)

Adventure of Kabocha (Synonyms), Kabocha's Adventure (Synonyms), Kabocha's Adventures (Synonyms), カボチャの冒険 (Synonyms)

A young man and his calico cat move to the countryside. This is a chronicle of the day-to-day adventures of Kabocha and her owner, perfect for cat lovers.

Animal/s Cat/s Comedic Undertone Countryside Episodic Farming Mangaka in a Manga Pet/s

Watashi no Ookami-kun

Watashi no Ookami-kun (Manga)

Jego wilczy sekret (Polish) (Synonyms), Mein wildes Geheimnis (German) (Synonyms), Mi Chico Lobo (spanish) (Synonyms), Minun susipoikani (Finnish) (Synonyms), My Wolf-Boy (Synonyms), That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! (Synonyms), ذلك الفتى الذئب ملكي! (Synonyms), นายหมาป่าโอกามิคุง (Thai) (Synonyms), 我的大神君 (Synonyms), 我的狼同學 (Synonyms), 私のオオカミくん (Synonyms), 나의 늑대군 (Synonyms)

Kusonoki Komugi lives with her mother in Tokyo and can't get along with classmates. Because of her mother's business trip, she has to stay with her father in Hokkaido for a year. She thinks she will have opportunities to make new friends. She got to sit next to Ookami Yuu, a popular boy who tells her she smells good. One day, she discovers his secret...

Abandoned Child/ren Animal Characteristics Animal Transformation Countryside Divorced Parent/s Half-Human Hypnotism/Hypnosis Tanuki Transfer Student/s Wolf/Wolves

Ja Ja Uma Grooming UP!

Ja Ja Uma Grooming UP! (Manga)

Grooming UP (Synonyms), Jaja Uma Grooming Up (Synonyms), Jya jya Uma Grooming Up (Synonyms), Vicious Horse Grooming Up! (Synonyms), じゃじゃ馬グルーミン★UP (Synonyms)

Horse/s Agriculture Countryside Farmer/s Hokkaido Horse Racing Lifestyle Change Sister/s Tomboy/s Young Male Lead

Sensei Gomennasai

Sensei Gomennasai (Manga)

I'm sorry teacher (Synonyms), 先生ごめんなさい (Synonyms), 老师,对不起 (Synonyms)

A young couple, Yuzu and Kiyoshi, and Kiyoshi's father, Junichi, who is suffering from the aftereffects of an accident, moved into a house in the countryside. When they entered the attic, they noticed a presence. A boy by the name of Hotaru had taken up residence in the attic. What is the identity of this mysterious boy? And what is the hidden past of Yuzu and her father-in-law, Junichi?

Countryside Married Couple


Tomoji (Manga)

Ihr Name war Tomoji (German) (Synonyms), Si chiamava Tomoji (Italian) (Synonyms), とも路 (Synonyms)

Set during the interwar period of 1925-1932: Tomoji lives in the japanese countryside while Fumiaki works as a photographer in Tokyo. One day, they meet. The story is inspired by real people who later founded a branch of Buddhism.

Biography / Autobiography Countryside Dead Family Member/s Family Historical References Japan Showa Era Taisho Era

Vargoth's Magical Toys

Vargoth's Magical Toys (Manhwa)

Isegye Sangjeom (Synonyms), Yi Shi Jie Shang Dian (Synonyms), 异世界商店 (Synonyms), 이세계 상점 (Synonyms)

From succubus scrolls to magical slime - we have everything from your wildest fantasies! Eunwoo, an aspiring viral vlogger, steps inside the neighborhood's newest magic store and meets Arte, the handsome store manager. And behind him? Shelf after shelf of magical adult toys!Official Webtoon: Official Translation:

Childhood Friend/s Countryside Cute Uke Fantasy World Full Color Innocent Male Lead Innocent Uke Magic Item/s Magical World Sex Shop/s

Heidi (FUJITA Motoko)

Heidi (FUJITA Motoko) (Manga)

コミック版 ハイジ (Synonyms), ハイジ (藤田素子) (Synonyms)


Based on a Classic Based on a Novel Based on a Western Work Child Protagonist Country Girl Countryside Switzerland

Hikari no Shima

Hikari no Shima (Manga)

光の島 (Synonyms)


City Boy Countryside Island/s